Here’s Some Insight Into Who Nick Vertucci Is As An Investor

As United States citizens, we’re fortunate enough to live in homes, apartments, and other reasonably nice residences. Some countries’ populations have to live in huts, poorly-fashioned homes that don’t have running water or electricity, and even under makeshift buildings crafted out of adobe.

Real estate is a big deal in the United States, and is a booming industry. Because the population has such a high gross domestic product per person, there are tons of homes and apartments and other residences being sold on a daily basis.

Nick Vertucci is a real estate agent that is a self-made millionaire in the world of real estate. He is the owner of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is often shortened to the acronym NVREA. Let’s dig into the background of Mr. Nick Vertucci and how hard he had to work to get to where he is today, as a leader in the field of real state.

Nick Vertucci Didn’t Have A Great Childhood

Although one might think that people who didn’t have great childhoods would be more likely to succeed, as they know what it’s like to not have much and be given everything by parents, this assumption couldn’t be further form the truth. They often get stuck in generational poverty cycles, even though they don’t want to be in such situations.

Nick Vertucci was able to overcome seeing his daddy pass away at the far-too-young age of ten. His mom had to work a lot, which resulted in him having to fend for and take care of himself in most situations, helping build a resilience to the outside world.

Starting Out After Childhood And Adolescent Years

Nick had been living in a van for a few years after he turned 18, and didn’t have a great job or any source of income to rely on. After those few years passed, when Mr. Vertucci turned to his early 20s, he found himself selling computer parts and investments in businesses that operated using the Internet form his van. Unfortunately, a few years later, he lost almost everything when the Dotcom bubble burst.