Avi Weisfogel Wants To See That Sleep Apnea Patients Get The Help That They Deserve

Dr. Avi Weisfogel DDS, co-founder of Dental Sleep Masters, knows that the majority of people with sleep apnea are unaware that they have the condition, and of those people who are aware that they have sleep apnea, many do not like the traditional noisy machines and uncomfortable masks, so they do not use them. Weisfogel noticed this problem when he opened his dental practice in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and he realized that for more people to get the help that they needed, dentists and physicians would have to work together.


As he told Ideamensch, Weisfogel has always been interested in helping patients with sleep disorders. Establishing Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in 2012, he combined Healthy Heart Sleep’s focus on sleep labs with Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient’s emphasis on increasing dentist’s sleep disorder patients to create Dental Sleep Masters, which has separate programs for dentists and physicians who want to increase their practice by adding sleep medicine.


While Avi Weisfogel excels at marketing, Dental Sleep Masters is not marketing program. A small percentage of the program deals with helping dentists grown their sleep medicine practice with a proven business model, the majority of the program is devoted to the science of sleep apnea.


General dentistry is physically demanding and few of the procedures can be handled by support staff. With a sleep medicine practice, a dentist who had considered retiring can extend his or her career, with support staff handling much of the oral appliance therapy.



Adam Milstein – The Rich Tradition of Israel

With over 3000 years of Abrahamic tradition steeped in the richness of the faith and the guidance of Almighty God, Judaism has been the seed of civilization. It is this historical fact that brings a powerful sense of pride and validation to a people that long for the peace of Abraham’s covenant and the shores of Canaan.


Through the years under the boot of the Assyrians, as well as the Egyptians, to the modern day Third Reich led by the fanatic Adolf Hitler the Jewish state of Israel has been the joy of the children of Abraham. Even now when being attacked on all sides by Arabs couched in the robe of ‘Palestinian’ the faith remains strong and the Jewish people steadfast in their quest for a peaceful, independent state unfettered by the hate mongers who are merely feet from their front door.


It is this pride, and the blood of the patriarchs that flows through the veins of Adam Milstein. A fierce advocate for his beloved Israel and a generous philanthropist whose guidance and generosity has been felt throughout all of Israel. In order to illuminate this fervor for his state Adam Milstein with the support of Milstein Family Foundation a video contest was initiated. The contest, in essence, is to produce a video that depicts all that is good in Israel. The people, the tradition, the Holy places, the history, and the present-day culture all have a beauty that every Son and Daughter of Abraham participate in. This contest is meant to enlighten not only those who live in Israel, but also the rest of the world.


There are over $20,000 dollars in prizes including and $8000.00 Grand Prize. The voting ends on March 29, 2017, and the winners will be announced on April 30, 2017. The voting is open to the entire world as we can choose which video we find the most inspiring.


Adam Milstein has been a strong advocate for educating the world on the true depth of Israel. He has been a tireless soldier and has sponsored such projects as the American-Israel Educational Foundation which spawns “initiatives [to] engage Africa-American, Christian, and Latino student leaders and educate them to become advocates for Israel.”. In addition, the Campus Maccabees summit was formed in order to engage the boycotting efforts against Israel, especially on college campuses.


In the final analysis, Israel continues to engage in a day to day battle to protect its sovereignty as well as its people from those who seek to murder her children, and destroy its Holy places. History confirms that the struggle has been ongoing and will more than likely never really end. Adam Milstein, like Judas Maccabeus will continue the battle until the oil runs dry.