Andrea McWilliams’ Achievements

Over the past decades, the political scene has mostly been dominated by men. This is quickly changing, and in recent years, women have shown they also have the capability of leading the community. For instance, many women in the United States spend a lot of their time presenting and raising issues that go unseen. They work as lobbyists and also as political strategists. One well-known and a respectable woman is Andrea McWilliams. Andrea has a vast experience in serving the people of Austin, Texas.

Andrea McWilliams was brought up next to Texas Capitol. Andrea is married and blessed with three children, and they currently live in Old Enfield where they raise their children.

Andrea McWilliams’ political dream started at a very tender age. At the age of 21, she became a Chief of Staff. She proved her capability in that field despite her age. McWilliams later worked for Public Strategies Inc. as a public relations officer. Andrea McWilliams then combined her efforts together with her husband, Dean, and opened a firm called McWilliams. McWilliams firm provides consultations on government affairs. McWilliams firm has gained a lot of reputation due to the quality services it offers to its clients. It is respected both locally and internationally.

McWilliams is a well-known community volunteer and a philanthropist. Andrea has served several non-profit organizations as a board member. They include Texas Lyceum, Mexi‚ÄďArte Museum, Pioneer Firms, Elizabeth Seton Hospital, Rise Across Texas Challenge among many others. Andrea McWilliams also represented two non-profit organizations, which were working towards prevention of cancer. They include; KillCancer and Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Andrea McWilliams is vividly remembered when she passed 100 million US dollars in incentives to Texas to make a clean coal power plant. This was the first of its own, and she was later recognized for her tremendous job in 2007.

Andrea has won many awards which include; Texas Businesswoman of the year finalist in 2016 and Austin under 40 award. She was recognized with Woman of Distinction Award by Texas Girls’ Scout. Andrea McWilliams currently works on PAC Board of Ryan.

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