OSI Industries Offers Promising Careers

OSI Industries prides itself on exercising progressive hiring tactics. This is because the company has grown into an international organization over many decades. The executives at OSI Industries understand that great ideas come in many forms. They must remain constantly aware of the changing climate in relation to consumer needs. There are recruiting locations in the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Poland, Hungary and the UK. Diverse hiring procedures are essential to building a team that can adjust to the various needs of all business markets. Prospects are thoroughly screened in order to ensure that they meet the integrity demands required by OSI Industries.

OSI Group was founded in the early 1900s by a German immigrant. It began as a family-owned business in the Illinois area and soon blossomed into a regional meat supplier for other established food industry organizations. By the 1950s OSI Industries was thriving in Chicago Illinois. They were discovered by Ray Kroc who was looking to move his McDonald’s franchise into that particular region. OSI’s relationship with McDonald’s would set the standard for what the company eventually became. It was known as Otto and Sons at the time. Otto Kolshowsky had handed the business off to his sons by the 1950’s. They introduced many innovations that would set them apart in meat manufacturing. Eventually Otto and Sons became McDonald’s exclusive meat supplier.

OSI Industries continued to grow on an international level. It was ranked the 58th largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes Magazine in 2016. Company won the Globe of Honor Award. It was issued by the British Safety Council which recognizes businesses that put safety regulation as a top priority throughout its organization. The award reflected the careful manner in which OSI Industries has spread its influence throughout the world.

OSI Industries acquired two companies in Europe. Baho Foods and Flagship Group were both brought into the OSI platform to help the company gain a larger presence in the European region. Team members from each company welcomed the merger and were encouraged to join the OSI executive staff. They will assist OSI Industries with settling into a new market.

OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe

OSI Group is the 39th largest food processing company in the United States, although it’s still a privately held company. It operates over 60 plants in sixteen countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

It’s recently been exanding operations. Last year it bought Baho Food, a making of deli meats and snack foods in The Netherlands and the Tyson Food Plant on Chicago’s South Side.

Recently OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, a company operating in the United Kingdom. They were owned by the Flagship Food Group of Denver Colorado. They provide frozen poultry and Oliver James pies. Also, Flagship Europe themselves recently acquired Calder Foods. By also getting Calder Foods, OSI Industries is also getting dressings, sauces, sandwich fillings, dips, marinades and mayonnaise.

David McDonald, Chief Operating Officer of OSI said earlier they wanted to broaden their business Europe. He said that when they acquired Baho Food of the Netherlands. And he said it again when acquiring Flagship Europe.

Flagship Europe’s Chief Executive Russell Maddock said the new ownership would his company greater resources. They would gain access to more markets and more clients. Flagship Europe is based in Hampshire, the U.K.

Thanks in part to its highly targeted, aggressive acquisition strategy, OSI Group is now the 39th largest food company in the United States. This is true even though it is a privately held company, not one that’s publicly traded.

According to Forbes, OSI Group makes $6.1 annually. Also according to Forbest it is the 68th largest private company in the country.

An immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky started the business in 1909 in Oak Park Illinois as the Otto Kolschosky Meat Market. In 1928, he renamed it Otto and Sons. They continued to supply high quality meat.

In 1955, a new type of restaurant named McDonald’s opened up in nearby Des Plaines Illinois. Ray Kroc chose Otto and Sons to supply those early hamburger patties.


OSI- A Successful Company With High Standards

A privately owned company, OSI is a holding company for meat processors. Their great work impacts both the retail and food service industries. With headquarters in Illinois, OSI has locations nationwide including in Chicago,Oakland, Utah, and even Wisconsin.

Many of the most popular meat products can thank OSI for their ability to conduct business each day. OSI produces many private label brand foods and also co-packs many of the major brand name items for a large variety of customers. With more than sixty facilities, OSI is more than a national business, they conduct business across the world. They currently have locations in Europe and Asia to go along with the North American locations.

If you eat meat, you most likely have come in contact with an OSI product. Every thing from hotdogs and fish to bacon and even vegetable products are part of OSI’s catalog of products. This company has grown to a point of working with some of the top companies in the world. Included on this list are the companies Starbucks, Subway and Papa Johns Pizza.

There are many benefits to working with a company like OSI. OSI offers exceptional culinary skills and knowledge of flavors all across the world. Food safety and quality assurance practices are high on the priority list for OSI Group. Perhaps even more important is the trustworthiness OSI Group gets from years of supplying products for many companies.

Clearly OSI is a unique company which has reached rare success for their industry. This success comes with little surprise especially given their core values. OSI believes in values like teamwork, integrity and constant improvement of employees. These values are obvious when looking at any aspect of this company. They have high standards and seek to reach them whenever possible. OSI is sure to have a hand in meat processing for many years to come.