George Soros Did Not Fund Black Lives Matter

Ken Zimmerman, the director of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, has publicly refuted the rumor that his employer personally funded and organized the Black Lives Matter movement to the tune of $33 million. This rumor first started with right-wing conspiracy theorists. The rumor has gained steam though and even appeared on more mainline right-wing news broadcasts like the O’Reilly Factor on FOX News.

The Black Lives Matter movement first came to national prominence last year when protestors interrupted speeches by presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush. Right-wingers have theorized that liberal billionaire activists, George Soros, has had a huge part in funding the Black Lives Matter movement as a method to get Hillary Clinton elected. Soros has been known to help Clinton in her fundraising efforts in her run for the presidency.

Kelly Riddell wrote a piece for the Washington Post claiming that George Soros gave exactly $33 million to the Black Lives Matter movement through different left-wing organizations and charities. It is her belief that Soros used his Open Society Foundations to give money to the three women that started the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to rile up activists and push his liberal agenda. They have even theorized that the Republican National Convention may be a huge target for the Soros-funded activists and they spread their cause.

Zimmerman and other Soros defenders claim that this can’t be true. This is because the Black Lives Matter is far too grassroots to be funded in that manner. It is more of a way of thought that an organized group of protestors at It would be impossible to get the money to all the different people that are involved in the protests and online efforts to spread the message of their cause. There is no centralized leadership for the organization. That is part of what makes it so effective.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations did give away $33 million last year to left-wing charitable organizations as part of the $823 million they gave away in charitable donations last year. Zimmerman explained that 1/8th of that number went to just the war on drugs so it was impossible for that amount to be used to fund the Black Lives Matter movement. All of this information points to Soros not giving money to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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