The RealReal Enables Self Expression For Brick and Mortar Shoppers

The RealReal has built a reputation for itself being one of the best online fashion retailers. For one thing, they go above and beyond offering plenty of different clothes. They have tons of styles from tons of different brands. They seem to have almost as much clothing to offer people as Amazon. The amazing thing about this is that while they may have plenty of different brands, the styles and variety they offer go beyond the typical stores that sell different brands of clothing. This is something that is refreshing for customers, especially male customers that are looking for something that is a little creative.

One of the reasons that The RealReal is becoming one of the most visited shops is because it is one of the stores that offer plenty of unique styles for men and women without having to sell only clothes that it creates. People have had to go to fast fashion shops in order to get some new and trendy items. While they have spent a small amount of money, they have found that the pieces of clothing do not last. Fortunately, there are some cases where people are not able to have new styles simply because they can’t find them.

Fortunately, The RealReal has items that are high priced but are going to last people a long time. The company is a luxury brand store. Therefore, they are going to sell high value items. This is good for people who have a lot of extra money to spare. Even people who may have to save a little bit in order to be able to get some of the items that The RealReal sells can benefit from the options that are available to them. People can show off their sense of style with the authentic items they buy.

I Am Obsessed!

I will gracefully and shamelessly admit, I have been hooked since 2012! Originally, Lime Crime launched in 2008, and had been on the radar for quite some times before dropping the infamous liquid lipstick that changed the game for good! With the eye catching style of the creator and CEO Doe Deere, Crime Lime has taken the world by storm. Refusing to let anyone, or any obstacle stop her from creating her vision, and sharing it with the world.

Doe Deere, with her unique personality and love of color, wanted to create a beauty line for everyone. That indeed is what she has built on her own from scratch. Doe Deere oversees all product development of the Lime Crime line. She has build her brand to become a highly coveted influencer in the beauty world.

Velvetines were dropped in 2012, creating an obsession, not only in me but in the make up world. Offering a wide range of colors, Velvetines are offered in both Matte and Metallic versions. Personally, the Matte collection is my favorite! Choosing between Scandal, which is a highly requested lip color, Raven, Salem, and Wicked is the toughest decision ever!

Lime Crime has been built of celebrating individuality and uniqueness in all of us. I include myself because I share the belief of following your inner compass. As Doe Deere has so gracefully shown, we can all create our visions. As crazy as we may think it, we live in a time where we are embraced by love. Encouraged to build your own path in this world, to show how unique we all are, unites us.

If you haven’t checked out this company, you are definitely sleeping on it! On top of the lipsticks enjoyed by so many, you have options for hair color, eyeshadow, and other makeup trust worthy items. Support entrepreneurship and check out!