ClassDojo and the Pefect Edtech Product

After a bad 2016, the amount of education technology (edtech) investments are going in a up direction and could reach the amount of 1.4 billion US dollars.

One of the reasons that edtech investments could be going up is that there are some edtech products out there. What makes a good edtech product? There are three things that make a educational product.

One thing that makes an educational product is that it solves the need of the teachers and the students. The product does not try to “wow” the students or the teachers. This good product also does not assume what the educational group nees. It does exactly what they need and that is acceptable to the users of the good edtech product.

The second thing of what makes a edtech productt is that it is tested and proven. In thie past, it was hard to tell if a product was truly tested. A tacher could only guess whether a product was good investment or not. Fortunately, there is a way to test to see if an educaitonal progr. am is good or not. These testing programs are called edtech accelerators. If a product is tested by an accelerator and passes, a person can trust that it is a good product.

The third thing is that the edtech company has a plan for the edtech product. Do they know how to adopt the program for future obstacles and concerns? How can the program be implemented in the future? If an edtech company can answer theses questions, they can make a good edtech product for the teachers.

Classdojo, an edtech company founded by Sam Chaudhory and Liam Don, is know for c reating a good edtech product. This product was meant to help communication between teachers and products. The teachers use to make schedule of activities. The parents use it to help guide conversations with the teachers and the parents. This program did satisfy all the three requirements above for a good product and should continue to be successful in the future.

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