Boraie Saves the Day

There is a new project on the horizon for Atlantic City and more than a few people feel a strong buzz from the exciting possibilities this housing brings to the area. The excitement comes from the new life that is sure to be pumped into the area and the community it serves. There are a few qualities to this housing going up and Atlantic City itself that make the project perfect a perfect fit for the people living there.

First of all, the sheer size of the apartment complex makes it something it write home about or even a reason to pay a visit if you ever find yourself in area. That is because the project plans to have 250 different units, and the date at which it goes up looms relatively close on the horizon. Also, it is kind of the hottest piece of property to the city in a quarter of a century. It is good to have property at market rate value to raise the overall worth of a neighborhood. You can visit State Theater New Jersey to know more.

Something this big is sure to bring fortune in one way or another to the area. That is why organizations such as The Press of Atlantic City have their eyes on the way things are going, and they often tour the site just to keep a finger on the pulse. But, that really is no problem at all, as Boraie Development LLC proudly presents this recent work product known as the Beach at South Inlet. For more details visit Bloomberg.

And, there is a lot to be proud of as the building should stand as an 81 million dollar complex on the avenues of Connecticut, New Jersey, Pacific and Atlantic. This is very much a big deal for the several of thousands of people who live in Atlantic City. That’s because it functions as a resort town. This bit of good news is certainly welcome after about a decade of bad tidings for the small town. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

It is not like the community or their goings on are to blame for the down slide. Development booms of other casinos in surrounding states have caused some slight turbulence in the past. But with this development courtesy of Boraie Development LLC, things are starting to look up for this community. The best part is that nongaming buildings like this bring stability and an upgrade in the quality of life for the area. One such example of this long-lasting progress is the Atlantic City Gateway.

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Adam is Currently The Co-founder of The Israeli-American Council

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and assisted in organizing the family establishment which carries he and his wife’s names: Adam and Gila Milstein. Adam Milstein helps Jewish people with charitable and other philanthropic services to aid in the strengthening of the Jewish culture, the state of Israel as well as the relationship between Israel and the United States. His services include consulting, developing partnerships, and raising funds to support the education and continuity of Jewish education as well as an advocacy that is pro-Israel.

The Adam Milstein Family devotes a lot of time and energy to every program they support. Adam Milstein in continuously seeking organizations in which to engage in the target audiences and providing the funding needed to aid organizations and amplify the impact they have on certain philanthropic groups.

Adam Milstein’s life began in the town of Haifa, Israel; he is the eldest of three sons to Hillel and Eva Milshstein. Following his obligatory service with the Army of Israeli; he signed up for classes at at the Technion, an Israel Institute of Business and graduate Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s diploma in the area of business and economics, in 1978. As he continued his educational pursuits, he teamed with his father in real estate pursuits.

Adam Milstein then wed Gila Elgrably in his birth town of Haifa in 1974. The young married couple then packed up everything, including their two young daughters, and relocated the family to the United States; in which the couple had a third daughter not long after their move. Adam then returned back to school in the United States;in which he earned his Master of Business degree at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Upon receiving this degree he pursued the field of commercial real estate.

Adam is currently the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, as well as having seats on several boards. He and he wife, Gila, co-organized the SifriyatPijamaB’America, in which provides free books and education to Hebrew Jewish families in America, teaching them all about Jewish values.

Boraie Development Develops High-Quality Property

Determined is the word that better describes Mr. Omar Boraie. Arriving in the United States as a young Egyptian man in pursuit of a PhD in Chemistry, Boraie quickly realized the real estate potential in New Brunswick. Johnson and Johnson had committed themselves to stay in the city and to him that was an opportunity to offer housing to the expected workforce, this was in a place that one could hardly walk safely past 4pm.

The journey

Boraie started out with 21 dilapidated, unoccupied apartments which he steadily bought off one after the other and turned them into 250,000 square feet of Class A spacing for offices. That building is what currentlyAlbany Street Plaza Tower One is. That was in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Tower Two soon came up next to its sibling. The third one of Boraie Development was a condominium. An idea that had everyone thinking Omar Boraie had gone mad, well in 2007; the tallest building in New Brunswick was completed. The 25 story One Spring condominium came with 121 units for residential hire, complete with floor to ceiling windows plus balconies, office space of 4, 0000 square feet, a parking garage large enough to hosting 400 cars, an outdoor barbeque and retail space of 10,000 square feet. It even had dog strolling space. Buoyed by this achievement, Boraie Development moved to make the founders dream come true, a project that was aptly named ‘Aspire’ to reflect his 40 year old aspiration for classic accommodation in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The Aspire

Aspire was a $77.2 million project that birthed a 17 story, 370,000 square foot building. 14 of that story is parking garages, The Aspire has 238 residential units that have a lounge, green roof with a rooftop patio. The kitchen design is that of a community kitchen, it even has its own center for Yoga and fitness. For those looking for commercial space, The Aspire has 10,000 square feet of retail space. The Aspire targets young and trendy professionals who’d like to sample New Brunswick’s culture and entertainment scenes while enjoying style and convenience when at home. Construction of The Aspire was co-funded by New Jersey Housing in collaboration with Mortgage Financing Agency, EDA Urban Transit Hub programme chipped in $23.8 million.

Boraie Development LLC

Founded by Omar Boraie in 1986, Boraie Development LLC operates in the real estate industry and has over 30 years’ experience in urban real estate development. They develop and manage properties and run a sales and marketing arm under Boraie Realty services. Boraie Realty has sold over $150 million in residential sales. They use own source, private equity and commercial banks funding in most of their projects. Their property management services include: property maintenance and administration, marketing, leasing and customer services. A lot has been blogged about Boraie and Boraie Development LLC by the Central Jersey Working Moms in their blog site

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Nick Vertucci Recognizes the Contribution of Mindset Change in Real Estate

It’s common for most people to approach life with a fixed mindset. We have this inner voice that convinces us we can’t-do something. Nick Vertucci, a real business guru, confesses of his humble beginnings. Although he was brought up in a loving family that catered for all needs, the loss of his father was a major blow. With his demise, his poor mother would work long hours. Nick was not happy and almost lost hope in life. He had one mindset- that he would die poor.


Later he managed to start a blossoming business selling computer parts, but it came tumbling down after the dot-com crash. For all those years, Nick would spend all his income and never thought about investing for his future. During this time, he felt as if there was no hope for tomorrow, accumulating debts, and losing everything except his home. He learned a hard lesson and knew he had to divorce the poverty mindset if he were to make anything of his life.


Also, when a friend offered to take him as his guest in a real estate workshop, he was reluctant, and he had his mindset that it would help nothing. He thought the friend was stupid for spending thousands of dollars to secure a seat for a seminar. The workshop opened his eyes, and he changed his mindset. Today, he’s a dollar millionaire and is a great mentor and has nurtured thousands of real estate investors through his institution, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.


You Can Only Succeed By Changing Your Mindset

The moment Nick changed his mind, it marked the turning point in his life. He dived into the real estate with determination and had managed to rake in millions in pure profits. You’re no different from Nick and his hundreds of students who have achieved financial freedom. Subdue that notion that you’ve held for long that you were destined to fail in life. If others can prosper, so can you.


Find Mentors Who Can Steer You to Success

Nick Vertucci admits that he lacked the right mindset and felt utterly defeated and crushed under the weight of rough economic times he was undergoing. But the day one at the seminar gave him a million reasons to make it in real estate. With the desire and the right mindset, you too can succeed. And it’ll get better if you have people who have mastered the art to guide you. Make up your mind, enroll in the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy learn, implement and change your life for the good.


Do you desire to create wealth in real estate? Then, do not let the wrong mindset stand in your way. Stop wishing and talking and start acting now.

Nick Vertucci Discusses Ways to Attract New Customers in the Real Estate Business

The businessman who founded and currently operates the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in Santa Ana, California has recently published a piece which discusses ways that real estate developers can attract new customers. Nick Vertucci began his real estate career in the early 2000s after being forced out of the computer sales industry following the dot com bubble burst. After becoming successful at real estate development, Vertucci decided to help new comers to the real estate industry to become knowledgeable about the process. NVREA was developed out of Vertucci’s passion to help new real estate developers to avoid the many pitfalls that can occur in the real estate industry. In a post discussing ways to attract new customers, Vertucci stated that the best ways to build a reputable client list include active lead searching, MLS investigation, posting advertisements, and networking.


Attracting New Clients Through Active Lead Generation

Nick Vertucci stated that new clients for real estate services are primarily gained through the age old practice of active lead generation. During this process, real estate developers can create or purchase large lists of consumers in their local areas and contact a percentage of these people on a daily basis. This process is difficult, but rewarding as it brings in many clients who would not have ordinarily been reached through other means of communication.


Attracting New Clients Through MLS Investigation

Vertucci suggested that real estate developers also search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to develop new client lists. Often, clients who are searching for representation by real estate professionals will post listings through this system. Although this is an excellent resource, other real estate professionals will have access to the service and may contact prospective clients first.


Attracting New Clients Through Advertisements

Nick Vertucci also suggested the development of advertising campaigns to attract new markets. Advertising campaigns can be wildly creative when combined with modern approaches. Real estate developers can use online media, television slots, and many other mediums to promote their development businesses and gain access to new customers.


Attracting New Clients Through Networking

Finally, Vertucci suggested that new real estate developers attend networking events in an effort to create new client lists. Networking is used in almost every professional area and is extremely beneficial to those pursuing real estate clients. This process allows new real estate developers to get to know other professionals in their industry which can ultimately lead to referrals.

Nick Vertucci – Success Story

Nick Vertucci came from humble beginnings and developed his philosophy of life based on this, saying “your past does not dictate your future”. He started his own business at a young age, selling computer parts. While his business flourished, he got married and had three daughters. Things took a turn for the worse when the dot com crashed in 2000 and he struggled for a time. Not long after, he accepted an invitation by a friend to attend a real estate training seminar and started a new chapter in his life. He felt inspired, renewed and was ready to soak up everything he could learn. He continued studying the real estate market for ten years and eventually developed a system to earn money that is simple and straightforward. He decided to share his knowledge by starting NVREA.


Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of the real estate academy, The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA), which was founded in 2013 to teach others about real estate investing. NVREA has a three step system. Get in, get out and get paid. Step One consists of learning to find the best deals at the best prices. Step 2 is the preparation of the FLIP, which could be renting, rehabbing or wholesaling. The final step is getting paid and building your fortune.


NVREA conducts workshops every week in different cities across the country. Anyone that is interested in learning the necessary skills to make a profit from investing in real estate can attend a free workshop. The topics covered in the workshops include investing in real estate with no cash down, using retirement benefits as capital, managing your time to fit real estate tasks in with your day job, finding properties, and networking. Nick Vertucci has a community of investors and private lenders to fund students’ real estate deals as well as a full staff of administrators, trainers, and phone support to assist students in achieving their long term goals.

Learning The Keys To Success In Real Estate From Nick Vertucci

Many people have been successful in real estate, but few have developed and created their own system which they can share with others. One such person is Nick Vertucci. He used his findings to make his own fortune, and now is providing it to potential real estate investors through his Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Nick does not want to keep his secrets to himself, but rather he is sharing the wealth, so to speak, with the participants in his academy.


Nick Vertucci developed a unique system to make substantial sums of money buying and selling real estate. In order to market his concepts, he created the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. It offers individuals weekend training on how to use Nick’s system to make money. He states that his approach is simple, and thus can be implemented easily by his students. Nick’s desire is to share his knowledge and experience is making money in real estate. Nick has a passion for real estate investing, and wants to pass on that enthusiasm to his students.


Nick Vertucci started out in real estate by attending a weekend workshop. He took that first step that has now defined his life. That experience got him to working on his own system. Once he developed his own way, he went to work to make money for himself. Once he had become a millionaire, he decided to share his ideas with others through a real estate academy that would teach on the weekends. His entire investment program rose out of a commitment to create a better and easier way to make money in real estate. His philosophy is to get in, get out, and get paid. His academy shows attendees just how to do that in the real world. It is not just a slogan, it is the key to real success and financial freedom.


The academy offers attendees everything they need to know to make money in real estate. It also provides a support system. People who have attended attest to the power of the knowledge obtained. The more real estate deals they close, the more money they make. Nick believes it is not complicated. It just takes guidance, dedication, and a willingness to follow a course and work hard. The success stories prove that to be true. Following a course that has been proven successful is a sure fire way to be successful. Nick offers that way.

Overview of Real Estate Industry with Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is one of the known people in the United States and he mostly deals with real estate investor. Furthermore, he basically started from scratch when he lost everything in the dot-com of 2000 but that did not stop him from accomplishing his goals. His devotion and effort of working hard enabled him to build a multimillion-dollar business on a simple strategy whereby he transformed real estate investment into large profits. He as well founded NV Real Estate Academy in the year 2017 whereby the main aim of the organization was to educate people to manage properly their financial fortune so they can lavishly provide to their family with everything they need hence they will live healthier. As a Real Estate Investor, he ensures that his clients are well served with the staff members and they create a better relationship between them hence enabling NV Real Estate Academy to develop rapidly and become one of the top organizations in the world.


Nick Vertucci is certain that the scarcity of inexpensive houses in California is forthcoming due to the radical legislative reaction response from Sacramento is about to happen. The main crisis is that the coast- hot markets such as San Diego, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and San Jose in the recent year’s houses cost have been increasing for more than 75% in the last period of five years. The people are being affected but the minimum cost of purchasing a house in California is $500,000 which is a double the national standard. Furthermore most of the people who are earning low salary they have lesser chances of owning homes in the forthcoming future because they are set to pay their taxes.


Most of the researchers claim that California is thriving because unemployment is down, tax revenue is not high and the income per capita is higher, Though California is also top adjusted poverty rate in the country. Nick Vertucci also forecast a severe damage on the state if something is not done early.


Nick Vertucci also approximate that 311,000 housing units which are supplied are not enough to satisfy the state wants, because projects are being delayed and disregarded at the local level, the restrictiveness of houses capacity are increasing hence they fail to build home units that are not enough. Also according to Nick Vertucci California Proposition 13 in the year 1978 that were better because the owners were enjoying property tax rates.


more about him on his twitter account.


JHSF Redefining Luxury Apartments in Brazil

The current wave of real estate of estate development has seen lots of real estate development companies’ rise to the occasion and better their services. One company that seems to be making headlines with every new passing, for all the right reasons is JHSF. JHSF is redefining luxury in the Brazilian economy the best way possible.

The company founded in 1990 after splitting out of the major JHS after a disagreement in styles with his brother. Fábio Auriemo would later take charge of JHSF and concentrate its activities on the real estate market. Since then the company has been able to fiercely defend its number one position in the Brazilian economy. The aim core activities revolved around the acquisition of both commercial and residential real estate, development and management of high-end hotels, international airports and shopping malls.

The excellent record of accomplishment has seen JHSF venture into other markets other than Brazil. Currently, the company is in a host of companies that include Uruguay and USA with other multiple branches in other cities within the Brazilian economy. After stepping down from the leadership, Fabio passed down the mantle of leadership to his son who thanks for his keen interest in the industry is continuing with the progress of his father.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer in the company in 2003 at the tender age of 27. Despite his young age, Jose had a keen understanding of the real estate thanks to the mentorship of his father and the passion he had for the industry. Arguably, Jose is entirely responsible for the creation of the service wing of the company after successfully creating a parking management company that was later adopted by the company known as Parkem. At this time, José Auriemo Neto as only 17 years old.

In addition to his experience, José Auriemo is also educated. Mr. Neto undertook his undergraduate studies at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University (FAAP). In addition to overseeing the overall operations of the company, Jose Neto is also responsible for managing the service aspect of the company.

A Leader in the Making: Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF

Ever since the beginning of time, people have always been in search of a place to inhabit. Shelter as its stands out proves to be the most basic need after food and water. The necessity of descent accommodation has resulted to civilizations building houses across the board. Brazil in itself has not been an exception to this housing rush. When you look at the landscape of Brazil in current times, it does not compare to what it was a half millennia ago. Presently, many individuals in this Portuguese nation are very wealthy, and thus they can afford to purchase or build luxury apartments. However, without the proper level of expertise, achieving the above becomes a big challenge. Therefore, shortage of decent housing in Brazil has called for the need of more construction companies. To cater for such a shortfall, JHSF, a real estate corporation came into being in 1972. Ever since, JHSF has taken over the construction of high-end apartments, luxury hotels, beautiful shopping malls, and state of the art office complexes as well as their management.

In a span of forty years, JHSF has expanded within and beyond. It currently serves areas like Uruguay, New York, Salvador, Manaus, and Miami. It has grown from a local institution into one with global recognition. Because of its widespread nature, JHSF has deemed it necessary to employee thousands of workers. The company boasts of being the employer to not more than five thousand individuals. To be this successful, JHSF relies on a team of highly qualified executives. Jose Auriemo Neto has proven through time to be a man that JHSF cannot succeed in his absence. Apart from helping found the corporation, he is presently the company’s Chairman as well as its Chief Executive Officer. During his short tenure, Neto has taken JHSF to places it had never envisioned before. Through his style of leadership, Jose has been able to introduce JHSF to the retail world. So far, the corporation is doing well under Auriemo’s banner. With Jose Auriemo being a focused leader, he is ready to bring JHSF to the rest of the world since he has great ideas in store.