Andrew Rolfe And The Ubuntu Fund Lead A Charming And Successful Dinner Gala

The 10nt annual Ubuntu Fund Gala was held in the hopes of raising a significant amount of money. The benefits will help the school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. A pediatric clinic will be opened at the school and the disadvantaged children in the area will receive help. The current Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund is Andrew Role. He attended the gala with 300 guests who enjoyed the marvelous music, inspiring speeches and delicious food.

Sinesipho Rabidyani is one of the recipients and her story is incredibly touching. She was given a scholarship to the school that allowed her to turn her life around. She has recently been admitted into law school. The auction was conducted by Charlie Ross and was successful. The fund earned $38,667 by auctioning off highly desirable items such as a trip to South Africa and paintings by Dom Pattinson. As the CEO of the Ubuntu Fund Jacob Lief concluded the evening with a heart warming speech discussing the needs of the underprivileged children.

The Ubuntu Educational Fund was founded in 1999 by Jacob and Banks. They now support 2,000 children in need in Port Elizabeth. They give these children a good education, address hunger, supply medical attention and promote stability in their homes. Approximately 300 philanthropists and socialites from London attended the gala.

Prior to becoming the Chairman for the Ubuntu Educational Fund Andrew Rolfe earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Philosophy and Politics at the University of Oxford. He continued his studies at Harvard Business School and received his Masters in Business Administration. He is the honorary President of the International Division for the Gap and responsible for their strategies concerning international growth.

Andrew Rolfe has led numerous large companies operating in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York. He was the CEO for Booker Foodservices as well as the Vice President of Operations for PepsiCo throughout Europe. He was responsible for leading 1,300 KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants in thirty different countries. His background, accomplishments and experience have given him the ability to be an exceptional Chairman for the Ubuntu Fund.


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