Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Distinct look of America

Sean Penn has always had a very distinct look at America, world politics and culture. His new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, is a new insight into his mind and what’s going on. Although it is fictional it rings true at it’s core to what is going on in the world today.

It started as an audio book that turned into a printed book. Penn went this direction first because he just isn’t familiar with publishing. Time constraints to get the book out before election was one concern. Penn then decided to go through Audible with a partial version to get it out there.

Penn says as he is getting older he is not concerned as much about writing for a certain narrative approval. Writing how he feels, regardless of sentiment, gives him liberty to just let go and speak his mind.

Wishing he had done it sooner after finding out all the technical editorial and publishing things that need to be done, he will, in the future, account for that if he does another book.

Bob, the main character in the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Penn finds that he empathizes with him but doesn’t necessarily sympathize with him. It’s more of an observation at a fictional character that is trying to evolve in a tumultuous society.

Penn emphasizes that this read is more about the culture in the country as opposed to the leadership. There is a part in the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff where Bob writes a letter to the “Landlord”, that doesn’t refer to our current leadership, but pertains to the said culture at its core.

Penn has stated that “America is a complex place that is doing all it can to be without any complexity at all.” Like having a neurosis, from an objective standpoint of our culture, we try to see things so simple, looking for simple solutions when in reality the entanglement of our cultural ecosystem is getting more and more obscure and perplexing.

Penn in the end has a peace in his writing that amuses him. It is a way for him to examine his thoughts on a different plain. Definitely an intriguing book worth the read.

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Adam Milstein Talks About The New Radical Alliance Spreading Antisemitism

Adam Milstein is a vocal critic of the growing antisemitism that is fast taking root in the Western World. Milstein is one of the few Jewish leaders that can clearly identify this threat and call it out so that it can be addressed. According to Adam Milstein, the rising antisemitism in the world today is primarily due to a new radical alliance.

The alliance that Adam Milstein is referring due is the cooperation of radical Muslims and that of the extreme left. Both groups have very different beliefs on what the ideal society and laws should be. It seems that they can never see eye to eye or cooperate. Strangely, the radical Muslims and the radical left have created an alliance to oppose the Jewish state of Israel and Western values.

These two radical groups have managed to put aside their extreme differences and instead cooperate to bring down the Jewish state, the United States, and Western civilization as we know it. Radical Muslims for example call for the execution of homosexuals, second-class status to women and the imposition of sharia or Islamic religious law as the law of the land. Radical leftists are on the opposite spectrum. They call for full rights for homosexuals including the right to marry, equality for women and absolute freedom for everybody.

The two groups seem to be on the opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to political beliefs. However, they have formed a temporary alliance that is united by hatred for Israel, the Jewish people, and the West. This alliance has occurred in the past, and it has never worked out well for the Radical left. In Iran for example, the radical Muslims and the radical left overthrew a moderate government. The radical Muslims then quickly liquidated the extreme left They now wield complete power in Iran.

Adam Milstein says that the radical left is very active on college campuses. This is where the BDS movement has gained ground and is doing damage to the Jewish state of Israel. Radical Muslim activists such as Linda Sarsour are also attacking the state of Israel and promoting sharia law in a bizarre case of cooperation in which the left cheers her on. Both people like Linda Sarsour and far left political candidates such as Jeremy Corbyn in the UK pose a threat to Israel and the Jewish people in general. They must be called out and stopped. Leaders like Adam Milstein are doing just that.