Clayton Hutson; A leader in music production.

Clayton Hutson is a producer and a stage manager. Hutson is a holder of Bachelor’s degree in Theatre design from Central Michigan Univesity and a masters in business administration from the Stevens M. Ross school of business. After college, Hutson has worked in a few companies that provided entertainment services and solutions. Hutson was a project manager and sound engineer at these companies which helped him earn tools of the trade that made him acquire his own and become his manager. Hutson ended up creating his private entertainment production company. His impeccable and reliable hard work made his business grow large in a short span. His love and passion for music have made him dedicate most of his time and energy in producing, managing, directing, designing and overseeing most live events. Hutson throughout his carrier he has worked with big names and brands in music industry notably Kid Rock, Garbage and Guns ‘n’ Rose.


Hutson has traveled in many countries in Europe, Australia, South America and North America pursuing his passion for music. During his free time, Hutson enjoys the company of his family, crafting and woodworking are also his hobbies alongside music. However, Hutson’s experience in sound engineering and production in live events together with the skills and lessons he acquired from his past positions inspired him a lot to start his production and entertainment company. Hutson earns his living and income through sound engineering, live production, and rigging services. He also does product design and management. However, Hutson says he it has not been easy to rise to the top in this harsh and competitive economy. His connections and good relationships with good clients have seen him develop and grow with hard work and consistency to obtain a large market share in the music sector.


Just like any other business and enterprises, Hutson’s production and entertainment company has had several challenges. He says that there was a time when he had self-doubt, but his strong faith and instinct in his work has kept him going successfully. Being successful hasn’t got him relaxed, Hutson has continuously worked hard and maintained his excellent reputation and seeking for new opportunities. He also has expounded on his technology to cope up with the dynamics concerning the evolution of technology and music.

Clayton Hutson recommends and advice the young growing generation to be themselves, and in as much we have to pursue our passion and endeavors, we should always prioritize our families. Learn more: