Earning Money While Working From Home with Traveling Vineyard

Nowadays, there are several work-from-home jobs. This allows you to have numerous choices when you are deciding how you can earn money without stepping outside your house. You can choose to write, translate, or even score tests. However, there is one opportunity that is sure to get you excited, and that is selling wine. This can be done from home and also those places you decide to do the tasting.

Traveling Vineyard is a company that was founded in the year 2001. It was established in Massachusetts. This company has been able to provide numerous individuals with the chance to engage in this great opportunity to work from their homes.

Some benefits come with working with the firm. Most Americans tend to enjoy their wine. Therefore, it will not be hard to find customers. This product will lead to people ordering it over and over again. They can either order the type they like most, or they can also want to try other new kinds of wine. These opportunities will both be perfect for you. Another benefit is that the startup is not costly. You have no outside pressure as there is no minimum or maximum amount that you can sell. You can, therefore, work as much or as little as you wish.

The first thing to do when you choose to work with the company is to buy the Traveling Vineyard Success Kit. The kit will have several wine bottles that will be enough for the first two events you are involved in. It will also have some tasting glasses and other tools that will make your success possible. They will also include a Personal Estate Website for your use. This will not be charged for your first three months.

The price of the bottle ranges from 15 dollars to 25 dollars for each bottle. You are then given commission for bottle that you sell. When you refer people to get into the business, you get to earn bonuses. When you buy the wine for your own, you get 20 percent off. This personal sale will also be included in your income.

Traveling Vineyard began as a subsidiary of Geerlings & Wade. The firm took a short time to make a name for itself in the field of direct sales. What makes it different from other companies is the product base they have. It is not the only firm to distribute wine using the direct sales method. However, it can offer the interested consults something new. Traveling Vineyard offers a great option for those individuals who are looking for a new thing they can venture into apart from the common cosmetics and home products. The firm also merges the wine tasting parties with the home selling parting plan to bring about more sales.

About Traveling Vineyard: twitter.com/travelinvinyard?lang=en

Vincent Parascandola, Financial Advisor and Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is a famous figurehead in the financial world and is currently the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. Parascandola mainly focuses on recruiting and developing individuals for top financial positions in different parts of the world. Apart from that Vincent also concentrates on the management and retention of all the sales developments in the company. Parascandola was a previously the Chairman of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee.

About Vincent Parascandola

Mr. Parascandola holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University. Vincent has over twenty-five years of experience in the financial industry which makes him the right candidate to head AXA Advisors. Vincent Parascandola kick-started his career in 1987 as an insurance sales agent in Prudential. During his time there, he was named the National Rookie of the year. Mr. Parascandola also received other management awards like the GAMA Career Development Award and the Master Agency. In 1990, he progressed and joined MONY Life Insurance Company and held several regional management positions until 2004 when he joined AXA Advisors. Vincent is also an international guest speaker for different industry companies and conferences. Source: pocomuseum.org

About AXA Advisors

In 1816, AXA Advisors was established to offer financial services such as global insurance and investment management. The company is headquartered in Paris, France but operates on a multinational level and offers its financial services in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The firm has a 14% growth rate and is ranked as the second most powerful insurance brand internationally. AXA Advisors gives businesses and families an opportunity to take manageable small steps towards their financial security.

The firm also participates in various social, philanthropic initiatives to alleviate human suffering. As a result, in 2008 the AXA Research Fund was created to support research focused on understanding risks that affect human life and getting solutions to the risks. Currently, AXA has a network of over 6,000 financial experts that assist the company in providing strategic plans to its clients. With the help of experienced financial professionals like Parascandola, AXA Advisors continues to excel in its performance and attain greater achievements.

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Don Ressler Does His Best for Fabletics

Even when Fabletics was just getting started, Don Ressler knew what he could do to help people. He tried many different things to make sure the company was successful and the majority of these things worked for him. The company continues to be successful which is evidence of his experience. He knew how to choose the right options for Fabletics and stuck with all of those options. It is what helped him to be as successful as possible. It also helped him to make a difference for all of the people who he works with.



There are many different things that Fabletics is made up of. It is what has given Don Ressler the chance to try different things no matter what he is doing. He does his best to show others the right way to do things differently. He also does the right thing no matter what is going on with the company so he can help women to have the best brand possible. It is a huge part of what he does so he makes sure he can stick with it in every way possible. He also tries to show people what they can do to make their own lives better in different areas.


Thanks to the Style Quiz, people can try different things that match up to their personalities and interests. They can have a selection of clothing delivered directly to them so they can choose from it. With the reverse showroom, the shopping process is convenient and expedited. They will be able to choose all of their favorites based on what the stylists pick out for them. There is no wasting time browsing through hundreds of pages for the perfect outfit they can wear for any type of activity.


Even when Don Ressler is working to make things better for Fabletics, he is doing his best to show people the right way to do things. He also tries to make things easier for the people who he has worked on different things with. There have been many opportunities that Don Ressler has had and he continues to help people with them. It is what has given him the chance to try different things. He also uses it to make Fabletics better than what it has ever been in the past while he works on his own opportunities for success. Don Ressler knows how to handle different situations. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8

Nick Vertucci – Success Story

Nick Vertucci came from humble beginnings and developed his philosophy of life based on this, saying “your past does not dictate your future”. He started his own business at a young age, selling computer parts. While his business flourished, he got married and had three daughters. Things took a turn for the worse when the dot com crashed in 2000 and he struggled for a time. Not long after, he accepted an invitation by a friend to attend a real estate training seminar and started a new chapter in his life. He felt inspired, renewed and was ready to soak up everything he could learn. He continued studying the real estate market for ten years and eventually developed a system to earn money that is simple and straightforward. He decided to share his knowledge by starting NVREA.


Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of the real estate academy, The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), which was founded in 2013 to teach others about real estate investing. NVREA has a three step system. Get in, get out and get paid. Step One consists of learning to find the best deals at the best prices. Step 2 is the preparation of the FLIP, which could be renting, rehabbing or wholesaling. The final step is getting paid and building your fortune.


NVREA conducts workshops every week in different cities across the country. Anyone that is interested in learning the necessary skills to make a profit from investing in real estate can attend a free workshop. The topics covered in the workshops include investing in real estate with no cash down, using retirement benefits as capital, managing your time to fit real estate tasks in with your day job, finding properties, and networking. Nick Vertucci has a community of investors and private lenders to fund students’ real estate deals as well as a full staff of administrators, trainers, and phone support to assist students in achieving their long term goals. https://twitter.com/nvrea?lang=en

I Am Obsessed!

I will gracefully and shamelessly admit, I have been hooked since 2012! Originally, Lime Crime launched in 2008, and had been on the radar for quite some times before dropping the infamous liquid lipstick that changed the game for good! With the eye catching style of the creator and CEO Doe Deere, Crime Lime has taken the world by storm. Refusing to let anyone, or any obstacle stop her from creating her vision, and sharing it with the world.

Doe Deere, with her unique personality and love of color, wanted to create a beauty line for everyone. That indeed is what she has built on her own from scratch. Doe Deere oversees all product development of the Lime Crime line. She has build her brand to become a highly coveted influencer in the beauty world.

Velvetines were dropped in 2012, creating an obsession, not only in me but in the make up world. Offering a wide range of colors, Velvetines are offered in both Matte and Metallic versions. Personally, the Matte collection is my favorite! Choosing between Scandal, which is a highly requested lip color, Raven, Salem, and Wicked is the toughest decision ever!

Lime Crime has been built of celebrating individuality and uniqueness in all of us. I include myself because I share the belief of following your inner compass. As Doe Deere has so gracefully shown, we can all create our visions. As crazy as we may think it, we live in a time where we are embraced by love. Encouraged to build your own path in this world, to show how unique we all are, unites us.

If you haven’t checked out this company, you are definitely sleeping on it! On top of the lipsticks enjoyed by so many, you have options for hair color, eyeshadow, and other makeup trust worthy items. Support entrepreneurship and check out!

Leo DiCaprio Invests in CEO Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Snacks

     Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners, a private equity firm recently invested in Hippeas and their unique chickpea puff snacks. The total amount DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners invested in is unknown. Hippeas was launched by Green Park Brands Inc. and their headquarters are based in Santa Monica, California and in the U.K. Green Park Brands Inc. was founded by CEO Livio Bisterzo. Livio stated that his company has accumulated an amount of roughly $2,5 million after the newest investments kicked off. He hopes to receive $11 million in wholesale for his company by this year alone. The innovative healthy snacks are trendsetting and the company has faith that it will market extremely well. The Hippeas brand of chickpea puff snacks can be currently found at Starbucks as well as U.S. store shelves such as Albertsons and Vons. The price for a single 1-ounce bag of Hippeas currently goes for $1.95 at Starbucks. Kroger and Target can expect the puff snacks on their shelves sometime later this year.

Born and raised in Italy, Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Brands Inc. He now lives married with three children in Los Angeles, California. Livio graduated in 2002 at the University of the Arts London with a BA Honers degree in Business and Management in Fashion. The entrepreneur got his start in 2003 when he founded an events business. Green Park’s aim is to create innovative food and beverages that are healthy and will possibly appeal to the health, environmental and socially conscious population. The company’s brand of healthy snacks called Hippeas is expected to be the next global snack craze. The charitable brand has recently partnered up with Farm Africa to help African farmers. For every bag of Hippeas sold, impoverished East African farmers will be financially supported to hopefully live prosperous lives.

For more, please read about the Snack That Gained Support From Leonardo DiCaprio.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Team Up With NFL Alumni and LabCorp

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with the NFL Alumni Association and LabCorp will create a trio of prostate cancer awareness screenings. They will be offering the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screenings to the community to help raise awareness and educate on the disease. Prostate cancer has become one of the most common cancers among men and they are all working together in efforts to increase awareness of the early benefits of detection. The entire month of September will allow for the screenings up until mid-October. Many of the men may meet certain criteria and receive the screening for free. Others will be required to pay a small fee of $25. Each patient must sign up for the screening and make sure that the service is completed within six months of the sign up date.

An alarming amount of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Statistics show that one in seven people will be diagnosed with the cancer. The American Cancer Society has estimated that over 161,000 new patient’s will be treated for prostate cancer in 2017. The experts at CTCA will evaluate your medical history and assess your family history to identify whether or not you’re at a high risk for the cancer. They recommend screenings take place at the beginning of age 40 if you’re considered high risk.

The NFL Alumni Association will be involved in the campaign to get the word out to the public and help raise awareness for the necessity of the screenings. The Alumni Association consists of former NFL players, coaches, cheerleaders and spouses. LabCorp will assist with the screenings at the four different facilities that will be doing the screenings. For more information visit the CTCA website and take part in signing up early and taking a positive approach to screening for prostate cancer.

Learning The Keys To Success In Real Estate From Nick Vertucci

Many people have been successful in real estate, but few have developed and created their own system which they can share with others. One such person is Nick Vertucci. He used his findings to make his own fortune, and now is providing it to potential real estate investors through his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Nick does not want to keep his secrets to himself, but rather he is sharing the wealth, so to speak, with the participants in his academy.


Nick Vertucci developed a unique system to make substantial sums of money buying and selling real estate. In order to market his concepts, he created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. It offers individuals weekend training on how to use Nick’s system to make money. He states that his approach is simple, and thus can be implemented easily by his students. Nick’s desire is to share his knowledge and experience is making money in real estate. Nick has a passion for real estate investing, and wants to pass on that enthusiasm to his students.


Nick Vertucci started out in real estate by attending a weekend workshop. He took that first step that has now defined his life. That experience got him to working on his own system. Once he developed his own way, he went to work to make money for himself. Once he had become a millionaire, he decided to share his ideas with others through a real estate academy that would teach on the weekends. His entire investment program rose out of a commitment to create a better and easier way to make money in real estate. His philosophy is to get in, get out, and get paid. His academy shows attendees just how to do that in the real world. It is not just a slogan, it is the key to real success and financial freedom.


The academy offers attendees everything they need to know to make money in real estate. It also provides a support system. People who have attended attest to the power of the knowledge obtained. The more real estate deals they close, the more money they make. Nick believes it is not complicated. It just takes guidance, dedication, and a willingness to follow a course and work hard. The success stories prove that to be true. Following a course that has been proven successful is a sure fire way to be successful. Nick offers that way. http://nvflippingguide.com/

Sweetgreen, the Changing Face of Fast Foods Bars

Sweetgreen is the newest name in town when it comes to serving fresh, healthy, and organic foods. Although it has been in the industry for only a short time, it has already created a great impact. Many legendary hotels would like to be like Sweetgreen if they had the chance to start all over again.

The salad bar, which has over 40 locations, has their unique recipe that makes the locations become crowded during lunch hours. According to its co-CEO, Nathaniel Ru, their aim is to create a brand that ensures more people are eating healthy.

Management Strategies to Learn from Sweetgreen Founders

The salad bar was co-founded by three friends who were also classmates at George University. They all have a passion for technology, and this explains why 30% of all transactions made at Sweetgreen are made using either a mobile app or via the website. They also believe in connecting with their customers.

To achieve this, they close their corporate offices at least five times each year to work in the outlets. Ru further adds that they don’t believe in having a centralized corporate headquarters. Instead, they prefer a decentralized headcount. Even without the headquarters, they have managed to open several branches with the hope of expanding nationwide.

How the Trio Met

The three co-founders, CEO’s Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman, are all graduates of Georgetown University where they were classmates in the entrepreneurship class.

They have quite a lot in common considering their parents started businesses instead of employment and they are all generation one immigrants.

Their survey on Georgetown made them realize that there was no healthy food join. That is how they decided to open a restaurant after graduating in 2007.

When their first winter break came, the university was left empty as all students went home. Their business survived this and that is how they got confidence that they would make it in the industry.

About Nathaniel Ru

The co-founder and co-CEO, Nathaniel Ru says that they feel it is important that their customers see their ingredients and the process of making food in their kitchen.

Instead of telling people how they make their food, they opt to show them, which is easier. It also boosts the confidence in the ingredients used in making their meals.

Nathaniel Ru says that they introduced the process where you stand in the front row where the ingredients are. A customer service takes you through the preparation process.

You have wait for 15 minutes, as your food is prepared. Ru says that although this process takes time, it helps improve the accuracy in which the hotel prepares your meals.

Tony Petrello Expands Oil Industry

For Tony Petrello, the oil industry is something that allowed him the chance to be successful. He has a lot of experience in oil and he tries to always show people the right way to handle industry. He has come a long way with the oil work that he does and with the opportunities that he handles as a CEO but he also knows he is going to be able to show people the different opportunities they can get from the industry so they will be able to see the same type of success he has already seen. He does not work as a CEO just to help himself but instead chose to work as one so that he could help other people with the issues they were having. He knew that he could be extremely influential in different situations and in different positions with the oil industry.

All of this is what helped Tony Petrello become one of the highest paid CEOs at one point in United States. He did his best to help people, but that didn’t get in the way of the money that he made. Instead, it actually helped him to earn more money. Since he didn’t focus his efforts on profits alone, he was able to earn more and do more with the people who he worked with. When he did this, it helped the company to grow and made things better for everyone who was involved with it.

Since the oil industry is one that will nearly always be booming, Tony Petrello knew what he was doing and what he could do to make the oil industry better. He kept all of this in mind when he was working in different areas of oil and that was what gave him the motivation to keep going and to keep helping other people out with the oil experiences that they needed to be able to make their lives better. He also knew that things would get better for his company while they were trying to find the perfect balance in oil industry with the things they were doing.

During this whole time, Tony Petrello kept his humble beginnings in mind. He was raised in Newark and worked very hard to get to the point where he is currently at. He received an Ivy League education because of the hard work that he did when he was younger. He knew that if he continued to do that, he would be able to help more people and show them all of the things that would make their lives better, too. He also wanted to make sure that he was always as humble as possible when working as a high-profile CEO.

Anthony Petrello Info: www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324392804578358772612205556