Robert Diegnan Is A Forward Thinking CEO and Co-Founder

Robert Deignan’s company is ATS Digital Services. This is a company that remotely helps people worldwide with technological issues. ATS Digital Services can help customers with basic connectivity issues as well as general troubleshooting. The idea for ATS Digital Services came from a troubleshooting experience Deignan and his team had while at a prior company. They found that when they logged into the user’s computer remotely they were able to rectify the issue and build a trust with the customer.

Robert Diegnan Found A Market For The Service

Robert Diegnan and his colleagues also realized they could charge a fee for this type of service, and when it was time to move on from the company they were at, they decided to try creating a remote support company. Deignan spends a typical day at the office reviewing numbers and taking an assessment of the prior day and then finishes any leftover tasks. The rest of the day he goes with the flow from building strategies with his partners to handling emergencies. He arrives at 8:20 am and leaves around 8:00 pm.

How The Company Stays Ahead In The Industry

Robert Deignan brings his ideas to life by unplugging from technology and enjoying nature. This boosts his creativity. Any new ideas are taken into the office and analyzed. Once the idea looks promising enough to him, he presents it to his partners for their opinion. He has a great team, so an idea can be tweaked and brainstormed without meetings or extensive reviews. Mostly they like to go with their gut. In their industry, one thing that excites Deignan is remote technical support is becoming more popular. One habit that makes Deignan more productive as an entrepreneur is his consistency with reviewing the numbers. He is always looking for ways to improve the company and maximize profits. A good piece of advice Diegnan would give his younger self is to stay away from hiring family and friends. He says it can be risky and get touchy when tough decisions have to be made.

NV foundation and bronzer helps establish Jeunesse Global as serious player in cosmetics

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global back in 2009, the newly retired Florida couple was just looking for a way to pass their free time. Both Ray and Lewis had been lifelong workaholics, building some of the most impressive companies in the North American direct-selling industry. But now, the couple wanted to give retirement a try. They believed that they would be able to make the adjustment from the fast-paced business world to the leisurely life that prevailed in their upscale, gated Florida community.

But neither Ray nor Lewis counted on how difficult it would be for people as innately industrious as them to walk away, full stop, from the excitement and meaning that the business world gave them. Within just a couple of weeks, Ray and Lewis had once again founded a direct-selling business. But this time, the wealthy couple was not interested in simply acquiring more money and material goods. They genuinely wanted to create something that would serve as a lasting legacy. Ray and Lewis were dedicated to creating breakthrough products while spreading real economic opportunity across the globe, especially to disadvantaged people.

In this vision, they have been a resounding success. Today, Jeunesse Global has distributors in nearly every corner of the planet. The company has made millionaires out of hundreds of distributors and helped thousands more reach their life and financial goals. At the same time, the company has changed the lives of people who desire to stay young and healthy as they age.

One example of the kinds of innovative products that Jeunesse Global has consistently delivered is its NV foundation and bronzer. NV is one of the top-selling foundations in the world. It has been a tremendous hit with consumers, allowing millions of women the option to subtly shift their skin tone while also giving them the ability to go makeup free if they choose.

NV comes in nine different shades. These range from white to a dark cocoa hue, allowing customers throughout the East Asia region to use the product as a mild skin lightener while allowing those elsewhere to go with a swarthier look.

Jason Hope Efforts in Anti-Aging Research and His Faith on the Future Generation

Jason Hope is a capitalist, visionary, donor and businessman based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a strong passion in philanthropy and technology. Jason graduated with a bachelor’s in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University and the college’s W.P Carey School of Business respectively. His career kicked off when he founded a mobile communications firm. Presently, he centers on donations, investing in upcoming ventures and biotechnology. Jason donated $500,000 to SENS foundation, to support research of rejuvenation bio-technologies and support SEN’s mission of slowing down the aging process and hence prevent age-related diseases.

Audrey De Grey is the chief science officer and leader of SEN foundation. He has a passion for reversing aging and has personally contributed $10 million to the organization. Audrey’s work motivated Jason Hope’s donation, and he endorsed SENS foundations strategy to fight diseases like Alzheimers and diabetes. Audrey stated that the donation would be used in the research for prevention of hardening of the artery which triggers high blood pressure.

Jason Hope envisions how technology will overtake the world and how in the years to come, everything will be interconnected (Internet of Things). It is a technological concept that looks at how devices connected to the internet communicate with each other and with human users. He predicted four things for the Internet of Things in 2016: IoT will become a widely known name, businesses will be more embracive in using information provided by IoT, the rise of electronics with sensors created on paper-thin devices and Healthcare and manufacturing industries will be the most adopter of IoT devices.

During an interview with IdeaMensch, Jason talks about how he supports ideas by giving young students grants. In his opinion, the future of technology critically depends on these ideas. He is an up-to-date person and brings to life his ideas by talking to people about them and receiving feedback. Jason Hope is his own greatest motivator and firmly believes in the anti-aging medicine being researched on by SENS. He likes to focus on one project at a time, so he cannot lose track of the main project, which is the overall goal. He believes in ‘working on ideas now’, that is becoming a doer and not a dreamer.

Jason Hope, through his website, offers a platform where entrepreneurs can submit their ideas. He picks an interesting idea, then offers a grant to bring life to it. He is interested mostly in ideas in healthcare and technology that can be able to improve the lives of people all over the world, thus empowering the society at large.

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Adam Milstein Talks About The New Radical Alliance Spreading Antisemitism

Adam Milstein is a vocal critic of the growing antisemitism that is fast taking root in the Western World. Milstein is one of the few Jewish leaders that can clearly identify this threat and call it out so that it can be addressed. According to Adam Milstein, the rising antisemitism in the world today is primarily due to a new radical alliance.

The alliance that Adam Milstein is referring due is the cooperation of radical Muslims and that of the extreme left. Both groups have very different beliefs on what the ideal society and laws should be. It seems that they can never see eye to eye or cooperate. Strangely, the radical Muslims and the radical left have created an alliance to oppose the Jewish state of Israel and Western values.

These two radical groups have managed to put aside their extreme differences and instead cooperate to bring down the Jewish state, the United States, and Western civilization as we know it. Radical Muslims for example call for the execution of homosexuals, second-class status to women and the imposition of sharia or Islamic religious law as the law of the land. Radical leftists are on the opposite spectrum. They call for full rights for homosexuals including the right to marry, equality for women and absolute freedom for everybody.

The two groups seem to be on the opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to political beliefs. However, they have formed a temporary alliance that is united by hatred for Israel, the Jewish people, and the West. This alliance has occurred in the past, and it has never worked out well for the Radical left. In Iran for example, the radical Muslims and the radical left overthrew a moderate government. The radical Muslims then quickly liquidated the extreme left They now wield complete power in Iran.

Adam Milstein says that the radical left is very active on college campuses. This is where the BDS movement has gained ground and is doing damage to the Jewish state of Israel. Radical Muslim activists such as Linda Sarsour are also attacking the state of Israel and promoting sharia law in a bizarre case of cooperation in which the left cheers her on. Both people like Linda Sarsour and far left political candidates such as Jeremy Corbyn in the UK pose a threat to Israel and the Jewish people in general. They must be called out and stopped. Leaders like Adam Milstein are doing just that.

Jose Hawilla — Adapt and Evolve

Adaptability is the ability to change according to the environment. Entrepreneurs must be adaptable in all situations. Every situation is different. The ability to maneuver no matter where you are or what type of conditions you face will serve you well as an entrepreneur. This ability is cultivated through trial and error. Adaptability is created in the fires of failure. You grow from the combination of every experience and you learn how to win more and more. You will learn to be more adaptable as your career grows. You can be the best entrepreneur in the world, and you will still need to be adaptable.

Entrepreneurs must be able to become what the situation wants them to be. Jose Hawilla has had to face many opportunities to evolve in his career. He has learned how to adapt with the market and change his strategies with the changing demand. Many entrepreneurs will face the need to adapt. In order to continually adapt, you must remember three things. First, every situation is different. People evolve and change with the times, and the demand for your product or service is subject to the will of the people. Second, study your audience. By knowing your audience, you will know how you should react and adapt. You will ahead of your competition and your crowd if you know what they will request ahead of time. Third, learn from your failures. By learning from your failures, and embracing them as learning experiences, you will have the necessary data of knowing what works and what doesn’t. These three things will take you further than your competition, and they will keep you ahead of the game when you are striving for success. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Jose Hawilla started his career in radio and television. This is where he learned his first lessons of what will work and what will not work in marketing. Using this past knowledge, he was able to achieve success when he ventured into football and marketing. He was ready for the market before the market changed. Jose Hawilla was able to adapt before the need to adapt arose. You can search on Google for more.

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Dr. Mark Mckenna: Entrepreneur Doctor and successful Businessman

Dr. Mark Mckenna is born and raised in New Orleans, LA. He attended and graduated with a Medical Degree from Tulane University Medical School.

He is a Medical doctor currently licensed in Medicine and surgery by the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners.

Dr. Mckenna is very dedicated, passionate and committed to taking care of his patients and serving the community. At the completion of his medical training, he joined his father’s practice who is also a medical doctor. Dr.Mark Mckenna while working with his father, founded Mckenna Venture Investment, a boutique Real Estate development firm. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture more into the business arena. He strongly believed there is more money to be made in business than being only a doctor. He went on to buy Uptown title and universal mortgage lending company. This company offered real estate closing, turnkey design-build, and financial services to their clients.

Dr. Mckenna built real estate business in New Orleans. His real estate investments worth millions of dollars were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. After Katrina, Dr. Mark invested his time and effort in joining in the rebuilding of New Orleans.

He moved to Atlanta in 2007 with his Family. He founded a wellness and Aesthetic based medical practice known as ShapeMed. ShapeMed is a company with many offices that offered cosmetic treatments including nutrition, weight counseling, laser hair removal and Botox injections. Which was later sold to Life Time Fitness in 2014. Dr. Mark served as a national medical director of the company until 2016.

Dr. Mark McKenna is hardworking, motivated and purpose driven. He founded another company OVME, a national chain with an app such as the Uber app that will enable patients to connect with freelance practitioners who can make Botox house calls on demand. He developed the idea to build this business after working in the aesthetic industry for over 10 years. He discovered many opportunities along the way that could change the industry. What an innovative venture. This company is designed to reinvent elective healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna has previously served as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and is currently a member of Entrepreneurs Organization.

Logan Stout Success in IDlife

Logan Stout is an iconic investor who has continued to thrive in his investment in IDlife. He is an entrepreneur who creatively with other partners started the IDlife organization that aims at providing a nutritional supplement to different clients. Apart from been an investor, he is also a speaker who has motivated people in different seminars, and he still is an author. He has mentored different young investors and has continued to urge the young entrepreneurs to follow their passion so that they can achieve their dreams in their future years. He is also a philanthropist.

Logan Stout established the IDlife organization so that he could address the nutritional needs of different people. He is passionate about helping people to live a healthy life. According to Logan Stout, every person has a different nutritional need from other people. While other people seek for nutrition supplements that will enable them to increase in weight, other people will be seeking to have the right nutrition so as to lose their excess fat. He notes that there is a solution for every nutritional need that each person has to enable them to live a healthy life that is not deteriorating.

Actually, IDlife notes that the need of their clients are affected by their personality, their health, their medical needs and also their fitness needs. IDLife aims to solve the deficits of the nutrients in their client’s body. He is passionate about helping people to live a healthy life. According to Logan Stout, every person has a different nutritional need from other people. It is notable that the Logan Stout idea to start the organization originated from his passion for assisting people live in the right healthy way.

As an author, Logan Stout has a message to young entrepreneurs and the society at large. He notes that everybody should aim to assist and inspire any potential power in the young people. He advises that the society should never act as the barriers to new ideas and developments. Logan Stout urges business leaders not to be resistors of change rather advocate and support change that will lead to a better society.

Logan Stout was raised in Texas and later married Haley Stout, a lady that he met in his high school. Stout was a great baseball player and devoted to training young players and thereby inspiring them. During his time as a player, he featured in different journals and magazines.

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OSI Group/Industries is Rising Up the Food Chain Ladder

Most people don’t think about where the food came from when they dine out in a restaurant. But it’s a growing business, one that OSI Group knows about first hand.

Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, it was a friendly butcher shop and meat market in Chicago known as Otto and Sons. In 1955, they landed their first hamburger supplier to McDonald’s. In 1973, they opened a plant that was dedicated to McDonald’s.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. They operate in 17 countries, including China, Spain, and Germany. Expanding their business is something that OSI Group is planning to do in the near future. They rank as one of the largest privately owned company who specializes in poultry, vegetables, hot dogs, beef, pork, and meatballs. Germany has joined with OSI Group and the Netherlands in Europe. OSI Group understands completely that Europe has to maintain its local regions and won’t be leaving their established facilities. Germany won’t be able to run as a “one size fits all” company. They will bring baked goods and sauces as well as protein products and vegetables.

OSI Group has also opened a new processing plant in Calamba, Laguna in the Philippines.

It’s a 7,500 square meter facility that will increase productivity with adequate food items made just for restaurants and food server industries. Including, beef, chicken, and fish products.

There are many opportunities available to find a new career path at OSI Group. Some people may like to work on machines, they do offer a comprehensive benefits plan and are currently hiring for maintenance mechanics throughout the United States. Also on the job postings are quality assurance and human resource positions available. No matter what talent someone may have, there could be an opportunity for work in the food industry. For more info about us: click here.

OSI Group Industries offers ready to cook or fully prepared. Whether someone is hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner. OSI Group has everyone covered. They even offer entrees, snacks, side dishes, and desserts. There’s something good for any occasion. Reunions, parties, or just a family gathering, OSI Group Industries has a variety of foods to serve any event.

Greg Secker’s Beginner Guide to Venturing into Foreign Exchange Trading

The foreign exchange market is one of the most lucrative trading sectors that one can venture into. According to Greg Secker, for one to perceive more insights on trading, one should first learn how foreign exchange works. In this case, one needs to sign up for a forex account. As a trader, you do not need a huge investment for you to get started in this market. However, you should be attentive to the following guidelines.


  1. Take the Bold Step

Greg Secker advice those who wish to venture into Forex trading to decide early whether the market is their right fit. As they make this decision, they should note that this market is always accessible and global. You will not spend much time analyzing performance charts. This is because there are software solutions designed for such tasks.


  1. Choose an Effective Forex Indicator

Secker believes that forex indicators work based on an investor’s preferences. The role of these indicators is to analyze the charts for you. They can help in tracking the high and low points in a chart and generate useful graphs based on this data. An example is Exponential Moving Average that is used by many people.


  1. Device an Economic Calendar

Just like other trading sectors, forex trading is prone to challenges such as volatility in the currency. As a trader, you need an economic calendar to plot these challenges as they occur. This calendar ensures that you are aware of their prevalence. Being aware of these problems would help you make money irrespective of the state of the market.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur, trader, philanthropist and international speaker hailing from London. He is also the brains behind a trading company known as Knowledge to Action Group. Since its establishment in 2003, Knowledge to Action has been honored during the 2009 London Excellence Awards. It also appeared among the Top 50 Companies of Choice list compiled by Sunday Times First Track Awards.

Secker is also the brains behind the Greg Secker Foundation, which strives to improve the living standards of disadvantaged people globally. Throughout his trading career, Secker has worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services, VTD and Mellon Financial Corporation.