Sheryl Underwood Inspires Others to Try


Actress, TV personnel and comedian Sheryl Underwood has had much to say about the highly acclaimed Dherbs Detox program that has rapidly been gaining popularity lately. She was featured on The Steve Harvey Radio morning talk show to share her experience with the program and had much positive things to say.


“I like to thank everybody on the Steve Harvey Morning Show for introducing me to Da Herbs.” Sheryl stated, jokingly referring to the program as “Da Herbs”.

“I started on Sunday, I’ve been working out with my trainer. I’ve been eating better and I’ve been on the Dherbs Detox. And I’ve already lost 5 pounds.” Sheryl shared with the hosts of the radio show.


She had also been drinking more water, meditating and praying.


Sheryl goes on to mention that she was looking forward to an event that was honoring her at the Crown Plaza Royal Hotel in Los Angeles that could potentially test her ability to stick to the detox. However, she goes on to say that she would remain on the detox and make a toast to Dherbs.


Sheryl Underwood is not the only celebrity who loves the lifestyle. The product has also been endorsed by Steve Harvey and his wife.


The Dherbs Detox program can be purchased directly from It is a daily supplement that is used with a modified vegan diet as outlined in the instruction manual upon purchase.


Benefits include but are not limited to cleaner bowls, sharper mental focus, clearer skin, improved blood circulation and of course, weight loss. The program lasts for 21 days but can be safely be used for a longer period if the body is especially toxic.


More health promoting products can be found on Their product line includes all natural health supplements, pet care products, weight loss supplements and more.

Markus Rothkranz Talks About Enzymes

Originally when Markus Rothkranz talked about enzymes, he said to take them “by the bucketful”. He still states that they are good, they aren’t bad, and you can’t overdose on them. Taking them on an empty stomach helps with metabolism. When we first started talking about taking enzymes at the time he was more focused on bodybuilding, in which case taking a lot is actually good. The thing is, most people are normally focused on weight loss. Also, what gets people confused about taking enzymes is that they think they can go to a restaurant and eat whatever they want and take an enzyme. With that school of thought, they are thinking that food can get broken up and absorbed easily. That isn’t necessarily the case because you are just allowing your body to absorb the bad food easier. Enzymes do break up the fibers from food making it easier for it digestible. Another reason not to consume a large amount of bad food or even a little is you are denying your gut flora what it needs the most; fiber. If your diet is mainly focused on fiber instead of fat or sugars, you are feeding your gut flora and helping your body to improve its immune system.  If you do take enzymes, the key is to only take them temporarily. Continuous and indefinite use of enzyme supplements stops your body from naturally producing their own enzymes or at least your body takes a step back and produces enzymes a little bit slower. The main goal is to ingest more bitter greens which will help digestion, stomach, and liver. There is no excuse when it comes to what you eat and what nature intended for us to eat, raw fresh vegetables, mainly green. A healthy raw vegan diet gives your body the nutrients and fiber that it needs that enzyme supplements won’t even be necessary.

Markus Rothkranz on “Parasites”

There is a lot of information flying around about parasites, and some of it is pretty scary. Because of this, he decided to provide a safe – neutral perspective on the matter, without all the hype. Whether the next massive viral outbreak is man-made or naturally occurring, there has been something out to kill man since they first began to walk the planet.

Just like with any other situation, nature has always focused on survival of the healthiest and the fittest. As a matter of truth, the weak die; and that goes for the population of any species. If you are already eating processed foods, meat products, and food that has been genetically altered, you are already on the list of the weak to begin with.

You may be wondering why you are already on the list. Well, by eating these foods, you are ingesting bacterium, viruses, molds, fungus, yeast, and parasites. All of these problems have been around since people learned to process food. That probably makes you wonder whether that warm comfort food is really worth the life-long price you are paying.

Parasites are part of life and we must live together peacefully. The food you eat determines who is in control, – you or them.

By eating a raw vegan diet, you are limiting the number of parasites that enter your body. You are also ensuring that the parasites that do make it into your body do not have the power to gain control over you.

No matter what your choice of diet, you should take the time to do a parasite cleanse once or twice per year. If you choose to eat a diet rich in meats, you should cleanse at least twice per year because they carry more parasites, and the ones they carry can be more dangerous.

There are countless herbs and herb mixtures that can be created to rid the body of parasites. It is not recommended to use a prepared mixture because it is full of unnecessary chemicals and man-made products.

Pastor Loses 130 Pounds To Save Spouse With The Help of, home of the Full Body Cleanse and the head online asset for natural supplements, has reported that Hosea Collins, a customer that has used multiple Cleanses, lost 130lbs.

Minister Hosea Collins, alongside Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin, appeared on the “Steve Harvey” syndicated program during the summer of 2016, to share recent news on his adventure to get more fit in the course over the course of a few months. Collins went from weighing 352lbs to 222lbs, exclusively by watching what he ate, using the Cleanse products spraringly, and consistently working out. He had motivation to going through this challenging life change because his significant other needed a new kidney.


When Collins first found out that his significant other needed a new kidney to survive, he immediately put his name on a list to donate. In light of his weight, he was turned away and would not be able to spare his significant other’s life. Determined, he started his life change and mission to get in shape with the guide of Dherbs moving him towards a more advantageous way of life. Now that he has changed his weight to 222lbs, Collins was entered into a kidney swap program.


Regardless of whether he is a match for his better half, he will still donate his kidney through the program and help someone in need. Collins has completely turned his life around and will continue to manage his health so he can reach 200lbs. is based in Los Angeles California. The site’s goal is to educate everyone on the importance of maintaining ones health and nutrition. Other than toxicity, doesn’t believe that there are any other diseases that can not be cured.


The proper precautions can keep a person healthy and disease free. There are so many products such as cheese, milk, and butter that can be switched with another healthier alternative with lower fat and sodium contents.  Find them on Facebook at Dherbs Family.