How Equities First Holdings Allows Stocks of Value for Collateral

Equities First Holdings (EFH) had a 15-year anniversary, and it announced the global operation has been responsible for over $1 billion dollars in transactions over four years. Performance for the global operation have been helped by the London office of EFH office. EFH’s London office opened in 2012. EFH offered equity-loans to businesses and individuals. There potential clients can receive the financial advice. With over 700 transactions, the London office shows that their financial advice is helpful. The equity-loan is a reliable product.

EFH has gained market share in new markets such as China and Australia. An equity loan is a major reason EFH succeed. Equity-loan is great for business like it being used by the CEO of the Angle PLC Andrew Newland. Newland repaid his loan and EFH provide him over 7 million shares. Newland has succeeded with the help of EFH. EFH can offer people a way to reach their goals.

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