Randal Nardone a Force in the Financial World

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fortress Investment Group LLC, Randal Nardone could be said to have the magic touch but that wouldn’t be accurate. With a BA in English and biology from the University of Connecticut and a JD from Boston University School of Law, and a career history that includes UBS (United Bank of Switzerland), BlackRock Financial Management Inc, and Thatcher Proffitt and Wood, magic has nothing to do with it. Intelligence, perseverance, and an understanding of the global financial markets are responsible for the success of Randal Nardone has achieved.

Having proved himself at UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) as a managing director, a principal of BlackRock Financial Management Inc, and as co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC since 1998, it is no wonder Randal Nardone is able to succeed where others may not. In 1998, Nardone was ready to take on the challenge of starting up his own finance company, which he did along with Wes Edens. Nardone and Edens started Fortress Investment Group, LLC and remain on the leadership team. After serving an interim CEO for two years beginning in 2011, Nardone was appointed CEO of Fortress in the summer 2013.

Through hard work and dedication to his business associates, clients, and the financial community, Nardone earned his way onto the Forbes Billionaire List, and has been listed at number 557.In December of 2017, Japan’s Softbank purchased Fortress Investment Group LLC for 3.3 billion dollars. The acquisition allowed for Fortress to operate independently and to keep the leadership team of Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger Jr. in place. The company’s headquarters are located in New York. Fortress continues to focus on credit, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles. According to the company’s website, as of March 2018 the company’s assets totaled 40.9 billion dollars and serves 1,750 institutional clients as well as private investors.

Wesley Robert Edens- American Businessman

American businessman, Wesley R. Edens, was born on October 30, 1961, in New York. As a young man, Wes Edens attended Oregon State University and received his bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration in 1984. Edens biggest pride outside of his career is his spouse Lynn and their four children who will likely follow their fathers footsteps in business and entrepreneurship. Wes Edens began his career after attending college in 1987 starting off at Lehman Brothers, a global financial services firm. He worked his way up at the company and was made partner and managing director in 1993. Wes then left the firm and began a new career at BlackRock, an American global investment management corporation in New York. Here he remained until 1997 as partner and managing director.

1997 marked a year that Edens was ready for a change. He began his own company with five partners- Peter Briger, Roberrt Kauffman, Randy Nardone, and Michael Edward Novogratz in 1998. The six men named their enterprise Fortress Investments. They had a natural knack for building businesses from investments and were known for their knowledge in creative financing. In 2007, the Wall Street Journal described Fortress Investments as one of “contrarian Bets,” and the company was doing so well in a short amount of time that they made headlines. On February 9, 2007, Wes Edens and his partners decided to take the company public. Their’s became the first publicly traded buyout firm and became public through its stock market launch.

By 2009, Fortres sold 8% of their shares to the public for $600 million and assets under their management included private equity and publicly traded investment alternatives. In December of 2006, a Japanese financial company, Nomura Holdings, bought out 15% of Fortress’ shares for $888 millions making Edens and the other partners billionaires.In 2009, Fortress Investments voted for Wes Edens to become co-chairman of the board of directors. It was under his leadership that the company was able to survive when the stock market began to fall after the subprime mortgage crisis that began in 2007 and was at its worse in 2010. He kept Fortress afloat by offering subprime lending, a loan option for people who were struggling to make payments on time. Wes served as chairman of Fortress until May, 2016 and is now continuing to help it grow, and enjoying his new venture in FlyQuest.

Digital and Alternative Payments-PSI Pay

PSI-Pay can be described as one of the leading fintech organizations in the United Kingdom which for an extended period has been providing a digital accounting as well as card services to the international financial market. PSI-Pay has been working with Kerv to deliver the services, Kerv is known for their innovative services when it comes to alternative payment. In the recent past, the two international companies have partnered to distribute and use the PSI-Pay’s Master Card license which will be of a great benefit to Kerv clients who will be able to use the card to pay in over 38 million locations all over the world to make their contactless payment.


Kerv customers will be able to make their payments through various methods among them PayPal, bank transfer, manual load, credit, debit cards, and even automatic loading. The contactless payment is not the only advantage that comes with the partnership of Kerv and PSIPay but also their customers will be able to use their virtual cards to make an online purchase as well as payment. The PSI-Pay managing Director Mr. Phil Davies said that they were pleased to partner with a leading alternative payment company; Kerv. According to Phil Kerv is the best financial group to work with when it comes to alternative payment because of the organization’s innovative, useful, as well as breathtaking solutions.


Phil Campbell is the founder of Kerv and according to him his company was created with a primary objective of designing a unique method of payment which is convenient, and they have also extended their services to other sectors including the data sharing, access control as well as the transport industry. Together with his team, Phil has been working hard to bring Kerv to the market, and he has realized that working with responsive, and like-minded partners will help them face their challenges. The Kerv contactless payment ring has been positively received by the world and has won various awards among them Temenos Innovation Jam.


PSI-Pay was created in 1992, as a non- bank, and private organization. PSI-Pay is the first organization to make EFT payment to the non-profit society. Beverly Kempf established the firm with a primary mandate to execute EFT and also donate credit cards, the founder created a well-organized process to complete the work. Since their foundation, the financial firm has been able to make payments with over 40 currencies in the United States, Europe, as well as Western Hemisphere.

The Satirical Dystopian Novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn is most well known for his work in film. He’s worked as an actor, a screenwriter, and a director in the film industry. Most film goers have seen at least one of his contributions to the film industry. In a shocking turn the actor/director/screenwriter decided to try something else in the story telling realm by writing a novel. Penn’s first foray as a novelist is a satirical dystopian novel titled Bob Hone Who Just Do Stuff. The novel delves into recent events in American government and the current culture in a darkly humorous way.

The book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff skewers president Trump, has commentary about the #metoo movement, creates a dark twist on Americans working more than one job, the mass shootings get a mention, and there is disdainful commentary toward social media. The book is a hodgepodge of current news events warped into a narrative spun by Bob Honey from the point of view of Pappy Pariah. Bob Honey and Pappy Pariah cross paths, and Bob Honey tells his tale to him. Bob Honey is a middle aged American who has lived his life in a simple little place called Woodview, California. He’s divorced and his wife has married her divorce lawyer. Since his divorce he has become very antisocial and disliked by his neighbors. Bob has spent his life selling septic tank systems. He takes on a disturbing part-time job to make ends meet as a government assassin. He is ordered by the government to take out members of society who are seen as a drain on resources. Mainly his targets are elderly Americans. Bob Honey dislikes social media and the constant flow of excessive news coverage. Despite his disdain for social media, Bob Honey ends up disturbingly tweeting messages at the president that Trump doesn’t need an impeachment. He needs an intervention and the American people need an assassin.

The novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a commentary on modern times according to Sean Penn. The novel is a bit of a combination of the novel American Psycho and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It’s similarities to American Psycho are in the fact that it is a twisted commentary on the modern day and age of the Wall Street boom in the 1980s. American Psycho can be viewed as a horror novel or as a symbolic representation of capitalism and consumerism and how things that are not good enough on the surface are disposable. The novel is similar to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the sense of it being chaotic but also a commentary on Hunter S. Thompson’s views on the failures of the 1960s counter culture.


Sean Penn is currently on tour for the novel. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is available from most booksellers.

Clay Hutson Working with Passion for Perfection

Times that Test/Prove

Every artist has to go thru hard times. Every day there are things that will seem hard, but usually not insurmountable. Clay Hutson had one experience that seemed harder than others. He had been working as a subcontractor to a client who was under contract with a larger company.

The company and the contractor’s relationship began to fall apart. The client decided to work with Clay Hutson directly rather than thru the contractor. A few days later Clay Hutson received a legal notice from the contractor who sued him and he lost 150K in the process. Hutson said he was able to work past the issue and moved on from there.


Making Tough Decisions

Clay Hutson presently does stage management for an artist. Though there are literally thousands of these little and big decisions that have to be made to be successful Clay Hutson has formed the habit of giving to each decision the time they deserve as well as to analyze the practical options that arise in making those decisions.

He knows the ease at which a single decision wrongly made can ruin an event. He tries to avoid these mistakes at all costs to himself, his crew and the client.


Paid for Services

Clay Hutson gets paid for services all related to music: sound engineering, live production and what is called rigging services. Rigging calculates the designing of structures that hold and make the functioning light show operate smoothly, especially viseoadn screens and other types of show lights and their details.Lately, much of his work is focused on stage management.


Key(s) to Success?

In the mind of Clay Hutson there are two elements to making success come his way. First, he applies himself to give 100% effort toward every project which he is responsible. Secondly, he understands that having a system of triple checks and balances set in place helps catch all the potential problems that could have been overlooked.

Along the same vein, Clay Hutson says he likes to work with goal-oriented people who have a thorough wotk ethic. His preference would be to work with a less than perfect personality that has a perfect work ethic than the opposite kind of person; that is, a “yes man” who fails to carry thru on his commitment.


Clay Hutson

Some of the acts Clay Hutson has workd with are Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Halsey, Garbage, One Republic, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. His loves spending time with his family, woodworking and other crafts. Learn more: https://clayhutson.com/about-clay-hutson



Jim Larkin was born on 21 January 1876 in Liverpool, England. He was married to Elizabeth Brown since 1903 and was a father of four sons.

He underwent a little formal education and later worked to supplement the family income through a variety of youth jobs and in one instance he was the foreman at the docks of Liverpool. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/easterrising/profiles/po08.shtml

In 1905 Jim Larkin joined the National Union of Docks Laborers (NUDL) as a committed socialist and became a full-time union trade organizer. His militant strike methods terrified the Union, and he got posted to Dublin in the year 1907 where he founded the General Works Union and the Irish Transport.

The union’s primary aim was to bring together all the Irish industrial workers both the skilled and non-skilled and form a single organization.

Jim Larkin after some years passed by he established the Irish Labor Party and he organized several industrial actions with the labor party.

The mother of all strikes that he led was that of Dublin in 1913 where about 10000 employees went on strike for almost eight months and finally, they were able to win the right to fair employment. When the First World War broke in, he organized many antiwar protests in Dublin and even went a step further to go back to the United States to raise money to fight the British.

After returning to America to raise funds,  Larkin also went for a lecture tour and while there he joined the Socialist Party of America together with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

During this time he was in the United States the Easter Rising occurred in Ireland in the year 1916, and one of his friend James Connolly passed on in the Easter Rising and on 17th March 1918 he established the Socialist Club in New York, and it acted like the center of left side activities. In 1920 he was charged with criminal anarchy and communism.

He was later pardoned and exiled to Ireland where he organized the Worker’s Union and secured international communist recognition in 1924. Throughout his life, Jim Larkin worked tirelessly to benefit the workers until 30th January 1947 when he died.

Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin | Ireland Calling

Robert Diegnan Is A Forward Thinking CEO and Co-Founder

Robert Deignan’s company is ATS Digital Services. This is a company that remotely helps people worldwide with technological issues. ATS Digital Services can help customers with basic connectivity issues as well as general troubleshooting. The idea for ATS Digital Services came from a troubleshooting experience Deignan and his team had while at a prior company. They found that when they logged into the user’s computer remotely they were able to rectify the issue and build a trust with the customer.

Robert Diegnan Found A Market For The Service

Robert Diegnan and his colleagues also realized they could charge a fee for this type of service, and when it was time to move on from the company they were at, they decided to try creating a remote support company. Deignan spends a typical day at the office reviewing numbers and taking an assessment of the prior day and then finishes any leftover tasks. The rest of the day he goes with the flow from building strategies with his partners to handling emergencies. He arrives at 8:20 am and leaves around 8:00 pm.

How The Company Stays Ahead In The Industry

Robert Deignan brings his ideas to life by unplugging from technology and enjoying nature. This boosts his creativity. Any new ideas are taken into the office and analyzed. Once the idea looks promising enough to him, he presents it to his partners for their opinion. He has a great team, so an idea can be tweaked and brainstormed without meetings or extensive reviews. Mostly they like to go with their gut. In their industry, one thing that excites Deignan is remote technical support is becoming more popular. One habit that makes Deignan more productive as an entrepreneur is his consistency with reviewing the numbers. He is always looking for ways to improve the company and maximize profits. A good piece of advice Diegnan would give his younger self is to stay away from hiring family and friends. He says it can be risky and get touchy when tough decisions have to be made.


NV foundation and bronzer helps establish Jeunesse Global as serious player in cosmetics

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global back in 2009, the newly retired Florida couple was just looking for a way to pass their free time. Both Ray and Lewis had been lifelong workaholics, building some of the most impressive companies in the North American direct-selling industry. But now, the couple wanted to give retirement a try. They believed that they would be able to make the adjustment from the fast-paced business world to the leisurely life that prevailed in their upscale, gated Florida community.

But neither Ray nor Lewis counted on how difficult it would be for people as innately industrious as them to walk away, full stop, from the excitement and meaning that the business world gave them. Within just a couple of weeks, Ray and Lewis had once again founded a direct-selling business. But this time, the wealthy couple was not interested in simply acquiring more money and material goods. They genuinely wanted to create something that would serve as a lasting legacy. Ray and Lewis were dedicated to creating breakthrough products while spreading real economic opportunity across the globe, especially to disadvantaged people.

In this vision, they have been a resounding success. Today, Jeunesse Global has distributors in nearly every corner of the planet. The company has made millionaires out of hundreds of distributors and helped thousands more reach their life and financial goals. At the same time, the company has changed the lives of people who desire to stay young and healthy as they age.

One example of the kinds of innovative products that Jeunesse Global has consistently delivered is its NV foundation and bronzer. NV is one of the top-selling foundations in the world. It has been a tremendous hit with consumers, allowing millions of women the option to subtly shift their skin tone while also giving them the ability to go makeup free if they choose.

NV comes in nine different shades. These range from white to a dark cocoa hue, allowing customers throughout the East Asia region to use the product as a mild skin lightener while allowing those elsewhere to go with a swarthier look.


Halsey and the Chainsmokers Make Moving Tribute to Avicii

The death of Avicii the popular Swedish DJ and sought after producer, hit the music industry hard this year when word got out that he passed away on April 20 at just 28 years of age. The loss was felt extremely hard and noted during awards season. During the Billboard Music Awards American singers Halsey and the Chainsmokers took advantage of a few minutes time before presenting the Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 to take a break for passing out awards and watching performances by ominees to pay tribute to the man who had, as they said, ‘inspired so many in so many ways’. The producer’s family announced shortly after his death that he passed away by taking his own life. In the speech Halsey told ‘.audience members ‘to be there and support and love all of our friends and family members who may be struggling with mental health issues

The Chainsmokers are a popular pop act that was formed in 2012. Today the group is made up of members Alex Pall and Andrew Tagart, singers from New York. The duo performed live for the very first time in the fall of 2014 when they opened for the group Timeflies. Their debut EP was entitled “Bouquet and was released to the public in 2015. A single from it, Roses, was the Chainsmokers first Top 10 hit on the pop charts. Today the Chainsmokers a staple on the concert scene and at most of the popular award shows.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey collaborated on the number “Closer” and the trio has performed it on several occasions together.

Delivering the brief memorial for Avicii was just another celebration of the relationship between the female pop star and the popular duo.

Although known as Avicii professionally, his real name was Tim Berling.


Rick Scott Faces Lingering FEC Complaint Filed By End Citizens United Months before Midterms

A complaint was recently filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by End Citizens United, against Senate candidate Rick Scott. The former Florida Governor has raised more than $78 million for his campaign, and the political action committee (PAC) is alleging that the funds to operate the campaign are being funneled through a “super PAC.” In the complaint, the PAC states that Scott has knowingly taken actions to circumvent the federal limits that were put in place to prevent direct contributions to be transferred to a campaign for operating expenses. Scott has been receiving funds directly from the New Republican PAC.

The Scott campaign has steadfastly denied all allegations. However, according to Tiffany Mueller, President of End Citizens United, the actions are clearly in violation of the FEC laws. “This is not a smear campaign…This is a legitimate FEC complaint because [Rick Scott] broke the law.” End Citizens United’s complaint speaks directly to the super PAC having every right to continually raise as much money it chooses and to spend as much, or as little, of the money it chooses; however, the process must be within the established campaign laws. The PAC used the anti-coordination law to file the complaint.

Adam Bozzi, Communications Director for the PAC says that it is clear that Scott has been more motivated by his political aspirations rather than abiding by the FEC laws and campaign processes that have been put into place to safeguard the integrity of the political system. He stated that Scott deliberately bypassed the election laws to funnel soft money into his campaign. End Citizens United has provided documented proof of the allegations within the complaint. According to the communications director, the super PAC money is being used to pay Scott’s campaign expenses and covertly intended to elude the disclosure laws that exits for a reason. The documentation also pointed out that Scott was still a chairman for the super PAC as recently as January 2018, which was further supported by the information listed on New Republican PAC’s website.

The information provided in the complaint is backed by the Tampa Bay Times, which also reported in detail how Scott was raising money for the New Republican PAC in February. In an article published by the Washington Post, Scott also planned to host a dinner for the contributors of the super PAC.

It is the belief of End Citizens United that Scott has no desire to agree to any campaign finance reform, and therefore, the PAC plans to defeat him once the midterm election votes are counted.

About End Citizens United:  www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html