Felipe Montoro Jens Analyzes Benefits of Concessions

In a recent update, the government of Brazil announced a change that would be launched into action in the following years or two. The government representatives made the announcement that the institution has stepped into a partnership with one of the largest establishments in the country – the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (NBESD).



The project that the Brazilian government and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development will be working on together is water concessions. The water sector was pleased with the announcement. In order to further discuss the news, two experts had a conversation about the announcement. The president of one of the largest companies in Brazil and one of the most renowned investors and infrastructure expert came together to share their thoughts on the matter.



Mr Edison Carlos is the president of Trata Brasil, and Mr Felipe Montoro Jens has dedicated his life to his line of work. Mr Edison Carlos shared the fact that the concessions would benefit the basic sanitation in the country of Brazil which is currently achieved by the public and businesses who are mindful of their actions. There had been a high rate of water waste, and the decision of the government to introduce water concessions will be battling against that rate.



Mr Felipe Montoro Jens talked about the public. He made a point that each area has a different rate of income and so they are not all the same. Because of that, the project of concessions needs to be evaluated further to accommodate the public needs and requirements. In order for that to happen, each area will receive its personalised plan of action on achieving the completion of the project. That will ensure that the concessions are introduced smoothly in each area and that the public will be happy.




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