Doe Deere: A Fearless Entrepreneur

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime sets her standards high, constantly pushing the limits of expectations, and successfully delivers to her customers a product line that is both new, innovative, and so much more. With her extroverted personality and her bold choices with makeup and hair, Deere’s makeup line follows suit with her personal style and authentic self. Deere has not only created a quality product, but she has created a quality marketing campaign that accentuates both product and packaging. In terms of products, her lines are diverse including such cosmetics as primer, brushes, glitters, and eye shadows. Toting a philosophy of being one hundred percent vegan and cruelty free, the Lime Crime makeup does not test its products on animals, and Deere values helping animal-related charities.


Not immune to making mistakes, Deere emphasizes a mantra of learning from them. Whether it be as individuals or as business men and women, we are always learning so mistakes are inevitable. The important takeaway is not in never making a mistake; rather, it is in pushing through adversity and overcoming obstacles. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, Deere emphasizes the need to take risks, be bold, and constantly be thinking. Her advice for her cult beauty brand followers is to not be afraid to express oneself. That message is apparent in her products. Not only has she created a personal brand for herself, but she encourages others to listen to their own inner voices and their likes and dislikes, and be aware of gaps in the market and what the next innovation might look like. Deere values the individual and this is evident with her whimsical approach to beauty from Lime Crime’s best-selling Unicorn lipstick to palettes with glittery lilac hues.


Deere is a confident and team-oriented professional who has marketed successful products with a glossy and nostalgic feel. They are both modern and retro and inspired by toys of the past. She listens to the voices of her consumers and encourages their opinions. Deere values merging her creative visions with that of her customers, interacting with them on social media and encouraging excitement and anticipation at all stages of a launch. As a pioneer in the beauty industry, Doe Deere has succeeded in branding her personal style and creating a loyal customer base. And if anyone says, life is not all about unicorns and glitter, they just might not be correct. Learn more: