Honey Birdette Expands Across A Ramge Of Sales Platforms

The Australian luxury lingerie business, Honey Birdette has recently reached a new level of success for a brand that was only established in 2006; over the course of the last year the global growth of Honey Birdette has seen the company grow in a number of valuable markets that have allowed the company to become a major force in a number of countries where this impressive brand has been building a dedicated following.

In the U.S., Honey Birdette has been seeking to grow its success as an Online retailer that reflects the large area the North American market covers, while in the U.K. Online sales are important, but a greater emphasis has been placed on physical store locations. The success that has been seen in the U.S. market has resulted in a dedicated digital platform being developed that will focus on North America, following the recent announcement of a 2016 Online sales growth of more than 370 percent in the U.S. alone.

The Honey Birdette brand is also looking to establish itself after finding itself one of the fastest growing luxury retailers in the U.K., which has resulted in the lingerie based company looking to add to the three physical location opened in 2016 in the south of the U.K. National expansion is planned that will see 40 locations available for customers across the country by the end of 2018.

The growing level of sales seen by Honey Birdette is based upon then high quality of the products available developed under the creative control of founder Eloise Monaghan, who remains an integral force in the future direction of the company.

Although the high quality of the lingerie and adult products sold attract Online sales, the development of a team of sales associates who use their skills to create a performance each day at Honey Birdette stores across the world have been important to the continued growth of the company.

Clay Siegall Describes His Career During Interview With Ideamensch

Clay Siegall was asked what is one business strategy that has helped him to expand his company’s sales and growth. Ideamensch also followed up this question with how this strategy has worked for Seattle Genetics, which is the company that Dr. Siegall founded. A big part of Seattle Genetics’ growth and expansion has to do with collaborating and working with other biotech companies that are also developing oncology drugs.

Such collaborations says Dr. Siegall, have allowed Seattle Genetics to greatly expand the reach of the firm’s technologies. It has also helped the company develop new ideas and put more resources into helping people with cancer. One notable example of a collaboration of Seattle Genetics with other biotech firms is its licensing out of its unique and patented ADC drug called adcetris. Also known as brentuximab vedotin, adcetris is an antibody drug conjugate medicine that specifically targets cancerous cells in the body, while ignoring normal healthy cells.

The licensing out and collaboration with other companies has had a positive financial impact on Seattle Genetics says Clay Siegall. The company has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue through licensing out drugs and antibody drug conjugate technology. You should not be afraid to collaborate with other companies in your industry or license certain drugs or technology out. It can lead to new opportunities as well as much needed revenue, especially during the early years of a company.

Another question that was asked of Clay B. Siegall was what is one thing he does as a businessman over and over that he recommends everyone else try to do. Clay Siegall’s answer to this question was the following. He said that when he was in his 20s he thought he knew almost everything that were was to know. In his 30s Dr. Siegall realized that maybe he did not know everything and was lacking some areas. Now in his 40’s Clay Siegall admits without a doubt that there is so much that he does not know. His advice is to not be cocky and learn as much as you can. Surrounding yourself and interacting with intelligent people is another way that you can learn and improve yourself.


Personal Loan from your Local bank

Do you need a personal loan? If you do, it can be hard to find a company that is good enough to work with you on a low interest rate. Not only that, but you need to consider the plans that you have for the future in this area. Nexbank is a local bank that a lot of people are excited about. Over the years, the bank has provided a lot of great loan options to people who live in the community. The bank is starting to invest in online services so that it is easier for you to make a difference in the lives of other people in the community. This is one of the biggest ways that you can have a positive impact in the lives of other people throughout the area.


One of the most important things to consider on a loan is whether you can pay it back on time. Although it sounds simple, a lot of people are starting to borrow money to spend on things that are not adding value to their life. Not only that, but you can start to see all of the great changes that are going on in your business. Over time, Nexbank has proven that there are local options that make sense from a customer service and financial perspective. You do not have to settle for a bank that will not work hard for you over the long term.

Final Thoughts

More people than ever are looking for lending options in their local community. With all of the options that people are starting to look at in this area, now is the time to try and figure out how you can add value to your financial life by making a quality borrowing decision for your current situation.

The Bold New Hair Dye From Lime Crime

Vegan and cruelty free makeup is something that catches the eyes of any women that are interested in trying something new. Lime Crime is one such brand that is advertised in this way, and it has become an important part of the cosmetics industry. Much of the appeal of this brand has to do with the way that Doe Deere has elevated the brand and made people consider something new.


This hair dye that is considered semi-permanent is what is catching the eye of the consumer that wants something bold and refreshing. Lime Crime, dubbed Unicorn makeup, has become one of the most popular brands of cosmetics on the market. People are now noticing that the Baby Pink and Salad hair dye from Lime Crime are reflective of the interesting shades of lipstick that are available. All of this makes it possible for consumers to look into the interesting brands of hair dye and lipstick and coordinate. This is what Doe Deere seems to have been doing for years, and now she is giving consumers the chance to duplicate her look through her products.


That may be the thing that really makes people notice the expansion of the brand. Doe Deere is spearheading the movement, and she always puts her best foot forward by using her own products. She figures that one of the easiest ways to get consumers to consider these products is by showing how much she loves what she is selling. Consumers were already seeing her with the hair dye even in the early stages of marketing her products. There was a buzz about the hair dye, and this is why the hair dye would gain more attention and become part of the product line.


Doe Deere has already been selling lipstick and eyeliner, but this hair dye adds a whole new dimension to the products that she was previously selling. It shows that this is the type of brand that has managed to grow and evolve along with the needs to customers. That is the main reason that the brand has remained profitable over the years.


Felipe Montoro Jens Sources How The Concession Program In Basic Sanitation Services Beneficial

The government’s decision to make concessions on basic sanitation services by partnering with BNDES is appreciated by the most of the industry experts. Felipe Montoro Jens, a renowned infrastructure specialist in Brazil, has brought more details about the full extent of benefits by interviewing the President of Trata Brasil – a basic sanitation institute in Brazil, Edison Carlos, and confirmed that it could bring positive changes in the structural, management, and resource areas. Edison says that though the current sanitation services industry in Brazil in ruled by state organizations, the partnership with private firms can complement each other, and government companies can drive efficiency in the services.



Edison further explained that BNDES would go for an approach of customization according to places, and each state would have separate action plan according to the requirements. The inefficient conservation of water is considered a major issue for the state organizations in the water sector. The wastage of water is a major challenge for state companies, and its collaboration with private players can bring better results for them as most private players have better resources to ensure preventing wastage of water. While agreeing to the benefits of bringing private players in sanitation services, Edison also warned the need of setting clear goals in each contract. He asked for regular inspections to ensure goals are being achieved.



Felipe is not only an infrastructure specialist but an avid speaker and works closely with government organizations to implement various projects. He has decades of working experience in both North America and Brazil and worked as a part of several government-funded projects and private companies.



Jens held various executive level roles in many infrastructure firms in Brazil and are part of the board of directors of many organizations and private enterprises including Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, San Antonio Energia SA, Foz do Brasil SA, and more. He is an undergraduate from Getulio Vargas Foundation and completed his graduation from Thunderbird School of Management.

Talk Fusion Offers Free Trial Period to New Users

If you have contemplated the concept of running your own business in today’s digital age, then you know how important marketing can be. Online video marketing has taken on a new artform thanks to the work of CEO Bob Reina and the rest of his crew at Talk fusion. Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 as a catch-all response to intuitive video marketing in an increasingly digital age. Reina accurately projected how important video marketing would be in the future and thus capitalized while the iron was hot. Now Talk Fusion is making sure that their voice is heard by offering a free trial program to new customers and clients.



Talk Fusion is being used around the world, thus changing companies on the internet forever. Talk Fusion is being marketed in 140 different countries while being offered in nine different languages. Talk Fusion offers a library of information that includes how-to tutorials, step by step guides, and a wealth of marketing research that will benefit people looking to find out how to reach their customers in more and more effective ways. Most importantly, Talk Fusion has a host of programs available for instant help — Video Chat, Live Meetings, Newsletter, and the coveted Video Email. These programs and information catalogs will be available for use through the 30 day free trial period.


Free Trial Users will find access to all of these products and the associated information via Talk Fusion’s newly redesigned website. Talk Fusion’s UI has seen quite the upgrade with the goal of making user experiences better than ever. Free Trial Users will have no limitations through their first month of usage. If free trial users find their experience satisfactory it is a simple thing to upgrade to a long term membership and experience.


CEO Bob Reina has been integral in growing the company to the powerhouse that it currently stands as today. Reina has been hands on during the entire process, cultivating Talk Fusion into what he would personally look for out of a video marketing firm. Talk Fusion was recently awarded the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award, proving their recent ascent.

Felipe Montoro Jens Analyzes Benefits of Concessions

In a recent update, the government of Brazil announced a change that would be launched into action in the following years or two. The government representatives made the announcement that the institution has stepped into a partnership with one of the largest establishments in the country – the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (NBESD).



The project that the Brazilian government and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development will be working on together is water concessions. The water sector was pleased with the announcement. In order to further discuss the news, two experts had a conversation about the announcement. The president of one of the largest companies in Brazil and one of the most renowned investors and infrastructure expert came together to share their thoughts on the matter.



Mr Edison Carlos is the president of Trata Brasil, and Mr Felipe Montoro Jens has dedicated his life to his line of work. Mr Edison Carlos shared the fact that the concessions would benefit the basic sanitation in the country of Brazil which is currently achieved by the public and businesses who are mindful of their actions. There had been a high rate of water waste, and the decision of the government to introduce water concessions will be battling against that rate.



Mr Felipe Montoro Jens talked about the public. He made a point that each area has a different rate of income and so they are not all the same. Because of that, the project of concessions needs to be evaluated further to accommodate the public needs and requirements. In order for that to happen, each area will receive its personalised plan of action on achieving the completion of the project. That will ensure that the concessions are introduced smoothly in each area and that the public will be happy.




Vijay Eswaran: Providing Economic Opportunity And Charitable Support To Thousands

Vijay Eswaran is a very successful businessman and a caring philanthropist. The Penang, Malaysia native is the co-founder and chairman of one of the world’s most successful multilevel marketing companies, the QI Group. Eswaran started the company in 1998 after spending more than a decade overseas working with IBM and other major corporations.

A graduate of the London School of Economics and Southern Illinois University, Vijay Eswaran has an undergraduate degree in socioeconomics and an MBA. During his time in the UK and the U.S., he became professionally qualified and got experience working in multilevel marketing.

When he returned to Malaysia in 1998, the Cosway Group approached him with the opportunity to start a multilevel marketing company. Even though Asia was in the midst of an economic downturn at the time, he agreed to do it. After a few challenging years, he was able to recruit a large team of independent marketing representatives and within a decade of its founding the QI Group was generating over $750 million a year in revenue.

A major reason for the company’s success was the vision, planning and motivational skills of Vijay Eswaran. Today, Eswaran is considered on of Asia’s top business executives. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.facebook.com/public/Vijay-Eswaran

But Vijay Eswaran is more than just a savvy, experienced businessman. He is also a committed philanthropist. He has founded two charitable organizations, the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation, that have provided educational, social and economic support for countless people.

To many people Vijay Eswaran is an inspirational figure because he worked his way up from a working-class background to become a highly successful business executive. More importantly, he has provided vast economic opportunities and philanthropic support for thousands of people in the region.

Widely praised for his business acumen and hailed as a ‘Hero of Philanthropy’, Eswaran has received numerous accolades and awards. He is a regular speaker at business and economic conferences in the region and is the author of a series of widely read articles and best-selling books.

Still Vijay Eswaran has remained humble and credits his upbringing for his success and long-standing commitment to charitable works.

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Andrea McWilliams’ Achievements

Over the past decades, the political scene has mostly been dominated by men. This is quickly changing, and in recent years, women have shown they also have the capability of leading the community. For instance, many women in the United States spend a lot of their time presenting and raising issues that go unseen. They work as lobbyists and also as political strategists. One well-known and a respectable woman is Andrea McWilliams. Andrea has a vast experience in serving the people of Austin, Texas.

Andrea McWilliams was brought up next to Texas Capitol. Andrea is married and blessed with three children, and they currently live in Old Enfield where they raise their children.

Andrea McWilliams’ political dream started at a very tender age. At the age of 21, she became a Chief of Staff. She proved her capability in that field despite her age. McWilliams later worked for Public Strategies Inc. as a public relations officer. Andrea McWilliams then combined her efforts together with her husband, Dean, and opened a firm called McWilliams. McWilliams firm provides consultations on government affairs. McWilliams firm has gained a lot of reputation due to the quality services it offers to its clients. It is respected both locally and internationally.

McWilliams is a well-known community volunteer and a philanthropist. Andrea has served several non-profit organizations as a board member. They include Texas Lyceum, Mexi–Arte Museum, Pioneer Firms, Elizabeth Seton Hospital, Rise Across Texas Challenge among many others. Andrea McWilliams also represented two non-profit organizations, which were working towards prevention of cancer. They include; KillCancer and Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Andrea McWilliams is vividly remembered when she passed 100 million US dollars in incentives to Texas to make a clean coal power plant. This was the first of its own, and she was later recognized for her tremendous job in 2007.

Andrea has won many awards which include; Texas Businesswoman of the year finalist in 2016 and Austin under 40 award. She was recognized with Woman of Distinction Award by Texas Girls’ Scout. Andrea McWilliams currently works on PAC Board of Ryan.

Sam Boraie: One of the Most Successful Real Estate Developer

In this modern era, every individual aspires to become successful in every venture one undertakes. However, not everyone has been lucky enough to achieve their dream. Sam Boraie is one individual who has been able to become not only successful but also well known in the real estate industry. He is a person who has been referred by many as an all rounded person as he is a businessman, philanthropist and a real estate developer. He currently sits as the Vice President of one of the biggest and largest real Estate firm, Boraie Development LLC. The company, under the leadership of Sam Boraie, focuses on constructing revolutionary buildings and other aspects of real estate development such as property management. To make sure the final result is up-to-standard and fully meets the client’s requirement, Sam works hand in hand with architects and financial bodies that are ready to make the customer’s dream a reality. What has enabled Boraie Development LLC to become well known and loved by customers is the fact that it understands the importance of keeping time and complying with the set deadlines.

Sam Boraie together with his firm has been in the real industry for more than thirty years, and over these years, Boraie Development LLC has become one of the most sought out development firms in New Jersey and New Brunswick for the good job it does. Boraie Development is a company that has taken it upon itself to ensure the living standards of people are elevated through various ways such as creating job opportunities and giving back to the community. Boraie Development LLC has been accountable for providing various services and developing commercial and residential property depending on the client’s preference. The Corporation majorly aims at developing properties that raises the society’s profile, strengthening neighborhoods while integrating the community as a whole. All residential apartments constructed by the firm have been designed to make use of public transportation while incorporating amenities loved by the residents such as fitness center.

Boraie Development work is evident in New Brunswick and New Jersey where it has been actively involved in constructing commercial properties such as retail space. Through this, the local economy and municipal tax base are boosted. Boraie Development is known for taking control of the properties constructed and through this have an opportunity of increasing their asset’s value. While undertaking the maintenance procedures, Boraie Development takes into consideration and pays attention to every detail to ascertain improvements are conducted on a continuous basis. Among the numerous services offered by Boraie Development LLC, the firm is responsible for administering the market and overseeing the leasing process on behalf of their clients. See also.

One of the core reason behind Sam Boraie being respected as a business man is his contribution towards his community. Boraie believes in the power of giving and this is why he has involved himself in numerous charitable organizations and programs such as Elijah Promise. Through his involvement in these non-profit programs, the community can acquire fresh food and undergo job training. Sam believes his success comes from giving back to the community and this explains the reasons as to why he is so passionate when it comes to helping the less fortunate in the community.