Boraie Development Commitment to Transform the Look of Cities

From commercial projects to residential buildings, Boraie Development has committed to birth something that will ensure your building is outstanding and as a result, it will attract tenants, financial partners, investors and even residents. Alongside their own capital, they also make use of the private capital sources like the established commercial banks to fund their projects up to completion. They basically commit their capital and reliability in each project and this could be the reason why it has become one of the best developers in New Jersey which has become the favorite of many.

Boraie Development has been on the market for 3 decades and therefore their experience is unassailable. They are committed to property management after they have finished the project which includes undertaking building improvements. One of its latest projects is the residential high rise tower in Newark which has 21 stories, and 169 rental rooms. The residential building is commonly called Shaq Towers, named after the former NBA superstar Mr. Shaquille O’Neal who has collaborated with Boraie Development to see the completion of the tower. You can visit for more info.


Sam Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Development, emphasizes the need for public and private sectors coming together to bring developments and progresses in their home cities and towns. The development of Shaq Towers was also made successful by the partnership that was provided by the city as the public entity. From all the guests who attended the inauguration of the Tower from the governor to Shaq, they emphasized on the need of Private-public developments in New Jersey. According to O’Neal, Boraie Development is the Kobe Bryant of Development and his partnership with them comes as a result of the love for his home city since he has been born and grown in the city.

By the end of the year, Sam Boraie says that the building will be completed and it will offer the luxurious feel yet it will be affordable in cost. Boraie Development in partnership with Shaq also has plans of building a 35-story project still in Newark but this one will be at the core of the city at McCarter Highway. It will carry an investment of $150 million and will have 350 units, its plans are underway. Boraie Development believes this is the right time to make Newark grow even though it has not seen such developments in the last 50 years. The mayor of the city Ras Baraka is the man behind connecting all the partners together to enable the whole projects are running. For more details you can visit


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