Clay Hutson Working with Passion for Perfection

Times that Test/Prove

Every artist has to go thru hard times. Every day there are things that will seem hard, but usually not insurmountable. Clay Hutson had one experience that seemed harder than others. He had been working as a subcontractor to a client who was under contract with a larger company.

The company and the contractor’s relationship began to fall apart. The client decided to work with Clay Hutson directly rather than thru the contractor. A few days later Clay Hutson received a legal notice from the contractor who sued him and he lost 150K in the process. Hutson said he was able to work past the issue and moved on from there.


Making Tough Decisions

Clay Hutson presently does stage management for an artist. Though there are literally thousands of these little and big decisions that have to be made to be successful Clay Hutson has formed the habit of giving to each decision the time they deserve as well as to analyze the practical options that arise in making those decisions.

He knows the ease at which a single decision wrongly made can ruin an event. He tries to avoid these mistakes at all costs to himself, his crew and the client.


Paid for Services

Clay Hutson gets paid for services all related to music: sound engineering, live production and what is called rigging services. Rigging calculates the designing of structures that hold and make the functioning light show operate smoothly, especially viseoadn screens and other types of show lights and their details.Lately, much of his work is focused on stage management.


Key(s) to Success?

In the mind of Clay Hutson there are two elements to making success come his way. First, he applies himself to give 100% effort toward every project which he is responsible. Secondly, he understands that having a system of triple checks and balances set in place helps catch all the potential problems that could have been overlooked.

Along the same vein, Clay Hutson says he likes to work with goal-oriented people who have a thorough wotk ethic. His preference would be to work with a less than perfect personality that has a perfect work ethic than the opposite kind of person; that is, a “yes man” who fails to carry thru on his commitment.


Clay Hutson

Some of the acts Clay Hutson has workd with are Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Halsey, Garbage, One Republic, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. His loves spending time with his family, woodworking and other crafts. Learn more:


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