NV foundation and bronzer helps establish Jeunesse Global as serious player in cosmetics

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global back in 2009, the newly retired Florida couple was just looking for a way to pass their free time. Both Ray and Lewis had been lifelong workaholics, building some of the most impressive companies in the North American direct-selling industry. But now, the couple wanted to give retirement a try. They believed that they would be able to make the adjustment from the fast-paced business world to the leisurely life that prevailed in their upscale, gated Florida community.

But neither Ray nor Lewis counted on how difficult it would be for people as innately industrious as them to walk away, full stop, from the excitement and meaning that the business world gave them. Within just a couple of weeks, Ray and Lewis had once again founded a direct-selling business. But this time, the wealthy couple was not interested in simply acquiring more money and material goods. They genuinely wanted to create something that would serve as a lasting legacy. Ray and Lewis were dedicated to creating breakthrough products while spreading real economic opportunity across the globe, especially to disadvantaged people.

In this vision, they have been a resounding success. Today, Jeunesse Global has distributors in nearly every corner of the planet. The company has made millionaires out of hundreds of distributors and helped thousands more reach their life and financial goals. At the same time, the company has changed the lives of people who desire to stay young and healthy as they age.

One example of the kinds of innovative products that Jeunesse Global has consistently delivered is its NV foundation and bronzer. NV is one of the top-selling foundations in the world. It has been a tremendous hit with consumers, allowing millions of women the option to subtly shift their skin tone while also giving them the ability to go makeup free if they choose.

NV comes in nine different shades. These range from white to a dark cocoa hue, allowing customers throughout the East Asia region to use the product as a mild skin lightener while allowing those elsewhere to go with a swarthier look.


Become a Mermaid This Season With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Summer is all about bright beach sea, sand and sky colors: coral, sea green, pale, ivory, lavender, and shimmering gold. We wear bright colored clothing and decorate with ocean-inspired hues but what about makeup? The great news is that Lime Crime, an online cosmetics company that dares to be beautifully different has a new Mermaid palette for those who want to want to add some new gorgeous ocean inspired colors to their makeup collection.


The new Mermaid lip color bundle includes the gorgeous hues aptly named Mermaid’s Grotto, Siren, and Seashell Bra. They can be worn alone for a light glossy look or can be used as a colorful topper to other lipstick shades. The mermaid highlighter colors (sparkling lavender/ivory/seafoam) can be used to add a bit of dramatic glow to cheeks, forehead, and chin. The collection also includes a new Aquarium applicator brush collection with super soft bristles and playful liquid glitter handles. Applying makeup has never been so much fun! To complete the look why not try their “Dirty Mermaid” muted seafoam green hair dye? This hair color is made from 100% vegan ingredients and is semi-permanent so you can this shade and others to suit your fancy.


Lime Crime was launched in 2008 by beauty maven, blogger, and musician Doe Deere, who had a dream to offer one of a kind original beauty products to women who love experimenting with exquisite colors that come in oh so pretty ornate packaging.


Lime Crime is always coming out with something new to the delight of beauty bloggers and makeup users everywhere. Websites like PopSugar https://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Lime-Crime-Hi-Lite-Mermaids-Palette-43609151 and Revellist.com, http://www.revelist.com/beauty-news-/lime-crime-mermaid-collection/8035 are singing a siren’s song of joy about this exciting new collection and plenty of fans are posting on social media to show off their own sea goddess transformations. These fascinating, fun to wear products are vegan-friendly and never tested on animals so customers can feel good about shopping on their website. Visit https://www.limecrime.com/ to check out the new Mermaid collection and other fabulous products.

A Unicorn’s Dream in a Jar by Lime Crime

Lime Crime released 13 shades of Unicorn Hair dye on April 3rd for the wild, fantasy inspired hair lovers for an affordable $16 per jar. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime, and an avid supporter and wearer of vividly colored hair created the Unicorn Hair dye with the goal of having a professional quality hair color that faded gracefully.

The dyes in this new collection are made from vegan ingredients without any ammonia or bleach. Each whimsical shade provides full coverage for 10-12 washes, while the tints will last 8-10 washes. The semi-permanent, vibrant shades come in creatively named colors such as ‘pony’ (purple), ‘gargoyle’ (gray), ‘leeloo’ (vivid orange), salad (light green), and bunny (pink).

The Full Coverage of Unicorn Hair Dye contains a higher pigment load that provides for a more saturated color, which is ideal for light bleached hair and platinum blondes. The Tints are sheer, which is best for pale blonde hair for a pastel result. Since Unicorn Hair dye is all natural, and only deposits pigment, it does not cause damage to hair. Unicorn Hair is even designed to fade gracefully for its consumers so that is still looks good after multiple washes.

Unicorn Hair dye can even be mixed together to create more colors, allowing for even more creativity. If one wants to keep the color creation longer, dry shampoo and less washing will help extend the colorful lifespan. If imagination demands for new color styles, the dye can be washed out by using a clarifying shampoo and washing it more often, although professional removal of the colors is an option if all the color must go quickly.

Overall, Unicorn Hair dye provides a pure, vegan option of hair dye that also helps boost colorful Unicorn dreams in a unique baby pink labeled jar. If one wants to be like the CEO of Lime Crime, her signature shade is Pony, which is described as the “color of blooming artichoke”, a color she is happy to share with her Unicorns. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html

Fun Beauty Products From Lime Crime

Make up should always be a fun way to express yourself. You can pick from many colors and have a different look for every day of the week. Sometimes, going away from the natural and adventuring with your look can be fun. Lime Crime provides the bold and outrageously fun colors to make that possible.


This brand offers fun and bold colors to let you express your wild and crazy side to its fullest. You can find products such as eye shadow, lipstick, hair colors, and pop on nails to make your perfect look possible. All of the products offered on the website are vegan and cruelty free so you don’t have any guilt while using them.


Lime Crime is always working on coming out with new colors and combinations to keep things fun and interesting. You can find colors such as hot pinks, bold blues, and deep greens to spice up your look. The Unicorn Hair products have temporary colors so you can try it out for a bit before committing. They can also be mixed to create your own color!


You can find fun bundles and sales on the site as well. Sales change so you may find a favorite on sale the next time you visit. The company also has special products that they donate a portion of the sale to an organization or rescue. The prices of these quality products is a little high, however you can feel great about the products you are using.


Lime Crime has the perfect make up products and hair coloring to make your look stand out. They have fun, bright colors that you can mix and match to continuously make new looks. They keep coming out with new products and colors to keep things interesting too. You won’t be  disappointed with the large variety of fun items they offer! http://www.ilovelimecrime.com/

The Bold New Hair Dye From Lime Crime

Vegan and cruelty free makeup is something that catches the eyes of any women that are interested in trying something new. Lime Crime is one such brand that is advertised in this way, and it has become an important part of the cosmetics industry. Much of the appeal of this brand has to do with the way that Doe Deere has elevated the brand and made people consider something new.


This hair dye that is considered semi-permanent is what is catching the eye of the consumer that wants something bold and refreshing. Lime Crime, dubbed Unicorn makeup, has become one of the most popular brands of cosmetics on the market. People are now noticing that the Baby Pink and Salad hair dye from Lime Crime are reflective of the interesting shades of lipstick that are available. All of this makes it possible for consumers to look into the interesting brands of hair dye and lipstick and coordinate. This is what Doe Deere seems to have been doing for years, and now she is giving consumers the chance to duplicate her look through her products.


That may be the thing that really makes people notice the expansion of the brand. Doe Deere is spearheading the movement, and she always puts her best foot forward by using her own products. She figures that one of the easiest ways to get consumers to consider these products is by showing how much she loves what she is selling. Consumers were already seeing her with the hair dye even in the early stages of marketing her products. There was a buzz about the hair dye, and this is why the hair dye would gain more attention and become part of the product line.


Doe Deere has already been selling lipstick and eyeliner, but this hair dye adds a whole new dimension to the products that she was previously selling. It shows that this is the type of brand that has managed to grow and evolve along with the needs to customers. That is the main reason that the brand has remained profitable over the years.