How Fabletics Is Using Their Online Sales Data To Beat Amazon

Succeeding in the fashion industry in our current times is a tall order for a startup company or brand. The underlying factor for this situation is that getting clients to know the products and have an interest in purchasing them is not an easy task with so many competitors in the fashion pool. Consecutively, brands opt to sell their merchandise with related sale websites such as Amazon that have millions of clients from around the world looking for various products. The downside of using Amazon as a middle agent is the charged commission.


Some enterprises opt for the independent route and employ creative and intelligent marketing and merchandising tools to grow their business and maintain an extensive client base. One such brand is Fabletics, which began operating in 2013 under the initiation of Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg and is currently worth $250. Unlike the age before the boom of the internet, brands have realized that quality of products is not enough argument to increase the clients’ interests in the purchase. The urban consumer values fast deliveries, the brand’s status, item’s design and efficient customer service.


Fabletics has managed to blow its competitors completely off balances maximizing on these factors to give the new customers an improved shopping experience. Traditionally, customers walk into stores and get a feel of the clothes only to buy similar products from another cheaper store. Fabletics has reversed this process by ensuring that 25 percent of walk-in customers sign up for their e-commerce shop. When a customer tries on a product, Fabletics adds the item similarly to their online shopping cart. They use the online data to track the preferences of their customers to satisfy their future needs of style, size, and quantity. Fabletics is among the few brands who have figured out a way to compete with Amazon using online data, business technology, and ROI based media. It is paramount for new subscribers to take on the Fabletics lifestyle quiz so that the brand understands their needs in sportswear.


Kate Hudson believes that identifying the marketing opportunities is a key factor in growing a startup fashion brand. She is actively involved in Fabletic’s daily transactions and has an accurate representation of which apparels sell fast and which ones don’t. Kate explains that evaluating the apparels’ online data is necessary for generation of inventory. Additionally, Kate is passionate about philanthropy and serves on the board of her mother’s foundation, Hawn Foundation which educates children on mindfulness.

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