Fun Beauty Products From Lime Crime

Make up should always be a fun way to express yourself. You can pick from many colors and have a different look for every day of the week. Sometimes, going away from the natural and adventuring with your look can be fun. Lime Crime provides the bold and outrageously fun colors to make that possible.


This brand offers fun and bold colors to let you express your wild and crazy side to its fullest. You can find products such as eye shadow, lipstick, hair colors, and pop on nails to make your perfect look possible. All of the products offered on the website are vegan and cruelty free so you don’t have any guilt while using them.


Lime Crime is always working on coming out with new colors and combinations to keep things fun and interesting. You can find colors such as hot pinks, bold blues, and deep greens to spice up your look. The Unicorn Hair products have temporary colors so you can try it out for a bit before committing. They can also be mixed to create your own color!


You can find fun bundles and sales on the site as well. Sales change so you may find a favorite on sale the next time you visit. The company also has special products that they donate a portion of the sale to an organization or rescue. The prices of these quality products is a little high, however you can feel great about the products you are using.


Lime Crime has the perfect make up products and hair coloring to make your look stand out. They have fun, bright colors that you can mix and match to continuously make new looks. They keep coming out with new products and colors to keep things interesting too. You won’t be  disappointed with the large variety of fun items they offer!

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