Chris Burch Acquires The Nihi Sumba Island

Christopher Burch also known by the former name of Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is New York based firm that specializes in managing investment ventures and development of brands. He is also the co-founder of the brand Tory Burch. He is known to be a very wealthy man and was listed as a billionaire and was listed in the world’s billionaires list in the year 2012 by the Forbes Magazine. Chris Burch was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He has experience in the investment sector of over 40 years and is very efficient about using his financial practices to innovate and create brands and business ventures.

The globally renowned entrepreneur Chris Burch invested is a particular real estate venture. The venture is of establishing a beautiful five star resort in the Sumba Island and its named Nihi. Chris Burch is the owner of the Nihi Sumba Island and the Nihi Hotels and resorts located in that island. He is the co-owner of Nihi hotel and also its CEO and partner. Chris Burch has used his business knowledge to develop the hotel to be one of the world’s best hotel resorts in a very small span of time. He invested a great amount of time and resources behind the establishment of the hotel to lift it to the success level that it has today.

Nihi Sumba Island has a little story about itself too and has a very rich ancestral story behind its formation. It was initially called as Nihiwatu which means “mortar stone” at the back of the time. The people of the island called the Sumbanese believed that the spirit of Marapu, their ancestor, protected the island and its people, check ( It was acquired by the early settlers in the year 1988. Claude and Peter Graves were the one to come up with the idea of raising a hotel in the island for maintain the beauty of the island forever. Chris Burch found out about Nihi when it was having difficulty in regulating and expanding. He then made contacts with the hotelier in South Africa in order to visit the island and go forward with the venture of acquiring the Nihi Hotel.

With the aid of Chris Burch’s spectacular business sense Nihi rose to be world’s number one hotel in both the year 2016 and 2017 and also features in Travel plus Leisure Magazine, see


Randal Nardone the Chief Investment Guru

Randal Nardone received a J.D. from Boston University and Bachelors of Arts in English and Biology from Connecticut University. He is also known as Randy, one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Randal has been its Chief Executive Officer from August 2013 and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation since 1998. He has not only served in Fortress Investment Group, but he had served previously as the President and Chairman of Spring leaf Financial Holdings. Moreover, he has been the Vice President and Secretary of Newcastle Investment Holdings.

When Randal Nardone teamed up with his colleagues both Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman to form the asset management firm commonly known as Fortress Investment Group, he was aware that they were going to face stiff competition from other huge institutions. Therefore, for them to remain relevant, they had to come up with strategies that could give them a comparative advantage over their components. It is these strategies that have seen Fortress grow exponentially over the past decade and becoming among the leading Investment companies globally. Fortress has its headquarters in New York City, and due to its marvelous achievement, it has been listed on the New York Stock Market Exchange.

Having Fortress Investment Group managing assets of over $43.6 billion, Randal Nardone has taken its success as his building block. Randal has ended up working hard to earn a substantial amount of cash and an excellent reputation for himself. He has therefore been listed in Forbes to be among the few billionaires globally and in Forbes billionaires Magazine, he is listed to be number 557 with a net worth of more than $1.8 billion. Randal Nardone being a well-educated man, he had previously worked with several firms before joining Fortress such as BlackRock Financial management as its principal. He was also a joint partner and a member of the Thatcher Proffit and Wood Law firm.

Lastly, Randal Nardone has proven to be a law and business guru, and it is due to his experiences he has been offered the top position in many organizations that he has worked for in the past as well as in the current. It is under the stewardship of Randal that Fortress Investment Group has been honored several times and recognized internationally. The firm was able to receive two awards in 2014 such as being named the Management Firm of the year, due to its excellent reputation in the financial industry.

Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015

Jonathan Dos Santos Signs Three-year Contract With HerbaLife

Herbal Life just signed Jonathan Dos Santos to represent their sports line. The LA Galaxy midfielder is signed to represent Herbal Life’s Official Sports Performance line until 2021. The Mexican National team member respects the need for having balanced nutrition. Herbal Life sells Herbal Life 24 that can build an athlete’s strength for the morning and post-practice. Dos Santo’s favorite part of the nutrition kit is Banana Sunrise. Whether you are an athlete getting into shape or just want to look to good in your bathing suit this summer, people love the results they are getting from Herbal Life 24. One reviewer says the herbal tea has given him energy to work at his dry wall company without feeling tired.

Many of HerbaLife 24 can be purchased online on behalf of your sales distributor. Some of the Herbal Life 24 includes supplements, like CR7 Drive. Formula 1 Sport. Prepare, Restore, and others. Herbal Life has been in business since 1980. Mark Hughes founded Herbal Life because of his mother. She suffered from emotional stress and obesity. Mrs. Hughes became addicted to prescription drugs and lost her life. Hughes wanted to create a line of vitamin supplements with natural ingredients. Herbal Life grew to include snack bars, tea, hot chocolate, skin care products, energy shakes, and more. The shakes come in 15 different flavors, including fruit flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Herbal Life has been committed to selling their products through distributors. There are people out there who either want to earn extra income or quit their day jobs and go into business for themselves. Distributors hold demonstrations to sell their products or recruit others they can mentor. The Herbal Life website will not only supply products to fill the distributor’s orders, it helps people who want to buy products locate a distributor. The business is very flexible. Distributors can make their own hours, work part-time or full-time. People confined to home, and stay-at-home mothers find it convenient to make some money and be available for the kids. People who use the products can become a preferred member and receive 25 to 45 percent off the regular prices. Herbal Life has distributors in 90 countries and has 800,000 employees globally.

Herbal Life has won many awards from 2009 to 2015 because of their devotion to nutrition and social conscience. These awards have come from nutritional centers all over the globe.

Robert Ivy, The First Mississippi Architect To Receive Noel Polk Award

It came as a surprise to many when Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) made an unusual announcement. The announcement was made to the public via a Press Release. The aim was to announce that for the first time in the history of the institute, an architect was going to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The name of the person to receive the award according to the Press Released is Robert Ivy, an architect, whose roots are traced to Mississippi. Those who know the history of Noel Polk Awards know that it has never been given to an architect. In most cases, the award is given to those by using artistic skills; they portray and support the livelihoods of the Mississippi people. Besides, those who are considered worth of the award must be living patrons.

But this had a different twist on June 2, 2018, a day when Robert Ivy together with Andrew Cary Young received their prizes. Although Robert Ivy was happy to receive such an honor, there was another man who was also overwhelmed by Ivy’s prestigious honor. The man is Carl Elefante, American Institute of Architects President. On behalf of Robert, Carl said that he was personally thrilled when he heard that one of their own will receive the award.

“I cannot hide my joy. I am a happy man that my vice has been selected to receive the award. Robert has shown remarkable skills ever since he arrived at AIA. He deserves the award. He will now go into the books of history as the first Mississippi architect to have received the award, which otherwise has never been given to an architect,” Carl said of Robert.

Robert Ivy is the current Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Apart from being a practicing architect, Robert is also an accomplished author and editor. Before his joining AIA, Robert Ivy worked at the Architectural Record at the position of  Chief-in-Editor. While here, he received an award from National Magazine. One year before becoming AIA Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Rho Chi, a national architecture fraternity gave him the name ‘Master Architect’.

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Jason Hope On The Airline Industry’s New Improvements When It Comes To Technology

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He is incredibly passionate technology and how it is going to change the world, particularly when it comes to IoT (Internet of Things). This is smart technology that is all interconnected to the internet. Jason Hope says the great thing about this smart technology is that it can really improve people’s lives, make them easier, etc. On that note the airline industry will really benefit from this innovative thinking.

When it comes to safety engines are covered! There are sensors everywhere and can tell people whether an aircraft needs new parts, what performs poorly or good, and can even let them know of impending maintenance checks to make sure everything is running smoothly. It goes deeper than that. Life jackets, toolboxes, etc are also monitored to make sure they all work properly and have all the necessary supplies in case of emergency. Now that’s high tech! New aircraft technology by GE Aviation can fuel consumption so it can be more efficient. Jason Hope says this new technology tracks everything from weather patterns, to terrain conditions, to navigation routes to save fuel, which can be really expensive for anything of that size and weight.

Bringing baggage with you that is not a carry on? Well new smart technology helps you track you bags from start to finish of your flight says Jason Hope.

This means less worry that your bags will get lost or stolen. When you go to pick up your baggage it can sense what carousel you are at and goes to your location for easier access. Now that we talked about safety and baggage, let’s get to the good stuff, creature comforts and customer service. It can be a stressful experience at the airport getting to your gate in time with all the lines, walking, and security checks. There are new systems in place where you will get your boarding pass one full day before your flight. As far as creature comforts, new seats will monitor passenger’s comfort levels so that each person can have a more enjoyable experience flying. They even have sensors for pet who are also along for the ride. Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry

Fly to your dream vacation with Airport Fagali!

Do you have the desire to fly anywhere in Samoa? Then vibrant green forests, clear waters, perfect surfing conditions and soft white sand on the beach await you when you fly with Airport Fagali!

All islands of Samoa are welcoming and approved for US visitation! Please make sure your passport is valid before heading off and has at least one blank page available in case of an emergency. You will not need a tourist visa if you plan on staying less than 60 days.

The Fagali Airport is located less than 5 miles from the small tourist city of Apia with a large selection of hotels, attractions and spas. In 20 minutes or less you can arrive at this lush, but exclusive airport by car or any sort of land travel. The Airport is sponsored by Polynesian airlines so travelers are able to find to direct flights to a selected bunch of US cities, including Honolulu.

Airlines that have operated from Fagali Airport also include:
-Samoa Air
-South Pacific Air
-Talofa Airways

From the airport there are several options of transportation offered to you immediately. You are allowed to choose a rental car to drive wherever you please, schedule a shuttle, or make reservation’s at one of the many luxury hotels or beach homes designed to fit any budget of your choosing. Staff are polite and very knowledgeable of the island and the area along with the many attraction’s such as the temples for worship. There is even a small office for the exchanging of money placed there, should the office be closed during the time of your arrival when you arrive one of the Fagali drivers will happily drive you to the nearest ATM that accepts debit cards from countries around the world so that you have what you need at all times. Flying with Fagali is the best way to experience true Samoan hospitality and culture, meet friendly villagers and try hundreds of delicious authentic food made by the hotel’s culinary chefs. Or even try making your own with purchases from the authentic flea market.

Happy flying!

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Technology Expert- William Saito

Nikkei named William Saito as one of the top 100 most influential from Japan. William began his entrepreneur while he was still young he was lucky to learn about software programming while in elementary school, and while still in High school he founded a business. IN 1998 William Saito was named as the Entrepreneur of the year, and he recognized by several organizations including USA Today, Ernst &Young as well as NASDAQ. During his recognition, William was referred to the leading expert in cybersecurity, biometric authentication, and encryption. The business he established while still in school was later purchased by Microsoft and he created Tecur in Tokyo in 2005.

Secure was established as a venture capital company with a primary purpose of helping investors to succeed, identify innovations in technology, and developing global talent. William is a leader who has been recognized for his positive leadership skills. In 2012 Mr. Saito was appointed the council in national strategy and policy that was responsible for reporting directly to Japan’s Prime Minister. His skills, as well as experience, gave him an opportunity to work with the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission as the Chief Technology Officer. In World Economic Forum Mr. Soita is the Foundation Board Member, and the organization also named him as the Global Agenda Council Member and the Young Global Leader.

William Saito begins his day by working hand in hand with people to identify their issues and look for innovative solutions which will be a benefit to the world. His life ideas come through design thinking which includes failing early, failing fast, failing often and failing forward. Mr. William is very productive, and there’s one aspect which makes him productive; failure is the fundamental requirement of innovation and is only possible with teamwork. William Saito is an ordinary person despite his achievements, he believes that everyone makes mistakes and one cannot be perfect in one day, but one needs to start somewhere. The technology expert has been expanding his businesses, and he knows that to grow in business one requires to produce a product which will make their clients come back. William Saito advice the young people not to rush in what they are doing and they should focus on doing what they love.



NGP VAN’s Software Targets the LGBTQ Voters

NGP VAN is a leading technology provider progressive campaigns and organization and offers a join together platform covering the best new media, organizing, fundraising and field products. The firm which was founded in 1997 has over 20 years experience and have provided software products and award-winning services especially to Democratic campaigns as well as progressive organizations. NGP VAN has handled more than a thousand campaigns and organizations, and some of their clients include the national Democratic committees, labor icons, progressive and non-partisan PACs, the Democratic campaign including other organizations. The software company has been used by Barack Obama in his 2008 and 2012 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and also by Bernie Sanders in 2016. The information that is generated through the software from NGP VAN firm helps candidates to craft their campaigns in a better way that is focused on what the voters like, political views, their attitudes and the reforms that they need in their government hence easing the campaigns for the candidates. The data also assist the craftsmen to come up with a targeted advertisement for specific groups of voters. The firm is committed to creating an intergraded next-generation campaign technologies so that clients who look for their services can win.

The Washington D.C based company has also recognized the importance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) vote and has now incorporated an inclusive property in their software that is more LGBTQ friendly reports Washington DC patch. Many software companies are still using the binary gender labels in their demographic data, but NGP VAN has integrated the use of non-binary gender pronouns in their voters’ contact accounts. With this crucial change, the volunteers, donors, and supporters can now be addressed most accurately. It has been reported that there are more than ten million LGBTQ across the United States and therefore targeting these large number of voters will mean a thing for the progressive Democratic campaigns. The voters are mostly found in the urban and the suburban areas and will form part of the demographic and democratic campaigns. Apart from the inclusiveness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and the queer vote, NGP VAN has also a more inclusive gender view in their progressive political campaigns.


Sheldon Lavin and OSI Expansions

Spain’s OSL Plant has had an addition of a high-capacity production line to its operations. According to OSI Industries, the high-capacity line of production will enable the Spain plant to increase the chicken products output. The company’s plant is situated in Toledo in Spain, and it just completed its improvements in 2017 that cost the company 17 million euros. Initially, the plant had a capacity of producing 12, 000 tons of chicken production yearly. After the addition of the high capacity plant as well as the improvements that have been made, the company will be able to have a capacity to produce double the initial size. In addition to this, this addition of the new plant will bring with it more jobs. Moreover, the enhancement of chicken production will increase the overall output which is more beneficial to the company.

According to one executive officer from Spain’s OSI Plant, the new production line will help the company to produce up to 45,000 tons of chicken, pork, and beef every year. In addition to this, the company will have 20 more job opportunities besides the many benefits that the plant will bring to the company. All the merging and acquiring of other companies that are taking place in OSI Industries are due to Sheldon Lavin’s strategy. Sheldon has been with the OSI Industries since the 1970s. Since he joined the company; his principal goal is to increase the operations of OSI to foreign countries as well as enlarging the local ones. Sheldon intends to allow the company to serve the ever-changing demands of customers as well as serving them efficiently. The addition of the new production plant has helped the company to enlarge its working area by 22,600 square feet. The extra space has led to the production of employees’ social area, hot water, and nitrogen tanks, refrigerated rooms for waste storage and many more.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin the Chief Executive office at OSI Industries. Over the years, Sheldon Lavin has been able to build himself a reputable resume in the meat and food processing industry. Sheldon currently works as the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. He also takes part in the other operations of the company. Sheldon Lavin started his career in food processing industry in 1970. Previously he worked as the financial advisor to the Otto & Sons Company which later developed to give birth to OSI Industries. With Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI Industries has managed to grow from a retail shop to a leading company of its own in the industry.

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Milan Kordestani Invests In Farming

Milan Kordestani established Milan Farm during his high school sophomore year. The aim of his investment company is to focus on the production of eggs, poultry, and saffron. Under his name, he has been recognized as the first farmer to produce saffron spice using the hydroponic system on microfiber sponges.

The company was established in 2015 where he started his journey by creating an organic system and humane to raise the poultry. The production of pure saffron is 100% organic. The farm is offering mint, free range/organic eggs, and saffron. Their aim is to be able to provide honesty to their customers. They have transparency in whatever they do especially when raising the animals as well as doing only organic production to their plants. The company has its own believes that when a consumer wants something pure and honest, they are already available without hiding anything about how they were raised. It is by this model that Milan farm has been operating with.

The farm’s logo and the brand became a trademark company since 2006 and it has managed to expand to three more farms that have been distributing the eggs and saffron in Colorado and across the world. Milan also has the traditional recognition of cultivation and production of the saffron but they also have another belief of being innovative. This is what has been making the company use drip irrigation, and in addition to that, it has used aquaponics and hydroponics systems when producing saffron. They have been able to achieve success in both but they are still doing some experiments with a different variety of salinity and minerals in water so that they can ensure they have perfected their crop.

Milan Kordestani was born in California at a place called Stanford. He started by attending Phillips Brooks Elementary School. Later they moved to London after the parents divorced. he graduated from high school in 2017 after attending Sacred Heart Preparatory located in Atherton. He has been having interests in riding horses since he was a young boy. He started riding horses when he was 10 years of age. In the riding horse sport, he has achieved its major goals within a short time.