Digital and Alternative Payments-PSI Pay

PSI-Pay can be described as one of the leading fintech organizations in the United Kingdom which for an extended period has been providing a digital accounting as well as card services to the international financial market. PSI-Pay has been working with Kerv to deliver the services, Kerv is known for their innovative services when it comes to alternative payment. In the recent past, the two international companies have partnered to distribute and use the PSI-Pay’s Master Card license which will be of a great benefit to Kerv clients who will be able to use the card to pay in over 38 million locations all over the world to make their contactless payment.


Kerv customers will be able to make their payments through various methods among them PayPal, bank transfer, manual load, credit, debit cards, and even automatic loading. The contactless payment is not the only advantage that comes with the partnership of Kerv and PSIPay but also their customers will be able to use their virtual cards to make an online purchase as well as payment. The PSI-Pay managing Director Mr. Phil Davies said that they were pleased to partner with a leading alternative payment company; Kerv. According to Phil Kerv is the best financial group to work with when it comes to alternative payment because of the organization’s innovative, useful, as well as breathtaking solutions.


Phil Campbell is the founder of Kerv and according to him his company was created with a primary objective of designing a unique method of payment which is convenient, and they have also extended their services to other sectors including the data sharing, access control as well as the transport industry. Together with his team, Phil has been working hard to bring Kerv to the market, and he has realized that working with responsive, and like-minded partners will help them face their challenges. The Kerv contactless payment ring has been positively received by the world and has won various awards among them Temenos Innovation Jam.


PSI-Pay was created in 1992, as a non- bank, and private organization. PSI-Pay is the first organization to make EFT payment to the non-profit society. Beverly Kempf established the firm with a primary mandate to execute EFT and also donate credit cards, the founder created a well-organized process to complete the work. Since their foundation, the financial firm has been able to make payments with over 40 currencies in the United States, Europe, as well as Western Hemisphere.

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