Brian Bonar is a successful finance executive. Mr. Bonar attained his Technical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College while his Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree from Stafford University and graduated with a doctorate from Staffordshire University. He is the President and Chairman and chief executive officer and also the secretary at Trucept.

He is a leader of several other businesses such as President and Chief Executive Officer at Smart-Tek Automated Services and Co-President at Allegiant Professional Business Services as well as chairperson and chief executive officer at The Amanda Corporation and chair and chief executive officer at Dalrada Financial Corp.

Dr. Brian Bonar has also worked with different other organization such as American Management Services LLC and he was the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Warning Management Services and also the chairperson and chief executive officer of Solvis Group as well as Vice President-Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Bezier Systems and also the Manager-Worldwide Sales of Adaptec. He was among the board members at the Alliance National Insurance Agency as well as Boys and Girls Clubs of San Diego.

IBM hired Mr. Brian Bonar as a procurement leader. Later he joined QMS as the Director of Engineering where he managed over 100 employees. Mr. Boner started his business called Bezier Systems after gaining experience in his field. His specialties consist of purchase and mergers.

His passion for design process motivates his style as a principal for MG2. Mr. Brian Bonar brings his experience in building design and land use approvals as well as design development and procurement and also contract administration so that it can guide project investors through complex procedures.

Brian Bonar is recognized as a leader who is motivated to accomplish the objectives not only for his customers and team members but also for his project partners. Mr. Bonars’ expertise has produced an outcome that provides great projects and productive client relationships with a multiple executed project like commercial and retail as well as multi-family housing and aviation and also K-12 education projects among others.

He moved his stylish design to San Diego County where Mr. Bonars built a mini-empire restaurant. His goal was to turn the 144-acre grassy property into a fascinating place with a signature restaurant. He accomplished this by constructing Bellamy restaurant.

Mr. Bonars hired qualified and experienced staffs. Bellamy’s Restaurant delivers California Modern Cuisine with French inspirations.

The restaurant serves delicious food in San Diego. Bellamy has the quality delicacies accompanied with ideal service.