Keith Mann on Dynamic Search Partners and Building Success

Keith Mann, an experienced talent search partner for hedge fund compensation companies, recently interviewed with IdeaMensch. He is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, which is a search firm that looks exclusively for talent for alternative investments. Mann works and manages the day to day operations of the firm.

The idea for Dynamic Search Partners came from his previous firm Dynamics Associates. There was a need for services to help find talent in the investing field. As CEO, his day is hectic, busy and non-stop. Exercise helps him to stay focused and energized. As always, they want the best candidate for the job, but a diverse workplace brings in more ideas.

Mann enjoys being his own boss. The job he hated the most was working as a trading assistant for a large bank. He knew from that experience he wanted to be his own boss. Being the boss doesn’t always mean you are right. He understands his first decision is not guaranteed to be the best one. The strategy that has helped his business be successful is to have everything online as much as possible. His favorite tech products are from google. Google docs and spreadsheets allow for his company to collaborate together. Social media is also big in this industry, especially LinkedIn. It helps business professionals connect. His biggest influence is Michael Bloomberg, because he is such a success and led by example.

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Andy Wirth Is Making The Squaw Valley A Tourist Hotspot

Andy Wirth has a long career in tourism and understands exactly what makes tourists flock to one destination rather than another. His company, Squaw Valley Ski, aims to make the Squaw Valley a top destination for tourists looking for an alternative to the warm sunny beaches California is most well known for. Recently appointed as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, Andy Wirth is very closing to accomplishing this goal. As a chairman of the board he will take responsibility for ensuring that the region receives the ample air traffic it needs to realize this growth.

A key part of Andy Wirth’s plan to boost tourist is to connect the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows with a gondola between the two areas. This would give tourists vacationing in one area an easier time reaching the other with less hassle. Until recently the two ski resorts have remained distinct from each other and maintained separate slopes and cultures. Wirth’s plan to unite the ski resorts would involve connecting them in three parts. Beginning with the base of Squaw Valley the gondola would stretch over the ridge between the mountains the resorts sit on and reach the base of Alpine Meadows on its other end.

Andy Wirth’s ability to manage resort areas and ensure prosperity isn’t something seen very often. The challenges involved in making a resort successful require an understanding of everything from the local geography of the resort area to the demography of potential tourists. It requires someone with the ability to understand how to control for risks and factor in every detail. As CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Wirth will prove he has exactly what it takes to grow Squaw Valley as a tourist destination.

Talk Fusion Targets Entrepreneurs With Business Building Tool

Talk Fusion, one of the leading American developers of cutting edge technology in the field of video communication, has recently been the subject of several business news headlines. The company’s founder and CEO, Bob Reina, briefly discussed the vision of the company and how executives plan to target entrepreneurs with new and creative marketing ideas. During an interview with a morning news station broadcast in Tampa Bay, Florida, Reina discussed some potential ways that Talk Fusion will seek to expand its scope of influence in the small business industry. Reina stated that Talk Fusion executives will primarily seek to become more influential in the small business arena by creating new tools which specifically cater to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Reina also stated that the company is seeking to build a global brand with an emphasis on excellent video communication technology.

During the interview with Tampa Bay’s morning news, Bob Reina discussed Talk Fusion’s dedication to the production of excellent and cutting edge video communication technology.  Because the company has experienced such a large amount of success with its video production software, executives at Talk Fusion have been able to focus a great deal of the company’s energy on the creation of new software. Reina stated that the innovative new technology that is currently being prepared by Talk Fusion has been specifically created to cater to the needs of the small business owner. As a business owner himself, Reina understands the unique challenges that many entrepreneurs face when building a start up. He hopes to greatly alleviate some of the burdens associated with building a new business.

Reina also emphasized the expansion of Talk Fusion’s brand as a positive result of the new product lines. The executive explained that Talk Fusion hoped to have a greater impact on the American business market in coming years. Bob Reina stated that Talk Fusion was created to be an answer to the difficulties of everyday business owners and that the company would continue to seek the welfare of hard working American citizens.

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Higher Positions In Retail

When it comes to retail, people think that it is a job mostly for teenagers and college aged people. Therefore, when people say they work at a retail store, then they are not going to bring forth a lot of impression from people. However, there is a need for retail in the industry. People have to get the items they need somehow. This is where the higher ups of retail come in. They have the task of coming up with the right ideas in order to bring forth the sales that are needed to help the store support itself and possibly grow.

Among the people that know how to grow business is Kenneth Goodgame. He has always held higher positions in retail. He has worked with setting up the end caps and displays so that people will not only notice the products, but will also want to buy the products. Kenneth Goodgame specializes in merchandising. He makes sure that the retail stores provide the products that customers want at good deals. He understands how to get the type of products that is very desired without having to spend so much money. He knows how to make the proposition of value work in his favor.

Kenneth Goodgame is the type of person that the retail industry needs. His ideas is what keeps the stores operating. With his techniques for getting the right items for sale, he will be able to keep customers happy. Therefore, Kenneth Goodgame tries to think like the customer when it comes to supplying the products. He also understands that customer service is another big part of the experience.

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John Goullet and Diversant

Diversant is one of the premier IT staffing agencies in the US. The company offers temporary and direct hire solutions for its clients. As a certified MBE, one other key focus for the Diversant is offering innovative diversity solutions in the IT space.

The keys to Diversant’s success can be seen in the company’s core values. With a focus on teamwork, ethics, and respect, Diversant’s staff operates with the utmost professionalism. Additionally, the company’s committment to continuing education ensures that the solutions it provides are the best and most effective available.

John Goullet is a recent addition to the team at Diversant. Goullet cut his teeth working in the world of IT in the 1980s. In 1994, he saw the opportunity that existed for IT in the staffing world. When he founded Info Technologies, it was a breath of fresh air.

Goullet brings over 30 years of experience to the table. A graduate of Ursinus College, he worked for companies including TSR Consultants and 3d Information Services before founding his own company.

With Info Technologies, Goullet demonstrated an understanding of corporate environments, in addition to the world of IT. Info Technologies was recognized twice by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the US.

Currently, Goullet serves as Principal at Diversant. With his experience in the world of IT staffing, Goullet brings the perfect set of skills to this role.

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How this Bank, Habitat For Humanity, & Dallas Neighborhood Homes Is Revolutionizing Home Ownership

The City of Dallas, Texas is doing something other cities in America can’t or won’t do. Owning a home is the American dream for the majority of the country, but if an individual lacks monetary structure, that dream will most likely never materialize. With an unimpressive and struggling economy, banking institutions won’t leverage with individuals even if it’s for a good cause. Honestly you can’t blame the bank because it’s looking after it’s own investments. Lending money to someone who doesn’t have the means of paying back it back could be a recipe for disaster, but there are three institutions that are working along side each other for a great cause.

Habitat For Humanity
This organization has played a huge role in the Dallas area and has constructed over 50 homes 50 homes on an annual basis. This is Dallas’ largest non-profit homebuilder and has built over 1,600 homes in the area.

This banking institution has been around since 1922. The bank provides numerous financial services such as mortgage banking, investment banking, and commercial banking to name a few. Nexbank is highly profitable from it’s services and this regional bank has over $3.5 Billion in assets.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes
This is another non-profit mortgage banker that assists the home buyer for securing a mortgage. (DNH) was established by Habitat For Humanity.

“One Is Company, Two’s A Crowd, Three Is A Party”
These three organizations are working together for a better Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is brings everything into fruition while (Habitat) takes care of the building process, and NexBank secures the monetary funding. It’s as simple as that and if more municipalities would use this effective strategy, many people could afford to live in nice homes and posses a sense of self worth.

Lovaganza And The Different Film Formats

One thing that could be said for Lovaganza is that it is a very unique industry. It is unique all the way down to the presentation. Where most films of various film industries are presented in either 1.85:1 or 2.39:1, Lovaganza shakes things up all the way to the film format. Lovaganza have a film format that is known as ImmerScope. This is an aspect ratio format that is in fact wider than most films that are released except for films that have been filmed in 70MM. Also the screen is of a size that allows for people to be drawn into the presentation.

One thing that could be said about film is that a lot of thought is put into the production so that they can draw the audience into the story. This is definitely true for Lovaganza productions on For one thing, the movies are created with a sense of art that is lost in the mainstream industries. Where mainstream industries are trying to make the fastest dollar they can from their films, Lovaganza is more about sending a message to their audience.

Lovaganza is also a company that is involved in philanthropic activities. This is so that people could experience a better lifestyle than the one they were born into. Lovaganza is one of the companies that not only want to entertain, but also want to give everyone throughout the world a fair chance. They also want to inspire people to adopt the same mindset. One of the ways they do this is by presenting celebrations of many different cultures.

Their films on Instagram have a classic quality to them that will captivate people. Therefore, more people will want to visit the festival each year in order to check out the festival and all that it has to offer. Perhaps the one amazing feature that Lovaganza has is the wrap around screen that allows people to check out amazing shows that has been set around them. They get to enjoy the different performances that are displayed on the 360 degree screen presentation.


Brian Bonar is a successful finance executive. Mr. Bonar attained his Technical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College while his Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree from Stafford University and graduated with a doctorate from Staffordshire University. He is the President and Chairman and chief executive officer and also the secretary at Trucept.

He is a leader of several other businesses such as President and Chief Executive Officer at Smart-Tek Automated Services and Co-President at Allegiant Professional Business Services as well as chairperson and chief executive officer at The Amanda Corporation and chair and chief executive officer at Dalrada Financial Corp.

Dr. Brian Bonar has also worked with different other organization such as American Management Services LLC and he was the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Warning Management Services and also the chairperson and chief executive officer of Solvis Group as well as Vice President-Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Bezier Systems and also the Manager-Worldwide Sales of Adaptec. He was among the board members at the Alliance National Insurance Agency as well as Boys and Girls Clubs of San Diego.

IBM hired Mr. Brian Bonar as a procurement leader. Later he joined QMS as the Director of Engineering where he managed over 100 employees. Mr. Boner started his business called Bezier Systems after gaining experience in his field. His specialties consist of purchase and mergers.

His passion for design process motivates his style as a principal for MG2. Mr. Brian Bonar brings his experience in building design and land use approvals as well as design development and procurement and also contract administration so that it can guide project investors through complex procedures.

Brian Bonar is recognized as a leader who is motivated to accomplish the objectives not only for his customers and team members but also for his project partners. Mr. Bonars’ expertise has produced an outcome that provides great projects and productive client relationships with a multiple executed project like commercial and retail as well as multi-family housing and aviation and also K-12 education projects among others.

He moved his stylish design to San Diego County where Mr. Bonars built a mini-empire restaurant. His goal was to turn the 144-acre grassy property into a fascinating place with a signature restaurant. He accomplished this by constructing Bellamy restaurant.

Mr. Bonars hired qualified and experienced staffs. Bellamy’s Restaurant delivers California Modern Cuisine with French inspirations.

The restaurant serves delicious food in San Diego. Bellamy has the quality delicacies accompanied with ideal service.

Hippeas: Symbiotic Sustainability in Snacking

hippeas livio bisterzo


Carolyn Chinn, merchandising lead for Starbucks Retail Branded Partnerships, has to fill her stores with snacks that everyone can enjoy. And these days that is difficult to do because you must cater to vegans and vegetarians, people who do not eat gluten, Kosher consumers and those conscious consumers who will only eat organic and sustainable sourced food. That’s nearly impossible to pull off with the name brands of chips, pretzels and cheese puffs. But there is an upstart out there that packs a delicious punch while satisfying even the most picky of consumers. These snacks are called Hippeas.

Hippeas have become a reality because of Green Park Holdings CEO Livio Bisterzo. The Italian entrepreneur now lives in Los Angeles, but he has a brilliant history in the business world. He’s taken such brands as Kyoku and Little Miracles to markets all over the world and now he aims to make Hippeas a dominant snack on the global market as well.

He starts with the chickpea, a legume that is nutrient-packed with protein and fiber; great for the body. His company then turns those beautiful little veggies into a crispy snack shaped something like a cheese puff. Then they dust those nutritious nuggets with a wide variety of flavors like vegan white cheddar, far out fajita, happenin’ hickroy, maple haze, pepper power and sriracha sunshine. The texture and mouth feel of these snacks is better than name brand competitors and the chickpea delivers three grams of fiber and four grams of protein in every serving.

Hippeas chose the chickpea because of its abundant goodness for mother earth. The plant has a symbiotic relationship with the soil, returning the key nutrient nitrogen to the ground as a byproduct of growth. Nitrogen is one of three leading indicators for soil fertility.

Livio Bisterzo is not only taking care of his consumers and the soil, he takes care of his producers through an organization called Farm Africa. Farm Africa teaches chickpea farmers in Eastern Africa more efficient, sustainable techniques while helping to streamline their businesses.

This revolutionary way of producing snacks puts Hippeas into position to dominate the snack market. It’s why the tasty snacks are sold in Starbucks all over the world.

George Soros Did Not Fund Black Lives Matter

Ken Zimmerman, the director of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, has publicly refuted the rumor that his employer personally funded and organized the Black Lives Matter movement to the tune of $33 million. This rumor first started with right-wing conspiracy theorists. The rumor has gained steam though and even appeared on more mainline right-wing news broadcasts like the O’Reilly Factor on FOX News.

The Black Lives Matter movement first came to national prominence last year when protestors interrupted speeches by presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush. Right-wingers have theorized that liberal billionaire activists, George Soros, has had a huge part in funding the Black Lives Matter movement as a method to get Hillary Clinton elected. Soros has been known to help Clinton in her fundraising efforts in her run for the presidency.

Kelly Riddell wrote a piece for the Washington Post claiming that George Soros gave exactly $33 million to the Black Lives Matter movement through different left-wing organizations and charities. It is her belief that Soros used his Open Society Foundations to give money to the three women that started the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to rile up activists and push his liberal agenda. They have even theorized that the Republican National Convention may be a huge target for the Soros-funded activists and they spread their cause.

Zimmerman and other Soros defenders claim that this can’t be true. This is because the Black Lives Matter is far too grassroots to be funded in that manner. It is more of a way of thought that an organized group of protestors at It would be impossible to get the money to all the different people that are involved in the protests and online efforts to spread the message of their cause. There is no centralized leadership for the organization. That is part of what makes it so effective.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations did give away $33 million last year to left-wing charitable organizations as part of the $823 million they gave away in charitable donations last year. Zimmerman explained that 1/8th of that number went to just the war on drugs so it was impossible for that amount to be used to fund the Black Lives Matter movement. All of this information points to Soros not giving money to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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