How Michel Terpin Won the 24th Edition of the Rally Dos Sertoes

If there exists one edition of the Rally Dos Sertoes that exhibited a host of unexpected victories, then it points to the 24th edition. The event held in August and spanned 2200 kilometers took place in 11 towns in the Eastern part of Brazil. The event brought together 75 rally drivers of different ages and expertise with the ultimate goal of winning every stage of the70-stage event. The breath-taking event came to a culmination after naming the Bull Sertoes Team as the overall winners of the annual event. The team that comprised Michel Turpin and his co-driver, Maykel Justo made history as the team that completed the race in a time of 13 hours 47 minutes and 17 seconds.

Bull Team’s Technique to Victory

While competing in the T1 category, there was never a side to watch even as the event started. Asked about his secret strategy to winning the race, he intimated that he was the focus at the start of the race was to win the second stage to assure him of a comfortable finish. Since the second stage or the ‘Special Stage’ presented the most challenging stage in the entire event, their conquering of this stage put them on a better platform. They could easily win the stage bearing in mind that 50 participants were ejected from continuing with the race as they could not complete the ‘Special Stage.’ Worse still, they could never qualify for the National Brazil Cross Country Championship which was a more competitive event that attracted more experienced drivers.

Factors that Derailed their Rallying Experience

Among the various factors that led to their victory, they acknowledge the role that their T-Rex model of rally car played in the race. With its V8 engine, they could traverse the rocky and steep terrains efficiently as other participants stumbled with mechanical break-downs. As a 6-times participant in the edition, he still struggled with various challenges that stood on his way to winning the previous stages. The duo was still struggling to master the steep grades and curves coupled with long and the ever winding Brazilian gravel roads.

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