Glen Wakeman Is The Mentor That Early-Stage Companies Have Been Looking For

Glen Wakemen has never been someone to hide what he has learned, and, in fact, he has always shared his experience and knowledge with others. The truth is that he has made a business out of doing so through his company LaunchPad Holdings LLC. where he mentors and provides information to early-stage entrepreneurs who need a guiding hand (Crunchbase). As an entrepreneur and investor, himself, he has been a large part of many successful endeavors and businesses who has tirelessly given his own time and energy to help others find success. As an idea man, he forces himself to explain his ideas to others, which means he must think through the steps needed to make them a reality. He has learned that not every idea he has is a good one and that by talking about them, he can learn about the weaknesses and strengths of any single idea.

Glen Wakeman studied at the University of Scranton where he received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Finance and Economics, and after getting out in the real world where he gained some work experience, he went back to school at the University of Chicago and earned his MBA in Finance. After this, he got hired on with GE Capital and soon headed up its Latin America operation as its Chief Executive Officer. While working with GE Capital, Glen learned how to help build a number of small businesses, and he worked for the company in many different capacities, which taught him the many different aspects of running a business in today’s world.

Glen Wakeman feels that one of his best qualities which has enabled his success is his natural curiosity. He has found that this ability of his allows him to persevere and continue to look for answers where many other entrepreneurs would have given up. By trying to find out about the true nature of how something works, he is able to understand it on a deeper level, and this has given him the edge he needs. Looking back, Glen Wakeman has stated that if he could do it all over, he would stay in touch with more of the people that he has met along the way, because connections are everything in the world of business.


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