Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Team Up With NFL Alumni and LabCorp

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with the NFL Alumni Association and LabCorp will create a trio of prostate cancer awareness screenings. They will be offering the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screenings to the community to help raise awareness and educate on the disease. Prostate cancer has become one of the most common cancers among men and they are all working together in efforts to increase awareness of the early benefits of detection. The entire month of September will allow for the screenings up until mid-October. Many of the men may meet certain criteria and receive the screening for free. Others will be required to pay a small fee of $25. Each patient must sign up for the screening and make sure that the service is completed within six months of the sign up date.

An alarming amount of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Statistics show that one in seven people will be diagnosed with the cancer. The American Cancer Society has estimated that over 161,000 new patient’s will be treated for prostate cancer in 2017. The experts at CTCA will evaluate your medical history and assess your family history to identify whether or not you’re at a high risk for the cancer. They recommend screenings take place at the beginning of age 40 if you’re considered high risk.

The NFL Alumni Association will be involved in the campaign to get the word out to the public and help raise awareness for the necessity of the screenings. The Alumni Association consists of former NFL players, coaches, cheerleaders and spouses. LabCorp will assist with the screenings at the four different facilities that will be doing the screenings. For more information visit the CTCA website and take part in signing up early and taking a positive approach to screening for prostate cancer.

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