InnovaCare Health: Effective Leadership

Healthcare management is an industry few people know anything about. That’s mostly due to the extreme complexity of the current healthcare environment. Based on the behavior of some managed care companies, it can seem like the healthcare industry is deliberately complex. While some companies do care more about profits, there are many that focus on their patients.

While money will continue to play a huge role in every industry as long as there’s money; companies like InnovaCare Health use their money to build better managed care models. InnovaCare is focused on two things: building stronger patient-provider relationships and ensuring every patient’s healthiest outcome.

It’s not possible to have one without the other. Strong patient-provider relationships mean that physicians can better treat their patients. Both sides rely heavily on trust; it’s the only way to guarantee that patients get the quality medical care they deserve, which is the end goal of everything InnovaCare Health does.

Currently leading InnovaCare Health Solutions is Dr. Richard Shinto. Throughout his career, he’s worked at numerous medical companies. He even maintains his medical practice as an internist and pulmonologist in California. Since joining InnovaCare, he’s led the company and some of its subsidiaries to dazzling accomplishments.

There’s a reason he’s the number one guy at InnovaCare. One of his greatest accomplishments happened in 2004 when he acquired First Medical Health Plan’s advantage contracts. This move added nearly 27,000 beneficiaries and close to $166 million revenue to InnovaCare. To date, his decision is recognized as one of the most strategic moves to ever happen at InnovaCare.

Another brilliant leader working with InnovaCare is Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides. For over 20 years, Kokkinides worked for numerous medical companies, specializing in developing clinical programs and implementing new health models. Her expertise leads to improved efficiencies and organizational infrastructure. Visit to know more.

Much of her brilliance comes from her organizational skills. By being structured and focused, she’s able to respond quickly to problems that arise. She’s also keen on staying up-to-date on what’s happening in her industry. She spends a lot of time thinking about the next day and whether she needs to continue with a reliable strategy. Check out for more.

While there are many other leaders involved in InnovaCare’s success, Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are the most mentioned; mainly because of their combined 40-year career experience.

The Innovations Put Forth to Battle Cancer by Eric Lefkofsky

According to statistics conducted by the National Cancer Institute in the US, approximately 14.5 million people were living with cancer as at 2014. It is presumed that everyone knows of someone who has had the terrible disease. What’s more, the number of people who have cancer is predicted to go up by 2024, to a figure of more than 19 million. It is for this reason, companies like Tempus have come up to make remarkable advances in a quest to make a prognosis of the disease.

Eric Lefkofsky who is CEO and the co-founder of the Tempus Company established the company in 2016. It is a technology company that has developed an operating system that collects data to help in fighting cancer. The firm heads in data-enabled accurate precision medicine. Again, Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer, a factor that showed the extent to which the healthcare industry speed and technology can miss out hence the need for a Prognosis Company.

Tempus company was established on the basis to help corral information that could lead to prognosis. The company enables the physician to give cancer care through its machine learning platform and analysis. Also, Tempus provides genomic sequencing services, molecular analysis, and therapeutic data that enable physicians to make real-time and data-driven decisions.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman who was born in September 1969 in Southfield Michigan. He went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and graduated in in 1991. Eric went ahead with his studies and studied law where he graduated in 1993. Nevertheless, Eric Lefkofsky didn’t practice law but preferred to work in the fields of technology. He teamed up with a college friend and started doing business.

Moreover, though Eric Lefkofsky was from Michigan, he spent most of his adult life in Chicago. Again, Tempus is headquartered in Chicago where he serves as one of its CEO. Additionally, Eric is a co-founder of Groupon Company, and also serves on the boards of directors of Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital. At his age, Eric Lefkofsky has achieved a lot that most people would wish to accomplish in a lifetime.

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US Money Reserve Makes Appearance At Popular Scottsdale Auto Auction

When the annual collectable auto auction came to Scottsdale, Arizona this last month, it may be of no surprise that one of the booths at the 47th Barret-Jackson was run by US Money Reserve, a company who deals in collectables themselves. US Money Reserve’s collectables are gold and silver which are sold with the purpose of primarily wealth protection.

US Money Reserve’s car was a McLaren P1 GTR whose powerful engine and top acceleration capabilities made it one of the most popular vehicles showcased. It was well worth the time of most visitors to see this vehicle, but even more so were information packets that US Money Reserve representatives passed to them.

US Money Reserve is not just concerned about how investors buy precious metals from them, but also about why they should do it.

Gold and silver, the primary precious metals that US Money Reserve sells are always the most recommended hedge against disasters in the market, and US Money Reserve has a variety of products for various customer needs.

US Money Reserve put out an e-book about these economic disasters and two of the top threats to wealth comes from cyberattacks on bank accounts and other institutions, and government spending plus national debt which could mean big trouble coming soon.

Gold and silver provide assets that cannot be affected by interest rates, and their reliable both for the short-term and diversifying a retirement account into.

PR Newswire published an article that says US Money Reserve has strong credibility in the precious metals industry because their president is someone who has worked in both the public and private sector with accounting and minting, and he served as the 35th US Mint Director just prior to joining US Money Reserve.

That man is Philip N. Diehl who was credited for restoring the Mint to profitability out of fiscal operating debt, and also had one of the government’s first big interactive websites built for the agency.

Diehl has spoken at several gold conferences and the 2016 Gold Summit in which he explained how gold is not difficult to purchase and how it can be resold when markets recover and interest rates go down.

US Reserve even has charts listed on its current site that show how gold has moved up and down over the years. Diehl has helped customers understand the risks of buying gold and has made US Money Reserve’s customer service important so that products can be returned if they do not work out. To find out if gold or silver can protect your assets, you should visit

Global Expansion Continues With Equities First Holdings Heading to Australia

The United States, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore, was not enough for the global financial lending giant, Equities First Holdings. They had to expand more and expand they did. Equities First Holdings brought out Meridian Equity Partners Pty Limited and changed their name to Equities First Holdings Australia. Equities First Holdings wanted to bring their amazing trusted service to a new set of individual investors and businesses. EFH is on a quest to have offices all over the globe and be able to offer their financial services and solutions to millions of people. They want to continue to offer unique services that are tailored to all individuals. Their founder described offering their services in Australia has offered their services to a broader consumer base. At the moment, Equities First Holdings is experiencing a lot of growth and hopes that this expansion would add to it the 30% growth a year, that they are experiencing.

About Equities First Holdings:

Here’s Some Insight Into Who Nick Vertucci Is As An Investor

As United States citizens, we’re fortunate enough to live in homes, apartments, and other reasonably nice residences. Some countries’ populations have to live in huts, poorly-fashioned homes that don’t have running water or electricity, and even under makeshift buildings crafted out of adobe.

Real estate is a big deal in the United States, and is a booming industry. Because the population has such a high gross domestic product per person, there are tons of homes and apartments and other residences being sold on a daily basis.

Nick Vertucci is a real estate agent that is a self-made millionaire in the world of real estate. He is the owner of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is often shortened to the acronym NVREA. Let’s dig into the background of Mr. Nick Vertucci and how hard he had to work to get to where he is today, as a leader in the field of real state.

Nick Vertucci Didn’t Have A Great Childhood

Although one might think that people who didn’t have great childhoods would be more likely to succeed, as they know what it’s like to not have much and be given everything by parents, this assumption couldn’t be further form the truth. They often get stuck in generational poverty cycles, even though they don’t want to be in such situations.

Nick Vertucci was able to overcome seeing his daddy pass away at the far-too-young age of ten. His mom had to work a lot, which resulted in him having to fend for and take care of himself in most situations, helping build a resilience to the outside world.

Starting Out After Childhood And Adolescent Years

Nick had been living in a van for a few years after he turned 18, and didn’t have a great job or any source of income to rely on. After those few years passed, when Mr. Vertucci turned to his early 20s, he found himself selling computer parts and investments in businesses that operated using the Internet form his van. Unfortunately, a few years later, he lost almost everything when the Dotcom bubble burst.

What Tech Company Paul Mampilly Revealed As A Great Investment Opportunity

Investment guru Paul Mampilly has a publication called Profits Unlimited. He publishes it through Banyan Hill Publishing and it focuses on smaller companies that his research shows are going to have fantastic growth going forward. He puts advertisements up on the internet before he publishes a new issue that teases what company he will be featuring in it. For one of these he said that he would be writing about a $7 tech stock that he expected to grow by 8,000% because it had on its hands one of the greatest new technologies ever.

In the ad Paul Mampilly showed a picture of a little device on top of a dime. He said it was a sensor but didn’t explain exactly what it did. This didn’t really help identify this new investment opportunity. He also drew comparisons to Microsoft, saying this company would have a projectory similar to that Microsoft had experienced in its early days. He pointed out that if you had spent $100 investing in Microsoft stock during its IPO back in 1986 today you would have $838,833. He thinks this company’s stock will do the same.

Once his issue of Profits Unlimited was out it turns out he was talking about STMicroelectronics. They’ve been around for 20 years but since 2001 they’ve been a company with a stock price that has declined dramatically. Why did Paul Mampilly think this company was about to dramatically turn that around?

This company puts out a sensor that IoT devices have to use. Paul Mampilly was right about them because after his issue of Profits Unlimited released the company’s stock started going up and it forecast revenue gains of 35%. He thinks this is just the start and investors who put their money into this company are going to be very happy down the road.

Paul Mampilly also offers investment consulting services to other professionals in the industry through Capuchin Consulting, a firm he founded in 2013. He spent 20 years on Wall Street including managing a very successful hedge fund. Over the years he has been a featured guest on many financial shows including on Bloomberg TV and CNBC among others.

He is originally from India but he went to high school in the United Arab Emirates. Soon after graduating he moved to America where he received an extensive education including attending the Fordham Gabelli School of Business in order to earn and MBA in finance.

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