Jonathan Dos Santos Signs Three-year Contract With HerbaLife

Herbal Life just signed Jonathan Dos Santos to represent their sports line. The LA Galaxy midfielder is signed to represent Herbal Life’s Official Sports Performance line until 2021. The Mexican National team member respects the need for having balanced nutrition. Herbal Life sells Herbal Life 24 that can build an athlete’s strength for the morning and post-practice. Dos Santo’s favorite part of the nutrition kit is Banana Sunrise. Whether you are an athlete getting into shape or just want to look to good in your bathing suit this summer, people love the results they are getting from Herbal Life 24. One reviewer says the herbal tea has given him energy to work at his dry wall company without feeling tired.

Many of HerbaLife 24 can be purchased online on behalf of your sales distributor. Some of the Herbal Life 24 includes supplements, like CR7 Drive. Formula 1 Sport. Prepare, Restore, and others. Herbal Life has been in business since 1980. Mark Hughes founded Herbal Life because of his mother. She suffered from emotional stress and obesity. Mrs. Hughes became addicted to prescription drugs and lost her life. Hughes wanted to create a line of vitamin supplements with natural ingredients. Herbal Life grew to include snack bars, tea, hot chocolate, skin care products, energy shakes, and more. The shakes come in 15 different flavors, including fruit flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Herbal Life has been committed to selling their products through distributors. There are people out there who either want to earn extra income or quit their day jobs and go into business for themselves. Distributors hold demonstrations to sell their products or recruit others they can mentor. The Herbal Life website will not only supply products to fill the distributor’s orders, it helps people who want to buy products locate a distributor. The business is very flexible. Distributors can make their own hours, work part-time or full-time. People confined to home, and stay-at-home mothers find it convenient to make some money and be available for the kids. People who use the products can become a preferred member and receive 25 to 45 percent off the regular prices. Herbal Life has distributors in 90 countries and has 800,000 employees globally.

Herbal Life has won many awards from 2009 to 2015 because of their devotion to nutrition and social conscience. These awards have come from nutritional centers all over the globe.