White Shark Media: Offering real solutions to offline and online marketing

White Shark Media was established by entrepreneurs of Danish origin in the year 2011. They were motivated by the extensive experience they had in both online and offline marketing. It has become a global leader in offering online marketing solutions medium-sized and small-sized companies. Information from White Shark Media website reveals the goal of the company as conquering growing small and medium businesses market located in Latin America and the United States. Its strategy is to offer products and services that are outstanding and unprecedented in the market.

The company has a presence that is both domestic and offshore and makes use of a workforce that is bilingual and has demonstrated outstanding talent. White Shark Media shares the experience acquired over the years with its clients. According to the company’s website, their customers do not have to test things from scratch since they can ride on the concepts that are proven. The testimonies of their customers prove the excellent service offered by the company. Todd, L., a painter from Canada says he will only use White Shark Media as the only company for the life of his business. He also advises others to do the same. Aaron, V., who owns an e-commerce store in Iowa explains that White Shark Media has aided a consistent growth of their business.

TopSeos, an independent authority on search vendors, ranks White Shark Media among the best in offering online marketing solutions. The ranking proves that White Shark Media is the company of choice for those who want their products to be discovered in the online market. The company’s YouTube posts show a company that not only receives compliments from its clients but also listens to their complaints when they come.

Athlete Meal Delivery Services – 3 Top Athlete-Approved Choices



  1. Ice Age Meals

First, Ice Age Meals are ideal for those who don’t have any time on their hands and simply wish to throw a few things in the freezer and have meals come out right away. Ice Age Meals can cater to Paleo-friendly diets as well as zone-friendly diets. Ice Age Meals can offer minimal ingredient listings, some not derived of high-quality nutritional value at the same time.


The meals included here are usually dairy-free, GMO-free and even gluten-free. They also include grass-fed beef. Much like its name suggests, every Ice Age Meal originally comes frozen solid and prepared for a longer shelf life than most other companies or similar suppliers will offer.


This ensures that athletes always have a healthy backup plan whenever they need to instantly “kick things into gear”. It saves them time, energy and effort. For those who have a little more time on their hands and are willing to cook more often, Ice Age Meals can help as well; it works with its Culinary Ninja, which which is its head supplier.


  1. Trifecta Nutrition

Traffic Nutrition’s ideal for athletes with a specific plan, a goal in mind they wish to incorporate either solo or with a team. For those who need a meal plan to go the distance, along with them, Trifecta Nutrition is the solution. It offers many unique meal plans within several divisions. One may choose from Paleo, minimally processed foods, whole grains, lean protein, vegetables, clean-eating solutions, big fad diets and even dietary and vegan suggestions.


Trifecta Nutrition likewise offers classic meal options to boost the perfect combination of carbs, lean protein, and vegetables with 4 ounces each. Regardless of what you choose, everything within Trifecta Nutrition’s gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and 100 percent organic. If Trifecta Nutrition’s preset plans are not quite the best suit for your needs, then simply choose from its other bulk meals that you can easily mix-and-match with. Do you feel less restrictive? Then you may even choose à la carte options.


  1. Nutrisystem

The Nutrisystem diet has one main goal in mind: To help people tone their muscles while losing weight. Pure Healthy Living covered Nutrisystem for men’s 28-day program supplies prepackaged foods that offer a healthy range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. In breakfast, expect to usually find granola, pancakes, muffins and oatmeals. For lunch and dinner, you may have anything between tacos, pasta, chicken, soup, stew, chili, pizza and numerous fruits, vegetables and nuts along the way. Why not add some deserts or snacks as the Nutrisystem program allows you to as well?


Did you know you can have brownies, cakes and cookies as well? Nutrisystem primarily employs numerous nutritional trends to ensure that you only get the most suitable balance of carbs, fats and proteins in your everyday intake. It likewise offers limited calories, limited sodium, and smart carbohydrates to help your blood sugar stay in its ideal range.

We Can See A Brighter Future Ahead

A New Level In Personal Finances

Changing your personal finance may require a specialist.

You weren’t taught about the financial skills of a business professional, but you understand the basics in money. Getting you to a new level in finance is easier than it seems. There’s a large life worth living, and all you need to do is expand your network.

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NexBank helps you reach higher levels in finance. We do it by ensuring the you have every fundamental tool. Possessing money comes with more responsibility then we’d like to admit. If you’ve missed any of your financial benchmarks before, then you know exactly what we mean.

NexBank can get you to a better level by partnering with you at the start. We manage money through understanding who it belongs to. Your expectations are crucial for our success and the financial life you can live after. Higher goals call for higher levels of knowledge, and our experts learn under the very best.

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Life begins again and with a financial reality in mind. You have a wonder of joys to experience. The next step you take is with our bank. There’s a new level in finance you’ve yet to reach.

The difference you need could be as small as a wiser bank. We don’t want you to miss out on the value of more money. Getting the numbers to go up is easier than you might believe, and we’re dedicated to showing you how.

Analysing Successful Strategic Leadership of Shelden Lavin

Having been in the Food industry for Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC. He has a great specialty in the area of meat processing. In 1970, Lavin moved to become an investor in the OSI group company when it was Otto & Sons. This happened as the opportunity had presented itself when Otto and Sons were in need of money and had requested Lavin to become an investor in the now OSI group. Over the years, through the experience gathered, the CEO has managed to expand the OSI group to more than 16 countries outside the United States.

Furthermore, Sheldon’s experience in the field of investment and also banking has helped him make many acquisitions and mergers that have immensely contributed to the growth of OSI group. In 2016 alone, under the able leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the OSI group made three major acquisitions, one being in the US.

The CEO of a multibillion company is also the President of OSI international food ltd. His diverse skills in leadership and strategic management are evident through the many responsibilities that he has currently. Sheldon Lavin is the General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center. Apart from that, he is also the director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Because of his contribution to the international business platform, Lavin has been given recognition by being awarded the 2016 Global Visionary Award that was presented by the Vision World Academy of India.

In the many years that Sheldon Lavin has been in the food industry, he has made a great impact. His background in financial education and the work exposure in a financial institution have been a catalyst for the growth of his company. At the age of 81 years old, Sheldon has not been deterred from continuing to pursue his vision of further expanding the OSI group. He continues to propose strategies for the firm to continue making progress, something that he hopes that those who will be taking over the OSI group will be able to uphold and continue.

Due to his love for the environment, Sheldon Lavin has advocated a lot the use of green energy. As a result, he has received many environmental and sustainability awards. Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropic man. He is actively involved in charitable causes such as Ronald McDonald house of charities which is a center that provides a home environment that tries to provide resources that help to keep families together.

For more info: interview.net/interview-with-global-icons-food-executive-sheldon-lavin/

Dr. Jennifer Walden Receives Great Reviews Online from Patients

Dr. Jennifer Walden is well known in the area of plastic surgery. This is the field that she specializes in, and people are hearing much about how Dr. Jennifer Walden has managed to help patients gain confidence again. She has helped with rhinoplasty surgeries for many men and women, and she has also provided the service of breast augmentations as well. These are her core areas, but Dr. Jennifer Walden also helps people that want to get Botox. She is diverse in what she does, and she is always up on the latest and technology for a plastic surgery.

This may be one of the main reasons why dr. Jennifer Walden has received so many positive reviews. She takes pride in doing the very best in her job, and she knows that it takes a desire to learn the latest technology in order to do this. Dr. Jennifer Walden does not shy away from any of the technology that is out there today. She even educates others on this technology at times when she appears on various talk shows. She has given coverage about different procedures that people can get on morning shows in Dallas, and she has also been able to work as a correspondent on cable television shows for VH1 and more

It is something of an understatement to say that Dr. Jennifer Walden has a wealth of experience. She has help with co-authoring of a book on plastic surgery, and she has built a practice from the ground up more than once. She is an entrepreneur and doctor that knows the business of plastic surgery well. She has been able to help many patients build a high level of confidence with her services. She has been highly recommended as the best, and so far she has not let her patients down.


David McDonald – The Person Behind the Success of OSI Group

OSI Group is a company that is a global leader when it comes to food processing. In September of 2012, the company held a ceremony in China, where they celebrated 20 years since they opened up their first food processing plant in the year 1992 in Beijing. It was in this year that OSI Group started to serve food to the McDonalds, and over the last two decades, the company has grown together with the economy of China.

One of their greatest success stories is how the company made supplies during the 2008 Olympic Games which were held in Beijing. The company made a supply of five different products which amounted to 113 tons. They supplied meat products such as pork, beef, and chicken. They received positive reviews from the people who they made the supplies to, and this opened up an opportunity for them to make more supplies to other food brands.

The person behind the success of OSI Group is their president David McDonald. David was born in Northeast Iowa, where he was raised on a farm. He attended Iowa State University, where he graduated with a degree in animal science in 1987. David was also awarded an outstanding senior award known as the Wallace E. Barron award. After he graduated, he started his career with OSI Group in Chicago.

He worked hard to become the president of the company and also its Chief Operating Officer. David uses resources to give back to the community. He started the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, which is meant to impact the community in Iowa State. Since the company has been keen on expansion, it recently acquired Baho Food which is a food manufacturing company.

David notes that since they made Baho Food a part of OSI Group, they have been able to expand their operations, especially in Europe. He noted that this was only possible because of the portfolio of Baho Food regarding the products and brands that they made complimented those of OSI Group. As a result, OSI Group has been able to widen its ability to serve the ever-changing needs of its customers.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

The Outstanding Accomplishments of Drew Madden

Based in the United States, Drew Madden is a successful healthcare entrepreneur who is a well-known personality. Currently, he serves as the Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare which is among the rapidly growing healthcare firm in the United States. Under his current position, Drew Madden has introduced some changes in the company and made it a leader in the healthcare industry which is very competitive. Drew Madden has a strong passion for coming up with caliber teams that are attractive and unique. He has the ability to form partnerships that are effective and profitable. Drew Has earned a reputation as one of the most passionate healthcare entrepreneurs who are reliable and efficient.

In the healthcare industry, Drew Madden has a lot of skills and experience. He attributes to the success that he has achieved so far in the healthcare industry to the experience and expertise that he has acquired. Drew Madden was a former employee at the Nordic Consulting Partners where he joined in 2010. While working at the company, Drew managed to work hard and make it one of the top companies in the nation with a lot of growth and success. Drew Madden worked in the company as its president for almost five years and was able to leave behind an impressive legacy. He also grew the number of employees serving in the company from the initial 10 to 725.

After joining the Nordic Consulting partners, Drew Madden grew the client base of the company from just 3 to 150 in five years. The employees at the company described him as very hard working, kind, committed and disciplined. Drew Madden went down in the history of the company as one of the most remarkable leaders. Drew also attributes part of the success that he has acquired to his rich educational background. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa where he managed to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. One of his responsibilities at Evergreen Healthcare is to introduce changes that are needed by everyone. He hopes to come with the right medical systems which will bring a revolution in the healthcare sector.

Boraie Development Develops High-Quality Property

Determined is the word that better describes Mr. Omar Boraie. Arriving in the United States as a young Egyptian man in pursuit of a PhD in Chemistry, Boraie quickly realized the real estate potential in New Brunswick. Johnson and Johnson had committed themselves to stay in the city and to him that was an opportunity to offer housing to the expected workforce, this was in a place that one could hardly walk safely past 4pm.

The journey

Boraie started out with 21 dilapidated, unoccupied apartments which he steadily bought off one after the other and turned them into 250,000 square feet of Class A spacing for offices. That building is what currentlyAlbany Street Plaza Tower One is. That was in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Tower Two soon came up next to its sibling. The third one of Boraie Development was a condominium. An idea that had everyone thinking Omar Boraie had gone mad, well in 2007; the tallest building in New Brunswick was completed. The 25 story One Spring condominium came with 121 units for residential hire, complete with floor to ceiling windows plus balconies, office space of 4, 0000 square feet, a parking garage large enough to hosting 400 cars, an outdoor barbeque and retail space of 10,000 square feet. It even had dog strolling space. Buoyed by this achievement, Boraie Development moved to make the founders dream come true, a project that was aptly named ‘Aspire’ to reflect his 40 year old aspiration for classic accommodation in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The Aspire

Aspire was a $77.2 million project that birthed a 17 story, 370,000 square foot building. 14 of that story is parking garages, The Aspire has 238 residential units that have a lounge, green roof with a rooftop patio. The kitchen design is that of a community kitchen, it even has its own center for Yoga and fitness. For those looking for commercial space, The Aspire has 10,000 square feet of retail space. The Aspire targets young and trendy professionals who’d like to sample New Brunswick’s culture and entertainment scenes while enjoying style and convenience when at home. Construction of The Aspire was co-funded by New Jersey Housing in collaboration with Mortgage Financing Agency, EDA Urban Transit Hub programme chipped in $23.8 million.

Boraie Development LLC

Founded by Omar Boraie in 1986, Boraie Development LLC operates in the real estate industry and has over 30 years’ experience in urban real estate development. They develop and manage properties and run a sales and marketing arm under Boraie Realty services. Boraie Realty has sold over $150 million in residential sales. They use own source, private equity and commercial banks funding in most of their projects. Their property management services include: property maintenance and administration, marketing, leasing and customer services. A lot has been blogged about Boraie and Boraie Development LLC by the Central Jersey Working Moms in their blog site

Click here: http://www.boraie.com/news/gambling-on-millenials

Securus Technologies; Home of Correctional Facilities’ Products and services

Correctional and law enforcement facilities need to have excellent communication technologies. The technology should be helpful in making the facilities safe and secure. Therefore, it is necessary to have reliable and easy to use technology in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is the leading company in inmate communication services. They are based in Dallas, and have vast experience in developing and availing correctional facilities products and services.

I believe for recidivism to reduce; the inmate should be allowed to communicate with their relatives and friends. For that reason, Securus have come with inmate communication services that range from calls to messaging. The services are reliable and affordable hence promoting the transformation of inmates. Their calls are secure, well monitored and recorded to ensure the correctional facilities remain secure. Inmates are also allowed to use technology so that they can access information and get informed about the outside world.

At Securus Technologies, some experienced experts propel the company to success. With the great leadership of CEO Rick Smith and vast experience from other staff, the company has been able to develop robust technology solutions that are helpful in correctional facilities. Securus also provides biometric analysis, information management, emergency response, incident management, public information, inmate self-service as well as investigation products and services. They also monitor all their products to ensure the world is a safer place to be.

All Securus’ technology products are modern, and they continuously improve them to meet correctional facilities‘ needs. With over 30 years’ experience, Securus Technologies are serving over 3400 correctional facilities as well as more than 1.21 million inmates. Recently they have teamed up with JPay to improve service delivery. This acquisition will make Securus the fastest growing company as a result of tablet products, inmate payments as well as email services. With this addition, crimes will reduce as well as recidivism. Securus Technologies will remain the best company in providing correctional and law enforcement agencies with reliable products and services.


Clay Siegalls Research and Fight Against Cancer

Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics is now one of the biggest and leading companies in the world of oncology. Oncology is the science of removing tumors and as you’ve guessed, Clay Siegall’s company’s primary focus in creating drugs that can cure cancer. Clay’s passion for developing drugs have earned him a reputation as bullish in his way of running his company and the continued development of drugs to fight cancer. In one interview, Clay admits that he loves making drugs, but it is not an easy thing to do.

To date, Seattle Genetics has been able to develop innovative drugs that have promising potential in fighting cancer. One such drug is Adcetris, the company’s flagship drug. Adcetris treats Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer in the lymph system that has the potential to spread to other organs. It is now in the testing stage, and if successful, it could be on the market as the first official cure for cancer.

Seattle Genetics is also developing other kinds of drugs. These drugs are mainly for manipulating antibodies, weaponizing them so that they can fight cancer from the inside. The primary model for these medicines is ‘smart bombs,’ with the goal of only killing the cancer cells and minimizing collateral damage to the body.

Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998, and Dr. Siegall is one of its founders. Today Dr. Siegall is the CEO, President, and Chairman of its Board of Directors. Clay Siegall has secured more than $675 million for Seattle Genetics from private and public financing. Before he co-founded Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall worked in the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for six years. He was also with the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991.

Dr. Clay Siegall has a B.S. in Zoology, which is a surprise to some people who admire his work as they expect that the specialist had his B.S. in oncology. However, he graduated from the University of Maryland, and then received his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. From his graduation in genetics, he was able to gather the knowledge and experience that would lead the entrepreneur to enter the field of oncology and tackle drugs, cancer, and research.

Today, Dr. Clay Siegall has conquered a reputation in the field of oncology that makes him one of the most researched scientists of oncology alive today. His work with cancer and some of his theories are inspirational to younger scientists and veterans alike.