Overview of Real Estate Industry with Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is one of the known people in the United States and he mostly deals with real estate investor. Furthermore, he basically started from scratch when he lost everything in the dot-com of 2000 but that did not stop him from accomplishing his goals. His devotion and effort of working hard enabled him to build a multimillion-dollar business on a simple strategy whereby he transformed real estate investment into large profits. He as well founded NV Real Estate Academy in the year 2017 whereby the main aim of the organization was to educate people to manage properly their financial fortune so they can lavishly provide to their family with everything they need hence they will live healthier. As a Real Estate Investor, he ensures that his clients are well served with the staff members and they create a better relationship between them hence enabling NV Real Estate Academy to develop rapidly and become one of the top organizations in the world.


Nick Vertucci is certain that the scarcity of inexpensive houses in California is forthcoming due to the radical legislative reaction response from Sacramento is about to happen. The main crisis is that the coast- hot markets such as San Diego, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and San Jose in the recent year’s houses cost have been increasing for more than 75% in the last period of five years. The people are being affected but the minimum cost of purchasing a house in California is $500,000 which is a double the national standard. Furthermore most of the people who are earning low salary they have lesser chances of owning homes in the forthcoming future because they are set to pay their taxes.


Most of the researchers claim that California is thriving because unemployment is down, tax revenue is not high and the income per capita is higher, Though California is also top adjusted poverty rate in the country. Nick Vertucci also forecast a severe damage on the state if something is not done early.


Nick Vertucci also approximate that 311,000 housing units which are supplied are not enough to satisfy the state wants, because projects are being delayed and disregarded at the local level, the restrictiveness of houses capacity are increasing hence they fail to build home units that are not enough. Also according to Nick Vertucci California Proposition 13 in the year 1978 that were better because the owners were enjoying property tax rates.


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Felipe Montoro Jens and his Unique Endeavors In Brazil

The finance world comprises several distinct fields and particular expertise in each. Many individuals from every corner of the world work in finance. Among the many fields that incorporate finance include banking, investments, and acquisitions as well as secured lending. People working in the ventures need to guarantee that the stocks and money of their customers are secured. As a matter of fact, their clients ought to have the capacity to make a lot of money through these ventures. These clients can even be business pioneers or organizations or multi-million dollar organizations. They make a substantial investment required to generate income for the company or corporation.


Career Journey

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the well-regarded finance professionals in the world. He has expertise in the field of finance and investments as well. He is the CEO of Energizer Captacao South Africa. Montoro has also served as the Director at Santo Antonio Energia. In 2010, Felipe Montoro Jens was delegated as the executive of Braskem South Africa where he served until 2013. Before his election as the chairman of the board at Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo does Distrito Federal, he first served as a member of the board.


Felipe Montoro is a specialist in infrastructure. This is the reason why he gave his perspective on the partnership between the Brazilian government with BNDES, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. He has taken a keen interest in the high waste level in states. This is on the grounds that it takes away the financial abundance of the country. Subsequently, this is a significant issue which should be handled instantly. This recent partnership will prompt a reduction in waste. It will upgrade basic sanitation and also put a cap on the run out of financial resources.


The Evolving Face of Eucatex

At 55 years, Flavio Maluf has achieved a lot in his life. Born in Brazil to a politician, he carved his path to becoming a successful businessman. One of his most prominent achievements is with his role in Eucatex. The company Eucatex started as a family business in 1951 but Maluf, armed withmechanical engineering and postgraduate business management degrees, only joined the business in 1987. He became the CEO of Eucatex S.A in April 2005, and since then, under his strategic management, the company has gained momentum and is now ahead in production.




Eucatex was founded in 1951, even before the birth of Maluf who would soon come in in 1987. The company was unique during that time because it was the first of its kind that put its concentration on environmental conservation despite its small size. Eucatex planted eucalyptus trees to conserve the environment for the sake of future generations, and after opening their first factory in Sao Paolo in 1954, it diversified its production to include acoustic ceilings, wood fiber plates, and soft sheets. As of today, the company also produces acoustic panels and insulation. The company’s product portfolio, under the leadership of Flavio, has expanded to include construction and furniture products.


His Role in the Company


When he joined Eucatex, Flavio’s work was mainly oriented towards the trade aspect rather than the technical department. However, over time, his role evolved, and he became active in both areas. Eventually, he joined the company’s board after he was invited by the then president of the company. Currently, he is the CEO of Eucatex, and his roles have also diversified. He is currently investing in innovative firms alongside launching new products by Eucatex. He has been able to guide the company through embracing technology and now, the company has a modern structure of management. As a leader, he understands the importance of advancing his knowledge and consequently, he continues to pursue courses such as trade, foreign exchange, and accounting. Today, the company is largely modernized and exports to up to 37 countries in the world. It also reaps big profits, for example, they recorded a R$ 10.7 profit in 2014.



The Brazilian Real Estate Market And Felipe Montoro Jens

The real estate is a market that keeps on changing all the time. But there is one thing which is constant here about the investment. The investment keeps on getting better all the time, over the years. This can be due to the fact that the increase in the population of a country also means that the supply of property keeps reducing.


Felipe Montoro Jens is known for being an investor in the real estate market of Brazil. There is a lot that can be learned from his experience as well as his successes in this venture.


The real estate market has not been doing too well over the recent years. This meant not getting enough buyers for property in the market. This is why investors came up with ideas like value added property. This indicated property had characteristics that will make it sustainable. Hence things like waste recycling systems, or even water collection systems as well as energy conservation systems were added to property on sale.


Another option adopted by Felipe Montoro Jens was to sell to foreigners rather than to the locals. For a foreigner who belongs to places like Europe and the US, buying property in Brazil turns out to be much cheaper than buying it at home. In addition, Brazil is a part of the BRIC. It is among the fastest growing economies of the world today.


Felipe Montoro Jens has studied all these aspects of the market. Hence he decided to invest in real estate rather than holding back the way others did. He is expecting that the market will improve soon and his profits will improve too.


He is an authority on infrastructure and speaks highly of the basic sanitation services partnership that has recently been signed by the government of Brazil with a private player! http://relationshipscience.com/felipe-montoro-jens-p24643181

Flavio Maluf Through Eucatex Wins Customers Over

For some, they are considered any small business in its initial period. For others, they name companies with very low maintenance costs, but they can grow rapidly and generate ever-greater profits. But what nobody disagrees with is that they, the so-called “startups”, are rising in the current Brazilian scenario, mainly due to the period of economic crisis that the country is going through.


The Startups industry is one of the fastest growing in recent years. The president of Eucatex companies, entrepreneur and executive Flavio Maluf, points out that, according to the Brazilian Association of Startups (ABStartups), exist in the market about 4,200 enterprises that fall into this category and they are distributed by various segments – such as Health, e-commerce, SaaS, entertainment and education.


For this growth to be possible, however, a well-defined basis for specific professionals, specialized in key areas, needs to be part of the staff of these companies. Thinking about it, Gama Experience – a technology transformation school that creates educational programs for the professions of the future – has surveyed the areas and specifications that will be most sought after by Startups in 2017. Flavio Maluf reports the research. Follow it.


Programming Area? Mobile


Today’s world is more practical and technological, the career of the mobile developer is increasingly promising. Since, this is the professional responsibility, basically, for programming, coding and testing on Android and/ or IOS platforms on which the applications and programs are developed. In addition, is it also his job to perform systems maintenance and make corrections when necessary? To please customers, the answer is yes, accentuated the businessman Flavio Maluf. Of course you need to monitor the advancement of these areas, so in them, this type of professional is always required.


Customer Success


Any investment in the consumer experience is a mix of technical support and consulting with the intention of providing the customer with the best possible experience with the product offered. This increases the level of consumer satisfaction and loyalty, explains Flavio Maluf. The customer satisfaction is critical, as he/ she follows all the stages of product implementation, then establishes a link with the company. https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3

Igor Cornelsen Shares Tips To Be Successful In Financial Investments

Brazilian investor and stock market trader, Igor Cornelsen has an online blog where he publishes investment advice. Mr. Cornelsen currently works at The Bainbridge Group, which is an offshore investment and financial advisory company based in the Bahamas. Cornelsen’s career includes being an executive at major Brazilian banks and being both a private as well as institutional investor. Below are some of the latest tips that Igor has published on his WordPress blog.


Igor starts out with saying that both novice investors as well as veteran ones must know and stick to the rules of investment. He stresses that investing is a risky and often difficult venture. If you do not understand the rules of investment and know what your goals are, then investing will become even more difficult and risky for you. Here are some ways that you can reduce your risk and invest more confidently according to Igor Cornelsen.


Mr. Cornelsen gives the advice that you should start setting aside money and investing it as early as you can. A person does not have to be young of age to begin investing, but the ideal time to start investing is when you are still young. Investing while you are young will allow you to maximize returns through what is called compound interest. Even if you are not young, you should start to invest as soon as you can or better yet, you should invest right now.


Another tip from Cornelsen is to diversify your investments. Spreading your investments out over different companies and in different financial instruments will greatly reduce your risk and increase your chances of making a gain on your varied investments. Cornelsen suggests that you invest in safe investments such as bonds and also more high risk investments such as stocks if you can.


The last tip from Igor Cornelsen is to seek the advice and service of a financial advisor, at least when you start out investing. An advisor can teach you the ins and out of investing and help you come up with a workable plan. Cornelsen also suggests you try and educate yourself about investments by reading financial magazines and keeping up to date with financial markets. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/igorcornelsen

Felipe Montoro Jens Sources How The Concession Program In Basic Sanitation Services Beneficial

The government’s decision to make concessions on basic sanitation services by partnering with BNDES is appreciated by the most of the industry experts. Felipe Montoro Jens, a renowned infrastructure specialist in Brazil, has brought more details about the full extent of benefits by interviewing the President of Trata Brasil – a basic sanitation institute in Brazil, Edison Carlos, and confirmed that it could bring positive changes in the structural, management, and resource areas. Edison says that though the current sanitation services industry in Brazil in ruled by state organizations, the partnership with private firms can complement each other, and government companies can drive efficiency in the services.



Edison further explained that BNDES would go for an approach of customization according to places, and each state would have separate action plan according to the requirements. The inefficient conservation of water is considered a major issue for the state organizations in the water sector. The wastage of water is a major challenge for state companies, and its collaboration with private players can bring better results for them as most private players have better resources to ensure preventing wastage of water. While agreeing to the benefits of bringing private players in sanitation services, Edison also warned the need of setting clear goals in each contract. He asked for regular inspections to ensure goals are being achieved.



Felipe is not only an infrastructure specialist but an avid speaker and works closely with government organizations to implement various projects. He has decades of working experience in both North America and Brazil and worked as a part of several government-funded projects and private companies.



Jens held various executive level roles in many infrastructure firms in Brazil and are part of the board of directors of many organizations and private enterprises including Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, San Antonio Energia SA, Foz do Brasil SA, and more. He is an undergraduate from Getulio Vargas Foundation and completed his graduation from Thunderbird School of Management.

Felipe Montoro Jens Analyzes Benefits of Concessions

In a recent update, the government of Brazil announced a change that would be launched into action in the following years or two. The government representatives made the announcement that the institution has stepped into a partnership with one of the largest establishments in the country – the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (NBESD).



The project that the Brazilian government and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development will be working on together is water concessions. The water sector was pleased with the announcement. In order to further discuss the news, two experts had a conversation about the announcement. The president of one of the largest companies in Brazil and one of the most renowned investors and infrastructure expert came together to share their thoughts on the matter.



Mr Edison Carlos is the president of Trata Brasil, and Mr Felipe Montoro Jens has dedicated his life to his line of work. Mr Edison Carlos shared the fact that the concessions would benefit the basic sanitation in the country of Brazil which is currently achieved by the public and businesses who are mindful of their actions. There had been a high rate of water waste, and the decision of the government to introduce water concessions will be battling against that rate.



Mr Felipe Montoro Jens talked about the public. He made a point that each area has a different rate of income and so they are not all the same. Because of that, the project of concessions needs to be evaluated further to accommodate the public needs and requirements. In order for that to happen, each area will receive its personalised plan of action on achieving the completion of the project. That will ensure that the concessions are introduced smoothly in each area and that the public will be happy.