How this Bank, Habitat For Humanity, & Dallas Neighborhood Homes Is Revolutionizing Home Ownership

The City of Dallas, Texas is doing something other cities in America can’t or won’t do. Owning a home is the American dream for the majority of the country, but if an individual lacks monetary structure, that dream will most likely never materialize. With an unimpressive and struggling economy, banking institutions won’t leverage with individuals even if it’s for a good cause. Honestly you can’t blame the bank because it’s looking after it’s own investments. Lending money to someone who doesn’t have the means of paying back it back could be a recipe for disaster, but there are three institutions that are working along side each other for a great cause.

Habitat For Humanity
This organization has played a huge role in the Dallas area and has constructed over 50 homes 50 homes on an annual basis. This is Dallas’ largest non-profit homebuilder and has built over 1,600 homes in the area.

This banking institution has been around since 1922. The bank provides numerous financial services such as mortgage banking, investment banking, and commercial banking to name a few. Nexbank is highly profitable from it’s services and this regional bank has over $3.5 Billion in assets.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes
This is another non-profit mortgage banker that assists the home buyer for securing a mortgage. (DNH) was established by Habitat For Humanity.

“One Is Company, Two’s A Crowd, Three Is A Party”
These three organizations are working together for a better Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is brings everything into fruition while (Habitat) takes care of the building process, and NexBank secures the monetary funding. It’s as simple as that and if more municipalities would use this effective strategy, many people could afford to live in nice homes and posses a sense of self worth.