Wesley Robert Edens- American Businessman

American businessman, Wesley R. Edens, was born on October 30, 1961, in New York. As a young man, Wes Edens attended Oregon State University and received his bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration in 1984. Edens biggest pride outside of his career is his spouse Lynn and their four children who will likely follow their fathers footsteps in business and entrepreneurship. Wes Edens began his career after attending college in 1987 starting off at Lehman Brothers, a global financial services firm. He worked his way up at the company and was made partner and managing director in 1993. Wes then left the firm and began a new career at BlackRock, an American global investment management corporation in New York. Here he remained until 1997 as partner and managing director.

1997 marked a year that Edens was ready for a change. He began his own company with five partners- Peter Briger, Roberrt Kauffman, Randy Nardone, and Michael Edward Novogratz in 1998. The six men named their enterprise Fortress Investments. They had a natural knack for building businesses from investments and were known for their knowledge in creative financing. In 2007, the Wall Street Journal described Fortress Investments as one of “contrarian Bets,” and the company was doing so well in a short amount of time that they made headlines. On February 9, 2007, Wes Edens and his partners decided to take the company public. Their’s became the first publicly traded buyout firm and became public through its stock market launch.

By 2009, Fortres sold 8% of their shares to the public for $600 million and assets under their management included private equity and publicly traded investment alternatives. In December of 2006, a Japanese financial company, Nomura Holdings, bought out 15% of Fortress’ shares for $888 millions making Edens and the other partners billionaires.In 2009, Fortress Investments voted for Wes Edens to become co-chairman of the board of directors. It was under his leadership that the company was able to survive when the stock market began to fall after the subprime mortgage crisis that began in 2007 and was at its worse in 2010. He kept Fortress afloat by offering subprime lending, a loan option for people who were struggling to make payments on time. Wes served as chairman of Fortress until May, 2016 and is now continuing to help it grow, and enjoying his new venture in FlyQuest.

Sahm Adrangi points out KodakCoin’s fatal flaws

The stock price of Eastman Kodak company has been nothing short of a roller coaster over the past month. With the recent announcement of a new cryptocurrency being developed called KodakCoin investors were quick to get on board, only to quickly re-assess and correct their market positions. After sparking at a price of $12 per share the stock has dropped back down to a more reasonable price of $5 per share. The only question now is just how much of this price if any is still the result of irrational exuberance and cryptomania.

According to Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital there is a very large amount of risk with very little potential return for the company. He specifically points out long-standing financial woes that the company has suffered, including a recent bankruptcy filing. While some believe that the move into cryptocurrency represents a new chapter in the company’s history, Sahm Adrangi remains skeptical.

One of the largest reasons for this is the very nature of the product itself. KodakCoin is not an internal project done by the company itself, instead of the simply licensing deal for the Kodak name. Even if the cryptocurrency operation is a success it will not be owned by the parent Kodak company, instead, it will continue to be run and operated by the outside firm Wenn Digital.

Sahm Adrangi highlights the fact that company which built the blockchain software that KodakCoin will run on has very little history. As a result, there is little reason to assume that there is any significant strategic value to the partnership; there simply is not enough value he made by Kodak to justify any considerable increase in stock valuation.

Finally, the last piece of evidence that Sahm Adrangi mentions is the lack of visible support for the initial coin offering. Despite being pushed back several weeks, the coin has only generated $2,000,000 dollars in investment revenue. This is a very low rate of response; it is simply is not enough money being invested to justify the increase in price.

As mentioned before not all $2 million of these dollars will go to Kodak, and even if it did it would not be enough to save the company, let alone justify the current market valuation.


OP Skins Enters Bitcoin Trading Industry With WAX

OP Skins might have previously been known for being a marketplace for assets for online games, but the company is now taking on a new realm, which is the work of cryptocurrency. One of the reasons why the company has entered the market is because they are currently one of the most prominent bitcoin-accepting merchants in the world. People all over the world are regularly making transactions on the site and more so in the form of bitcoins because of the goods that are offered. Since the site does not only target one specific group of people living in a particular area, and preferably a large market spread throughout the world, the people buying from this site to work with different currencies. Because not everyone pays in dollars and euros, Bitcoins have become one of the more preferred currency options.

One of the reasons why people are choosing bitcoins over other currency methods is because of the absence of regulatory authorities imposing taxes on the transactions. When a person makes payments which convert their currency to something like dollars, they are paying a certain amount in conversion fees. However, Bitcoins have given people a way to spend, without the conversion, and without the charges.

There is no doubt that OPSkins is already proficient with bitcoin trading, which is why it came as no surprise when it announced that it would be releasing a new virtual trading platform called Worldwide Asset eXchange. Based on trades between people, the platform serves as an excellent way for those who want to start investing into bitcoins, and want to find a safe and secure way to do so.

One of the most significant hurdles that people face when trying to invest into bitcoins is finding a site that isn’t fraudulent and conducting trades that are free from potential risks. OPSkins wanted to be able to create an environment where people can make these trades without having to think twice about the repercussions, and where they would be able to conduct their transactions with ease and without any worries that they would have to face

It Is Healthy To Take Risk Early In A Career According To Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a firm believer in taking risk. Being able to step outside of the box helps individuals create opportunity for themselves. This is something that people who are new to the job market should consider early in their careers. Most of them will not see it this way in the beginning. New job seekers are in a hurry to associate themselves with a solid organization and become established. However, Eswaran points out that the job market changes very rapidly due to technology and innovation. This is why it is important to constantly look for ways to open doors for one’s self in business.

Those who are new to the job market need to be prepared for several different variables. It is important to become aligned with an organization that will compliment the skills and education of a job candidate. There are many options to consider. One of these considerations is beginning with a large corporation or a small startup business.

A small startup company is an environment that grows rapidly. The company is new to the industry and will be constantly adjusting to the changes as it moves forward. Someone new to an organization such as this will also have to grow at a rapid pace. There will be an opportunity to learn and take on challenges. This offers the opportunity for needed experience.

A large corporation operates in the opposite manner. Large companies have things in place that cover many of the obstacles that a small company will face. The operation moves much slower and there is a set way of conducting business. The opportunity to step outside of the box and shine in a unique way is far less at a large corporation.

It is important to buy in to the mission of any organization. This is especially true with a small startup business. The new candidate will directly contribute to what the startup company will eventually become.

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian business man and the current Chairman of QI Group. The company is tremendously successful and is based in Hong Kong. Vijay received an MBA from Southern Illinois University. Before there, he spent time at the London School of Economics. Vijay comes from a family that respects education. His mother was a school teacher and his father worked for the Malaysia Ministry of Labour.

Roberto Santiago: A Vision of Quality

Roberto Santiago started his business career after a formal education at Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa. While at the university center, Santiago obtained a degree in business administration. It can be said that in a lot of ways, Santiago hit the ground running. At a very early age, he started his own cartonnage business. The company would design and manufacture the cardboard folding cartons that many other companies used in their products. He built a large customer base and gained a solid reputation in the business world. This success was a turning point in Santiago’s career, however, because as his company grew he decided to shift his focus onto real estate.


Spectating properties or owning prebuilt establishments was not going to work for Santiago. He had it in his head that he wanted to create something special, something that no one had ever seen before. He decided to locate his new building in Joao Pessoa because of his successful history there. He saw a need in the community and knew that his next big endeavor would enjoy an enormous amount of success within the city. The question became, what kind of facility had Santiago been planning? In 1989, the public would wait no longer as the doors to the innovative shopping facility Manaira opened its doors.


The first steps that patrons took into Manaira were mesmerizing. The complex featured stores that sold everything from furniture to jewelry, with a differing price points that catered to shoppers from all levels of society. There were also a variety of entertainment options that they could participate in within the gaming center. In addition to the 1,500 stations that guests could use, the center also featured a working amusement park and bowling alley. Over the years, Manaira is subject to renovations and updates on a frequent basis to keep the facility in top running order. When guest come into Manaira they know that they are getting the very best.


Today, Manaira remains a popular tourist destination and enjoys a large degree of fame as one of Brazil’s largest shopping malls. The facility even features a concert and event center dubbed Domus Hall. This has earned it international reputation because of its popularity among musicians. The facility can safely house up to 10,000 people and has private suites that make it ideal for any musician on the go. Throughout the years, Manaira has shown that it has the strength to survive and become a truly unique gem for the Brazilian people. As Santiago grows his empire has also grown the city of Joao Pessoa. He takes pride in the community that helped build Manaira and hopes to continue that legacy with more facilities that share his vision of quality.


McGalla Helps Women Find Top Jobs

Diversity in the workforce leads to more ideas and more creativity, which helps businesses succeed. Workplaces that have gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform their non diverse counterparts. Those workplaces with racial diversity are 35% more likely to outperform, but why? Diversity lends to more ideas. Even with statistics that show these ideas work, only a very small amount of middle management positions are held by women.

Susan McGalla is a leader in the business world who has helped to pave the way for women. McGalla credits her upbringing to helping her feel comfortable in a man’s world. She was raised with two brothers and a football coach for a father, so they did not cut her any breaks. She has used this in her life to help her get the positions she wanted.

At American Eagle Outfitters, she worked her way to the top, when the only executives were men at the time. Before she left there, she was the President of the company. After leaving she founded P3 Executive consulting and is the Vice President of Business Strategy for the Pittsburg Steelers. In an industry that is led by men, McGalla has set an example for women desiring to break the glass ceiling.

Women, like McGalla have worked hard over the years to make a change in the business world. They have made support groups and leadership initiatives to help women succeed in this difficult field, but they still face the same issues. Until the root problem is solved, women will still face issues. They have not addressed the underlying issues. Men hold a number of positions and women struggle to obtain them.

Executive sponsorship could help open doors. Women should find a top executive to help them find opportunities for getting a top position. Susan McGalla works tirelessly to help further her career and create opportunities for other women.

Tony Petrello Expands Oil Industry

For Tony Petrello, the oil industry is something that allowed him the chance to be successful. He has a lot of experience in oil and he tries to always show people the right way to handle industry. He has come a long way with the oil work that he does and with the opportunities that he handles as a CEO but he also knows he is going to be able to show people the different opportunities they can get from the industry so they will be able to see the same type of success he has already seen. He does not work as a CEO just to help himself but instead chose to work as one so that he could help other people with the issues they were having. He knew that he could be extremely influential in different situations and in different positions with the oil industry.

All of this is what helped Tony Petrello become one of the highest paid CEOs at one point in United States. He did his best to help people, but that didn’t get in the way of the money that he made. Instead, it actually helped him to earn more money. Since he didn’t focus his efforts on profits alone, he was able to earn more and do more with the people who he worked with. When he did this, it helped the company to grow and made things better for everyone who was involved with it.

Since the oil industry is one that will nearly always be booming, Tony Petrello knew what he was doing and what he could do to make the oil industry better. He kept all of this in mind when he was working in different areas of oil and that was what gave him the motivation to keep going and to keep helping other people out with the oil experiences that they needed to be able to make their lives better. He also knew that things would get better for his company while they were trying to find the perfect balance in oil industry with the things they were doing.

During this whole time, Tony Petrello kept his humble beginnings in mind. He was raised in Newark and worked very hard to get to the point where he is currently at. He received an Ivy League education because of the hard work that he did when he was younger. He knew that if he continued to do that, he would be able to help more people and show them all of the things that would make their lives better, too. He also wanted to make sure that he was always as humble as possible when working as a high-profile CEO.

Anthony Petrello Info: www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424127887324392804578358772612205556

James Dondero’s Recognition For Big Investments In Energy And Foreign Securities

James Dondero has guided Highland Capital’s endeavors to build a solid portfolio and attract clients into its Global Allocation Fund. Dondero has studied the markets well in his 30 plus years as a portfolio manager and recently he’s accurately predicted that American Airlines was worth more than their current stock listing. According to an article published in Barron’s, Dondero was one of the few economists predicting Argentina’s economy would see a recovery under new President Mauricio Macri. Perhaps most stunning was when Dondero took a local energy company, Vistra Energy that even billionaire investor Warren Buffet had been unable to turn profits on.


James Dondero has a long history in investment banking having entered the profession with a degree in accounting and finance from the prestigious University of Virginia School of Business. Dondero was looking to get into real estate, but when the roadblocks came there he decided to become a credit analyst. He completed the Morgan Guaranty program and joined American Express bank in the 1980s, and pretty soon he started managing fixed income funds and specialized investments for clients. The start of Highland Capital for Dondero actually began as a concept that Protective Life placed him in charge of. He took that concept and soon created a subsidiary investment firm. As the firm’s assets under management grew to over $2 billion and more clients came, Dondero made enough money to take the company public.


Once James Dondero had made enough income to buy the remaining shares of GIC, it became known as Highland Capital. Highland Capital first based its services in collateralized loan obligations, a new form of bonds that Dondero was a strong advocate for. But since then Highland Capital has added a variety of strategies to its private equity including healthcare, long-term and short-term equity, real estate, distress funds and structured products. Dondero is a member of several major banking and healthcare advisory boards including Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, CCS Medical and MGM Studios. He is also a philanthropist who helped a local Dallas domestic violence shelter agency match a grant to complete their new facility, and he’s also a contributor to Reasoning Mind.


Sam Boraie: One of the Most Successful Real Estate Developer

In this modern era, every individual aspires to become successful in every venture one undertakes. However, not everyone has been lucky enough to achieve their dream. Sam Boraie is one individual who has been able to become not only successful but also well known in the real estate industry. He is a person who has been referred by many as an all rounded person as he is a businessman, philanthropist and a real estate developer. He currently sits as the Vice President of one of the biggest and largest real Estate firm, Boraie Development LLC. The company, under the leadership of Sam Boraie, focuses on constructing revolutionary buildings and other aspects of real estate development such as property management. To make sure the final result is up-to-standard and fully meets the client’s requirement, Sam works hand in hand with architects and financial bodies that are ready to make the customer’s dream a reality. What has enabled Boraie Development LLC to become well known and loved by customers is the fact that it understands the importance of keeping time and complying with the set deadlines.

Sam Boraie together with his firm has been in the real industry for more than thirty years, and over these years, Boraie Development LLC has become one of the most sought out development firms in New Jersey and New Brunswick for the good job it does. Boraie Development is a company that has taken it upon itself to ensure the living standards of people are elevated through various ways such as creating job opportunities and giving back to the community. Boraie Development LLC has been accountable for providing various services and developing commercial and residential property depending on the client’s preference. The Corporation majorly aims at developing properties that raises the society’s profile, strengthening neighborhoods while integrating the community as a whole. All residential apartments constructed by the firm have been designed to make use of public transportation while incorporating amenities loved by the residents such as fitness center.

Boraie Development work is evident in New Brunswick and New Jersey where it has been actively involved in constructing commercial properties such as retail space. Through this, the local economy and municipal tax base are boosted. Boraie Development is known for taking control of the properties constructed and through this have an opportunity of increasing their asset’s value. While undertaking the maintenance procedures, Boraie Development takes into consideration and pays attention to every detail to ascertain improvements are conducted on a continuous basis. Among the numerous services offered by Boraie Development LLC, the firm is responsible for administering the market and overseeing the leasing process on behalf of their clients. See also.

One of the core reason behind Sam Boraie being respected as a business man is his contribution towards his community. Boraie believes in the power of giving and this is why he has involved himself in numerous charitable organizations and programs such as Elijah Promise. Through his involvement in these non-profit programs, the community can acquire fresh food and undergo job training. Sam believes his success comes from giving back to the community and this explains the reasons as to why he is so passionate when it comes to helping the less fortunate in the community.