Facts behind Larkin & Lancey Frontera Fund

There a lot of advocate groups that have been established to ensure that people’s rights are respected. These groups get funds from the government or sponsors. These funds are given to people like immigrants to improve their lives. One example of such an entity is Larkin and lancey Frontera Fund.

Larkin and Lancey fund was started by Jim and Michael in the state of Arizona. It came to existence mainly to influence the causes that supported the First Amendment in America. This foundation is also supposed to protect the Hispanic community that has been faced with racial animosity and their civil rights have been abused.

The inspiration behind the fund being formed was when they were both arrested. When Jim Larkin and Michael Lancey were arrested they were taken to custody and the journalists giving out details about the articles written about Maricopa County.

Larkin and Lancey were also issued by the jury a subpoenas demanding all details of the readers of the articles of the police who arrested them online. Jim Larkin and Michael Lancey sued the county and won three million which they used to start the Frontera Fund that aims at fighting for immigrants’ rights. The lancey foundation also works with other organizations.

One of the cases they help fight was the Arizona Dreamers that was against the condemnation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program.

This program allows the youth immigrants to get legal and better jobs in the states they are in, get better education and thereby improving their quality of life. The president rescinded the law later on.

Brooklyn Community fund also has an immigrant fund. It was established in 2016.The main role of this one million dollar fund is to help immigration all across New York. They help residents of Brooklyn to restore strength, healing, wholeness and gain action.

Some projects it has undertaken include Haiti Earthquake and Super storm Sandy 2012.It has an approach that deals with the most urgent needs then later focusing on the long-term needs. The foundation tends to support the neighboring based and immigrants based organizations mostly that address the civil and safety and legal rights.

The Brooklyn Foundation has also undertaken grant responses for instance it issued one hundred thousand dollars to assist in local nonprofit organizations brought by Trumps executive.

The grants is supposed to support organizations that defend the immigrant individuals and also to support the welfare and safety of the communities. This funds entity come to the rescue of many helpless immigrant communities and also ensure there rights are adhered.

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