How OSI Group is Thriving in the Food and Beverage Industry

OSI Group is a profitable company in the food and beverage sector that has been appreciated for the high quality of products that it offers to its clients. The firm’s products are sold across the globe, and it has built its main factory in Aurora, Illinois. OSI was established in 1909, and the main products that it has been offering are pizza, fish, bacon, meat patties, poultry, and vegetable derivatives. The company has presently offered jobs to more than 20,000 individuals. The Forbes Magazine has listed as the 58th business it the list of the leading 100 companies.

The food and beverage sector has also acknowledged the enterprise by ranking it as the 66th company. The tremendous growth of the business has been facilitated by Sheldon Lavin who is the CEO. He has excellent administration skills, which made the Visionary World Academy to honor him through the Global Visionary Award. The efforts of Mr. Lavin have been helpful in the transformation of the firm from a local food processing enterprise to a multinational corporation that has been minting billions of dollars. OSI owns 60 food processing plants that are situated in 16 countries.

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The OSI Group has been determined to develop and penetrate into various markets. It currently plans to acquire Chicago-based food and beverage processing firm to assist in achieving this goal. Kevin Scott, who is the North America’s senior deputy president said that the purchasing of the factory would help OSI Group in offering a broad array of products to its clients. The company has been keen on attaining the primary objective of thriving businesses is food and beverage industry, which is customer satisfaction.

OSI Group’s worth has risen since it recently acquired Baho Food. The Dutch previously held the business and the products that the company manufactured are portable foods, snacks, and deli meats. OSI Group intends to penetrate the European market by using its newly acquired enterprise. The COO and president of the business, David G. McDonalds, believes that Baho Foods will boost the ability of his company to offer a broad variety of products and brands.

Baho Food constitutes of five major processing companies that have been established in Netherlands and Germany. These firms are Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods. The products from the processing units are sold across Europe, and they will be essential in increasing the profitability of OSI Group.