Talos Energy Is Poised For Greatness In The Mexican Oil Industry

Oil as a fossil fuel plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. For over eight decades the oil industry in Mexico has been State-run making it very hard for foreigners to gain entry into this lucrative energy market. Recently, the country made a bold move of permitting foreigners to do business in the oil industry. As a result of this new development, several players have positioned themselves strategically to take advantage of the opportunity.

Some of the oil industry heavyweights that are ready to reap from the liberalization of the oil industry in Mexico include Talos Energy. Under a joint venture with Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Oil Plc from London, Talos Energy premiered its operations in Mexico by drilling an offshore oil well on May 21.

The offshore well named Zama-1 is located in the Sureste Basin off Tabasco State. The well is projected to hold between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude oil. According to one of Talos’ partners, Premier Oil Plc, the drilling operations at Zama-1 are expected to take 90 days, and the exercise will cost $16 million. When Mexico decided to open her oil industry to other players, the three companies bid for the exploration rights and won the first round.

Talos Energy is one of the most acclaimed companies in the global oil and gas exploration industry. The firm was started by Tim Duncan and his partners after they acquired $600 million in equity. The enterprise has the capacity of producing over 16,000 barrels of oil daily and boasts of a workforce of 120 employees.

For a short time, Talos Energy has been in operation; it has acquired several feats that were initially a preserve for seasoned players in the sector. Workplace Dynamics ranked Talos as one of the best workplaces among SME’s. According to Tim Duncan, this achievement is as a result of proper workplace policies, real structures, and an enterprise culture. Some of Talos’ equity is held by its employees from the geoscientist to the office receptionist. This strategy bolsters the sense of ownership among the team players enabling the company to deliver as a unit.

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The Ever Increasing Nexus of OSI Industries

     In our ever growing and developing world, there is that constant search for restaurants and fast food joints to meet the service of their consumers who are heterogeneously scattered around the globe. Many industries have aspired to make their services not only available in domestic markets but also to international markets in the foodservice industry. Rated as one of the top 100 American food companies, OSI industry a privately owned USA company is making giant strides into satisfying the needs of their clients through custom food product development and global food supply chain management from sourcing through processing and distribution. It is the premier global supplier of custom value-added food products to the world’s leading foodservice and retail food brands. Currently existing in 17 countries across the world, OSI industries with a facility strength of 65 and 20,000 employers offers unsurpassed and unparalleled services by supporting the presence and operations of the world foodservice and retail food brands. Through the provision of responsive and consistency service, their diligence in the delivery of daily task in the world of food services ensures that customers have a quality experience nearly anywhere in the world that they find themselves.

The ever increasing relevance and safety measures adopted by OSI industries into ensuring safe foodservice supply and the sterile environment remains their top priority. An attestation of this is the conferment of the Globe of Honour award 2016 in the United Kingdom for their demonstrated excellence in environmental safety and management.

For many in the world of business, the sky is the limit but the sky might just be the starting point for OSI Industries. Their current acquisition of Baho and Tyson food joints clearly indicate that within the next few years, their presence would be felt in every bend of the earth.

Omar Yunes: Innovatively Transforming Franchising Landscape

Running a successful franchising business calls for suave management skills and incorporation of the parent company’s ideology into the franchise. It essentially calls for the merger of two brands and ideologies including operational ideologies and goals to come up with a successful business entity capable of sustainably maximizing profits. Omar Yunes took on such a daunting task for a relatively young age of 21 years and transformed it into a business empire with 13 units and 400 employees. His excellent track record as a franchisee of the Japanese restaurant brand, Sushi Itto, was feted in 2015 with the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award.

The award that accepted entries from over all over the world was in recognition of the Omar Yunes’s remarkable contribution to promoting the franchise network and reputation. The 13 units he owns represent 10 percent of the company’s total franchise units. The chief executive officer of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, noted that Omar Yunes’s contributions have helped in transforming, innovating and remodeling the network into a better entity. He noted that such fetes are as a result of collective efforts of the employees at the various units who are dedicated to quality service delivery. The award organizers noted that his efforts have redefined how franchise and franchisee relate.

Omar Yunes’s Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Management Style

Winning the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award brought to the fore the excellent management skills that have become integral in Omar Yunes’s success as an entrepreneur. From a young age of 21 years, he employed an innovative approach to franchise management built on collaboration. This has ensured that the employees of his numerous franchise units are highly motivated and dedicated to delivering high quality services to the clients. The popularity of the brand encouraged him to expand his operations to three cities in Mexico. His burgeoning entrepreneurial encouraged him to invest in new industries. He expanded his portfolio to real estate industry where he owns several condominiums not only in Mexico but also in New York. This is a testimony of his excellent ability to identify profitable investment opportunities. He also founded Yandai SA and Planta de Ideas SA among others to help furthering his entrepreneurial interests.

Omar Yunes’ Franchise in Brazil Takes Wins International Awards

Omar Yunes is the brand representative of Sushi Itto in Mexico. Sushi Itto operates a food chain with the franchise in different parts of the globe. At the age of 21 years, Sushi got the opportunity to run the Mexican’s franchise of the food chain that has grown over time to 13 franchise units with branches in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. His units represent 10% of the total units owned by Sushi Itto brand.

Omar Yune Sushi won the award for his outstanding performance in his networking model. He won after an evaluation by the hotel chain on the impact of the network on the target market. According to the organizer of BFW Mexico, Diego Elizarrarras, Sushi also scooped the first place in the national qualifier. He described Sushi’s win as a reward for the efforts by the franchise to implement a working relationship with the mother company and the clients. He further attributed the success to a clean management of information that allowed for easy scrutiny of the franchise performance.

The event aims to recognize and reward efforts by the franchise in the country. The award ceremony also recognizes the contributions made by the franchisee in marketing and branding of the products as well as ideas that promote business in the country. The organizers also seek to recognize teamwork, innovation and leadership qualities in running the franchise. 34 franchisees from Mexico participated in the selection of which eight finalists were selected. The finalists proceeded to the Sushi Itto awards event featuring franchisees from different countries across the globe where Omar won selection as the best.

Omar Yunes expressed his joy and appreciation of receiving the award. He attributed the success to the outstanding performance of his team of 400 employees working in his 13 franchise units. He added that contribution of ideas by the management team and satisfactory service by the employees to his clients gave his franchise the winning combination. His win as noted by the organizers provided an expression of the developing relationship of the franchise and franchisee and increased improvement proposals generated by the teams.

Honey Birdette Expands Across A Ramge Of Sales Platforms

The Australian luxury lingerie business, Honey Birdette has recently reached a new level of success for a brand that was only established in 2006; over the course of the last year the global growth of Honey Birdette has seen the company grow in a number of valuable markets that have allowed the company to become a major force in a number of countries where this impressive brand has been building a dedicated following.

In the U.S., Honey Birdette has been seeking to grow its success as an Online retailer that reflects the large area the North American market covers, while in the U.K. Online sales are important, but a greater emphasis has been placed on physical store locations. The success that has been seen in the U.S. market has resulted in a dedicated digital platform being developed that will focus on North America, following the recent announcement of a 2016 Online sales growth of more than 370 percent in the U.S. alone.

The Honey Birdette brand is also looking to establish itself after finding itself one of the fastest growing luxury retailers in the U.K., which has resulted in the lingerie based company looking to add to the three physical location opened in 2016 in the south of the U.K. National expansion is planned that will see 40 locations available for customers across the country by the end of 2018.

The growing level of sales seen by Honey Birdette is based upon then high quality of the products available developed under the creative control of founder Eloise Monaghan, who remains an integral force in the future direction of the company.

Although the high quality of the lingerie and adult products sold attract Online sales, the development of a team of sales associates who use their skills to create a performance each day at Honey Birdette stores across the world have been important to the continued growth of the company.

Jewish People in America Have a Friend in Adam Milstein, Founder of MFF

There are many meanings for philanthropy, including compassionate, brotherly love, and generosity, but most people do not get to give in great proportions at this level, but Adam Milstein has made it his career to building relationships between Israel and the United States and helping the Jewish-Americans who reside in America.

In 2000, Adam and his wife Gila, founded the Milstein Family Foundation, MFF, to accomplish these goals. The Milsteins were both born and raised in Haifa, Israel. Adam served his term in the Israeli Army and then attended Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology where he received a Bachelors of Science Degree.

At the age of 27, he and Gila and their two children moved to California where they became citizens and had one more child. In 1983, Adam graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and he entered the real estate field with his father. He was a philanthropist at heart, and within several years he followed his passion.

The Milsteins practice three unique principles in their philanthropic mission, and they deal with the method in which they participate in philanthropy.

Adam explains that he sees Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact, and Philanthropic Synergy as the structure of MFF. MFF is an umbrella organization for other non-profits including the Israeli-American Council where he is National Chairman and Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which educates this generation of Jewish-Americans in their heritage with books and other materials.

Anti-semitism is growing both in the U.S. and around the world and is now classified as a hate crime. Mr. Milstein is extremely active in the Jewish community that encourages and strengthens the Jewish population. He sits on the Board of the Israel on Campus Coalition, the Jewish Funders Network, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, AISH Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel and the AIPAC National Council.

With his original birthright in Israel, Adam and Gila Milstein are dedicated to supporting the Jewish people in the U.S. and around the world.

Clay Siegall is a Cancer Fighting Leader

As a scientist researching how to combat the courage of cancer, Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. has impeccable credentials. Siegall received a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University, then went to work for the Institute of Cancer of the National Institutes of Health. From there, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute snatched him up, and he looked into the possibility of fighting cancer using monoclonal antibodies. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1997. He worked his way up the chain of command, and is now President, Chairman of the Board and CEO.

And he has turned Seattle Genetics into a pioneering leading of antibody-drug-conjugates (ADC) technologies. In 2011, the Food and Drug Administration approved their first drug ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin). Siegall and Seattle Genetics have partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to sell that drug for cancer treatment in over 60 countries. Plus, they have partnered with other major pharmaceutical companies to develop over 20 other drugs, which are in the development pipeline now.

Besides his duties with Seattle Genetics, Siegall serves on the board of directors of other biotechnology companies: Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Washington Roundtable and Mirna Therapeutics. He holds 15 patents and published over 70 articles. In 2013 the University of Maryland named him alumnus of the year for the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences.

Siegall’s Facebook page is a mix of the personal and the professional. As do many busy company CEOs, much of his social life appears to be related to his activities as a cancer fighter and company president. For instance, a woman named Laura mentioned Siegall in a Facebook post because her daughter toured the premises of Siegall’s company, Seattle Genetics, with him. Siegall was nice enough to pose for a picture with the little girl. Siegall appears in a photograph with another man, in connection with the annual Bioscience Day at the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences of the University of Maryland at College Park, where he is an alumnus of the class of ’82 with a degree in zoology.

Vintners’ Hall Plays Host to London’s Livery Companies

Vintners’ Hall played host to over 120 distinguished members of London’s Livery Establishments at a gala that exhibited the venue’s splendor, unique catering skills, and wines from UK vintners. The event was graced by a number of the Clerks and Wardens of the Livery Companies, known for hosting regular events in and around the London Capital.

Searcys, a partner of Vintners’ Hall (http://www.vintnershall.co.uk), tasked with providing cookery and event management services for Vintners’ Hall, prepared a selection of high-end delicacies and wines from leading UK vintners for the event including. They included a salad of broad bean, smoked eel croquettes, a basket of pepperonata, Tietar cheese and prosciutto ham, foie gras, truffle buttons, white chocolate, rosemary and goats curd.

According to Kim Lyons, the Deputy Assistant of The Worshipful Company of Distillers, the company is focused on hosting all of its important events exclusively at Vintners’ Hall. He cites flexibility and high-quality wines from renowned UK vintners as two key features provided by the venue as among the many reasons for this move. In fact, the company plans to host a tastings event at the Vintners’ Hall involving over 200 different high-end spirits by London’s prominent personalities.

According to Patricia Paixao, the Sales and Marketing Director for Searcys, the gala represents their most successful venture to date. In fact, they received numerous positive reviews as well as countless inquiries. Thanks to the Searcys and Vintners’ partnership, Vintners’ Hall is able to provide exceptionally creative catering and a selection of wines from UK vintners unrivaled by the other Halls.

For UK inhabitants, the process of finding and buying wines is much easier than before. Today, you can work with a host of UK vintners to help you locate your favorite wine. Vintners located in the UK have all sorts of wines from various countries in their stores.

According to Julie Fox, a member of staff at the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, the livery halls represent a unique option for hosting an event, and in particular, the Vintners’ Hall as it adds great magnificence to any event. The company organizes a series of events, with a couple focused on philanthropic initiatives resulting from their pro bono undertakings.