A Review Of Vincent Parascandola’s Career In The Insurance Industry

AXA Advisors has recruited the services of visionary leaders, including Vincent Parascandola. He is the senior vice president of the New York based company. The executive is charged with the duty of overseeing various operations at the firm, including management, sales, recruitment, retention, development of new and experienced financial professionals, and productivity.

Parascandola has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. His career in the industry started in 1987 when he was recruited to serve as an agent for Prudential Company. In this position, the management leader contributed significantly to the company’s growth. In his first year, Prudential named him National Rookie of the Year. This achievement meant that the insurance expert was ready to conquer the industry.

Vincent continued to work hard, as he looked for more challenging positions in other firms. In 1990, he was recruited by MONY Life Insurance Company. Over the years, he worked in different local and regional management positions. While at the firm, his career was characterized with several achievements. Vincent’s excellence caught the eyes of AXA Advisors’ management team who requested him to join the company in 2004. He accepted the offer.

At AXA, Parascandola started working as the co-manager of the company’s branch in New York Metro. In this position, he was responsible for managing over 400 financial professionals who were working in three states. Later, he was appointed to serve as the president of The Advantage Group. The group was founded by AXA Equitable to attract, recruit and retain seasoned financial professionals. Later, he served as a divisional president. In his long and successful career, Parascandola has received many awards from leading organizations, including GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards.

Besides being an outstanding executive leader, Parascandola is also a sought after speaker. He has delivered speeches at various conferences organized by the insurance industry and different companies. Some of these conferences include LIMRA’s distribution conferences and GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. Vincent has also served as the chair of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee and president of GAMA’s Florida Chapter. The insurance expert holds a Bachelor of Science degree from New York’s Pace University.

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