Fabletics- Making its mark through customer review system

The field of marketing has shown immense progress in the last few decades. With a tremendous increase in the use of the internet, new and advanced forms of marketing came into existence. Out of these advanced forms, customer review system is quite famous. This approach is readily acceptable and proven to be highly effective. Many businesses in the United States are successful as they give preference to the customer review system. They ask their customer to submit online reviews of their products and services and based on these reviews; they assess their businesses. One such business is Fabletics, an online store for athletic wear. This business started its investment in the customer review system. They are of the view that people write honest reviews by leaving comments about a particular product or business. It helps businesses in improving themselves by identifying their strengths and eliminating their flaws.



Fabletics was established in 2013 by Kate Hudson. Though, only four years old, this online store is still considered a newcomer among other retailers. This online store works with the help of an online website where it displays all its products and services. Customers can order online, and these products are shipped to them at any corner of the world. Fabletics works with giant retail websites such as eBay and Amazon for selling their products. Fabletics is working hard to compete with its competitors and to make its mark in the retail industry. It controls almost twenty percent of the online fashion market. With the help of it, they can sell their products and generate a revenue up to two hundred and fifty million dollars. On the website, customers can get the subscription of Fabletics’ newsletter and can receive updates about their latest products. Fabletics has become quite popular among its users by getting positive feedback and praise. Customers find it really user-friendly and simple. They are also receiving attention by selling high-quality clothes at a price lower than the prices of famous brands. People have shown quite a lot of interest in this online store right from its launch. The rapid growth of customers occurred because of the mouth marketing scheme. Old customers who buy stuff regularly post nice comments on the company’s website. Such feedbacks help new customers to rely on Fabletics for the quality and low pricing of their brand.



The main reason behind the success of Fabletics is the continuous influx of customers. It is able to generate greater revenue and gin success with the help of it. It is open to all types of reviews from its customers in order to bring improvements in their products. Many customers prefer to shop from those online stores that write honest reviews about them and which are open to healthy criticism so that they can identify their flaws and remove them. Because of it, the online companies are also careful in dealing with their customers and prefer customer satisfaction a lot. Any mistake on companies’ behalf can put their reputation at stake. However, Fabletics shouldn’t get worried as it receives good reviews about its products and services.

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