Rocketship Education, its President, and its Rise to Success

Preston Smith understands that there are many aspects of educational environments that need to be perfect to be lauded as one of the nation’s best. Thanks to his excellent leadership, he brought a school network he helped found in 2004 raised its state standardized test score from 753 to 881 API.

Parents need to push for better schools once their children graduate from Rocketship Education. Too many people feel negatively about public schools, in turn creating bad environments in economically-disadvantaged areas

Being a charter school, it never requires parents and guardians to pay for tuition like private schools do. Despite getting no revenue from asking parents of students, this charter schools operated its first year on more than four million United States dollars for a relatively small team of educators – only 25.

One of the many unique things about its regular operations is teaching students about emotions and their effects on communicating with others. It’s great that students at Rocketship Education are taught countless tasks that are applicable in real life, be it academics or in the workplace.

There are five core values that are used by more than 60 percent of facilities within the Rocketship Education system, each previously hand-picked by teachers and parents together. Parents also serve several other responsibilities for their children at schools, one of which is being active in interviewing applicants for open positions as educators.

Preston Smith has found that parents are almost always heavily concerned with the characteristics of their children’s teachers. As such, they have a great deal of practical application in students’ future academic endeavors.

Parents need to be ready to pull their children from schools that aren’t holding up to their standards. Preston Smith and the many administrators teaching 3,800-plus students often push parents to voice their concerns if expectations of theirs and their students aren’t being met.

Students from areas of low income that attend any one of Rocketship Education’s locations are taught how emotions and social behaviors overlap. Many students are not taught things that actually help them interact with others, a skill that is used daily by people of all industries and career paths.

How Michel Terpin Won the 24th Edition of the Rally Dos Sertoes

If there exists one edition of the Rally Dos Sertoes that exhibited a host of unexpected victories, then it points to the 24th edition. The event held in August and spanned 2200 kilometers took place in 11 towns in the Eastern part of Brazil. The event brought together 75 rally drivers of different ages and expertise with the ultimate goal of winning every stage of the70-stage event. The breath-taking event came to a culmination after naming the Bull Sertoes Team as the overall winners of the annual event. The team that comprised Michel Turpin and his co-driver, Maykel Justo made history as the team that completed the race in a time of 13 hours 47 minutes and 17 seconds.

Bull Team’s Technique to Victory

While competing in the T1 category, there was never a side to watch even as the event started. Asked about his secret strategy to winning the race, he intimated that he was the focus at the start of the race was to win the second stage to assure him of a comfortable finish. Since the second stage or the ‘Special Stage’ presented the most challenging stage in the entire event, their conquering of this stage put them on a better platform. They could easily win the stage bearing in mind that 50 participants were ejected from continuing with the race as they could not complete the ‘Special Stage.’ Worse still, they could never qualify for the National Brazil Cross Country Championship which was a more competitive event that attracted more experienced drivers.

Factors that Derailed their Rallying Experience

Among the various factors that led to their victory, they acknowledge the role that their T-Rex model of rally car played in the race. With its V8 engine, they could traverse the rocky and steep terrains efficiently as other participants stumbled with mechanical break-downs. As a 6-times participant in the edition, he still struggled with various challenges that stood on his way to winning the previous stages. The duo was still struggling to master the steep grades and curves coupled with long and the ever winding Brazilian gravel roads.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Speaking for And Assisting in Making the Reforms in Migrant Rights in the United States

There are millions of people across the globe that are suffering from human rights abuse and helping them get out of their situations, hundreds of human rights organizations are working round the clock.

The world is progressing at a rapid pace, but at the same time, many unresolved issues have manifested the human civilization. The cases of human rights violations are increasing with every passing day, and it is a matter of grave concern. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

One of the most significant problems that the world civilization is facing right now is terrorism, which has negatively transformed the lives of millions of people in many of the Middle Eastern Countries. Terrorism has taken lives of millions of people and has displaced millions more.

The people who have lost everything due to terrorism and ongoing political and social conflict in their countries are looking for new countries to call their home and get safe shelter. Many of the countries have given refuge to many people, while many countries have reservations as to whether they should allow refugees to take asylum in their countries or not for various reasons.

However, the worst part is that the cases of human rights violations are not only surfacing in the underdeveloped countries but the highly developed nations like the United States as well.

Recently, two of the most respected and noted journalists and human rights and migrant rights activists in the United States, Michael Lacey, and Jim Larkin were arrested from their home in the late hours of the night by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The charges that were put on them for the arrest were invalid and illegal, which led to the national outcry and it led to them being released from the jail within twenty-four hours.

However, it led to the debate as to whether the administration and its officials are misusing their powers against the people that speak up against them and bring to the surface the loopholes in the society. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey run the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. It is two of the most critical newspapers in Arizona that have been highlighting the misuse of power by Joe Arpaio and his administration.

The legal battle started after Jim and Michael were released from the jail, and the court not only gave them a clean chit in the case but also provided them with a settlement amount of $3.75 million. It is one of the most debated lawsuits against the state in recent times in the United States.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have seen the Hispanic community in Arizona suffering for many years, and it is for this reason they transformed the settlement amount they got into Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund is used today to champion the cause of freedom of right and expression and to make reforms in the migrant rights.

Frontera Fund also supports many other organizations and political candidates in Arizona that speak for the migrant rights and upheld the First Amendments Rights of the citizens.

Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes Inspired By Polly Pocket

When asked about a Polly Pocket, many people will recall having one or more of their own, or knowing someone who did. The colorful compacts housed a fun, fashionable toy that made Polly Pockets all the rage in their day.

The beauty brand Lime Crime is stirring up sweet sentiments with their new line of palettes fashioned after the iconic mini dollhouse toy. From the font used on the outside of the retro-looking palettes down to the shades inside, Lime Crime has resurfaced three Polly Pocket-like gems. The name of these gems: Pocket Candy Palettes.

Whether you like to stick with one particular makeup style, or you apply your makeup according to the day’s vibes, you’ll find something you love. Each of the three palettes offers five unique colors. The palettes are mirrored, have a snap closure, and, of course, are pocket-sized.

There’s Pink Lemonade, with bold hues in a sun-kissed palette. The pink Sugar Plum palette, with its vibrant colors, is also sure to please. The blue palette, Bubblegum, offers soft, delicate shades.

The eye-catching Pocket Candy Palettes can be yours for $34 each, or $90 for all three. Lime Crime announced September 26 as the release date for the palettes. However, the announcement, which was preceded days before by an Pinterest of Polly Pockets, clearly raised excitement among cosmetic connoisseurs. In light of this, and no doubt to the delight of many, LimeCrime responded to the demand and bumped up the release date one week, to September 19.

Daniel Taub Leaves Prestigious Job

Daniel Taub has become very popular in the last five years. This is because he has been working as the Israeli ambassador in the United Kingdom. In a recent interview, the trained lawyer says that he has a great story behind his successful career.

According to the interview, Daniel was born and also raised in the country where he eventually becomes an ambassador. Before getting the prestigious position of ambassador, the businessman was already familiar with all the activities taking place in the country.

Daniel Taub parents were living in Britain several years ago. Taub was born in the year 1962, and his parents chose to take him to some of the best schools in the world. His great educational background has been instrumental in his career life.

At first, Taub was admitted to the University College in Oxford. Later on, the businessman was fortunate to get an opportunity to join the prestigious Harvard University. In the year 1989, the businessman chose to go and settle in Israel. Taub has been in Israel for some time, and he has been given several responsibilities. Apart from having a rich educational background, the businessman is very dedicated, and he works hard in all the responsibilities given.

When Daniel Taub settled in Israel, he was lucky to get a place at the defense forces where he worked as one of the combat medics. The businessman was mainly one of the reserve officers who worked in the international sector. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

In the year 1991, the lawyer was given a chance to work at the foreign ministry in Israel. Since then, he has been getting many diplomatic positions due to his hard work and dedication.

In the year 2011, the trained lawyer was appointed to serve as the United Kingdom ambassador. Getting this position in the country is not an easy task. Britain is among the most respected countries in the world. For individuals to become an ambassador in the nation, they must be well experienced and educated so that they cannot make costly mistakes.

After getting the job as an ambassador, Daniel Taub worked hard, and the results of his hard work are known to both countries. According to government sources, the trade between the two countries increased significantly thanks to the presence of the businessman.

Daniel Taub has, however, announced that he will be resigning from this position so that he can concentrate in other activities. His replacement has not been announced yet.

Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Drinking ORGANO Gold Coffee And Coffee In General May Lead To A Longer Life

If you enjoy drinking ORGANO Gold coffee, then there’s good news. A few months ago, two studies were released and they revealed that drinking coffee might reduce your risk of dying from various diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

One study looked at just over 185,000 Americans and found out decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee was associated with a lower risk of death due to kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease in Latinos, Whites, African Americans and Japanese Americans.

The subjects drank 2-3 cups per day and it was reported that they had an 18% decrease chance of death when compared to subjects who didn’t drink coffee. This was over the period of 16 years. The subjects reported their coffee consumption habits every five years.

One of the researchers said they couldn’t say that consuming coffee would prolong people’s lives, but there is an association.

About ORGANO Gold
ORGANO Gold is a marketing company that operates worldwide and they specialize in premium teas and coffees. The company sells a range of beverages, personal care products and nutraceuticals, but they are sold via independent distributors who are located in over 45 countries. Some of the coffee they sell includes Black coffee, King Of Coffee and Cafe Supreme to name a few. They also sell hot cocoa and a number of teas. Brewing cups and a various body management products are sold by the company too.

The company was started back in 2008 in British Columbia, Canada.Their headquarters is in Richmond, BC and they currently have over 300,000 independent distributors selling their products.

For those who are interested in becoming a distributor or learning more about ORGANO Gold products and opportunities, they can visit the company’s website.

OSI Group/Industries is Rising Up the Food Chain Ladder

Most people don’t think about where the food came from when they dine out in a restaurant. But it’s a growing business, one that OSI Group knows about first hand.

Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, it was a friendly butcher shop and meat market in Chicago known as Otto and Sons. In 1955, they landed their first hamburger supplier to McDonald’s. In 1973, they opened a plant that was dedicated to McDonald’s.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. They operate in 17 countries, including China, Spain, and Germany. Expanding their business is something that OSI Group is planning to do in the near future. They rank as one of the largest privately owned company who specializes in poultry, vegetables, hot dogs, beef, pork, and meatballs. Germany has joined with OSI Group and the Netherlands in Europe. OSI Group understands completely that Europe has to maintain its local regions and won’t be leaving their established facilities. Germany won’t be able to run as a “one size fits all” company. They will bring baked goods and sauces as well as protein products and vegetables.

OSI Group has also opened a new processing plant in Calamba, Laguna in the Philippines.

It’s a 7,500 square meter facility that will increase productivity with adequate food items made just for restaurants and food server industries. Including, beef, chicken, and fish products.

There are many opportunities available to find a new career path at OSI Group. Some people may like to work on machines, they do offer a comprehensive benefits plan and are currently hiring for maintenance mechanics throughout the United States. Also on the job postings are quality assurance and human resource positions available. No matter what talent someone may have, there could be an opportunity for work in the food industry. For more info about us: click here.

OSI Group Industries offers ready to cook or fully prepared. Whether someone is hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner. OSI Group has everyone covered. They even offer entrees, snacks, side dishes, and desserts. There’s something good for any occasion. Reunions, parties, or just a family gathering, OSI Group Industries has a variety of foods to serve any event.

Financial Advice from David Giertz

The recap

In his recent interview on achieving a happy and sustainable retirement, there is a lot that you get to learn from David Giertz. It is important to note that he is an expert in the field. He starts the discussion by providing insight that can assist you achieve a better retirement. One of the top strategies that he discussed was taking control of your financial future.

According to David, many people plunge into an early retirement without achieving the essential basics required to go through it smoothly. He explains that the biggest mistake is waiting until you get there. In most cases, you will end up failing miserably. Aside from failing to plan, he lets you know that regardless of how big your salary is, it will not guarantee a secure retirement.

In spite of the difficulty estimating the monetary resources that you will need in retirement, it never hurts to set some aside. You should ensure to save chunks of your income in a retirement’s accounts. It will open your eyes to new ways of establishing opportunities that will ensure your financial stability before retire.

David Giertz

David Giertz works as a financial advisor to the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio. He has been working as a financial expert for more than 31 years and has passed four high-profile professional exams. As a result, the skills have played a vital role in assisting him to hold the position.

David is also a member of the FINRA as one of their principal brokers. He is tasked with buying and selling securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment-related products. The firm is also registered with FINRA and can engage in securities transactions on behalf of its customers or its account. His engagement in all these activities has played a vital role in developing vast knowledge on financial management.