Adam is Currently The Co-founder of The Israeli-American Council

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and assisted in organizing the family establishment which carries he and his wife’s names: Adam and Gila Milstein. Adam Milstein helps Jewish people with charitable and other philanthropic services to aid in the strengthening of the Jewish culture, the state of Israel as well as the relationship between Israel and the United States. His services include consulting, developing partnerships, and raising funds to support the education and continuity of Jewish education as well as an advocacy that is pro-Israel.

The Adam Milstein Family devotes a lot of time and energy to every program they support. Adam Milstein in continuously seeking organizations in which to engage in the target audiences and providing the funding needed to aid organizations and amplify the impact they have on certain philanthropic groups.

Adam Milstein’s life began in the town of Haifa, Israel; he is the eldest of three sons to Hillel and Eva Milshstein. Following his obligatory service with the Army of Israeli; he signed up for classes at at the Technion, an Israel Institute of Business and graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s diploma in the area of business and economics, in 1978. As he continued his educational pursuits, he teamed with his father in real estate pursuits.

Adam Milstein then wed Gila Elgrably in his birth town of Haifa in 1974. The young married couple then packed up everything, including their two young daughters, and relocated the family to the United States; in which the couple had a third daughter not long after their move. Adam then returned back to school in the United States;in which he earned his Master of Business degree at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Upon receiving this degree he pursued the field of commercial real estate.

Adam is currently the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, as well as having seats on several boards. He and he wife, Gila, co-organized the SifriyatPijamaB’America, in which provides free books and education to Hebrew Jewish families in America, teaching them all about Jewish values.

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