At Look At Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Extensive Career In Banking

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a Brazilian banker who is the chief executive officer of Bradesco. His bank is one of Brazil’s largest, ranking second by equity and second by assets.

He has now worked in the banking industry for four decades in a variety of positions from entry level to CEO. He attended the Fundação School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo and has a bachelor’s degree in socio-psychology.

He began his career in banking when he was just 17-years-old. This first job was at Banco Bradesco and he was a clerk. Over the next decade and a half he received a number of promotions. After this he was Banco Bradesco’s marketing director. He modernized how this bank communicated to customers and the general public by developing a good relationship with the media that covers the banking industry.

In 1982, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named as the CEO of another bank, Bradesco Vida e Previdência. This is a company which focuses on private pensions. Six years later he re-joined Banco Bradesco as its new managing director. In 1999 he also took on the position of executive vice president. In 2003 he was nominated as president of this firm and in this role he handled its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

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It was announced on January 17, 2018, that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would step down from his role at Banco Bradesco. His company put out a press release saying that they would find his successor before the next Carnival which took place this year on February 9th. The Ordinary General Assembly of Banco Bradesco was to make this decision on who was to replace him. One of the early favorites for his position was Alexandre Glüher who handles investor relations. Other favorites were Josué Pancini, who heads Banco Bradesco’s agency network, Marcelo Noronha who handles their cards and investment banking, Octavio de Lazari Jr. who heads the insurance department, and finally André Cano who leads the human resources department.

The reason that Luiz Carlos Trabuco needed to step down was that Banco Bradesco has a 67-year-old age limit on the CEO position. True to their word of naming a replacement before Carnival, on February 5, 2018, the announced that it would be Octavio de Lazari Jr. who would replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco. In order to provide for a smooth transition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco stayed in his position until March 12, 2018, which was when the next Ordinary General Meeting was scheduled to be held. Octavio de Lazari spent the time between the announcement of his succession and the time he took over working closely with Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

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