Newswatch TV: Helping Out


Sometimes all we need is a little help to express how we feel or to share something. In these days it can be a struggle to get where we want to get without someone to help us along the way. In the business world this is a true as well. Businesses and companies are trying their best to get their products to the customers and investors, but the market is flooded a lot of the time. They need help to accurately get products showcased and this is where NewsWatch comes in.

Newswatch is a television show and online website that works to give business and individuals the chance they need to express themselves and their products. The show is known as a credible source on what products are good, bad, and just ok. It was first created in 1990 and was a show about financial issues and obtaining stability in that realm. Very quickly they developed into a tech review show and has flourished ever since. The show has received several awards and achievement like the national videographer award in 2017 and the Marcom award in the same year. There are plenty of examples of Newswatch doing what is does best.

For example, the smartphone manufacturing company Saygus did work with Newswatch. They were trying to promote their new line of cellular phones. They hired NewsWatch to do reviews on them which aired on national television as well as an online campaign. Newswatch traveled all the way to Barcelona to do this. The outcome was amazing as Saygus’ Indiegogo campaign peaked way above their target goal and raised over 1.3 million. This exceeded their goal by about 3000,000 dollars. Now Tim Rush the vice president of Saygus is singing the praises and recommending Newswatch to other companies. It looks like Newswatch provided that little bit of help that made the company Saygus overtake their goal and that is what they are all about.