Igor Cornelsen Shares Tips To Be Successful In Financial Investments

Brazilian investor and stock market trader, Igor Cornelsen has an online blog where he publishes investment advice. Mr. Cornelsen currently works at The Bainbridge Group, which is an offshore investment and financial advisory company based in the Bahamas. Cornelsen’s career includes being an executive at major Brazilian banks and being both a private as well as institutional investor. Below are some of the latest tips that Igor has published on his WordPress blog.


Igor starts out with saying that both novice investors as well as veteran ones must know and stick to the rules of investment. He stresses that investing is a risky and often difficult venture. If you do not understand the rules of investment and know what your goals are, then investing will become even more difficult and risky for you. Here are some ways that you can reduce your risk and invest more confidently according to Igor Cornelsen.


Mr. Cornelsen gives the advice that you should start setting aside money and investing it as early as you can. A person does not have to be young of age to begin investing, but the ideal time to start investing is when you are still young. Investing while you are young will allow you to maximize returns through what is called compound interest. Even if you are not young, you should start to invest as soon as you can or better yet, you should invest right now.


Another tip from Cornelsen is to diversify your investments. Spreading your investments out over different companies and in different financial instruments will greatly reduce your risk and increase your chances of making a gain on your varied investments. Cornelsen suggests that you invest in safe investments such as bonds and also more high risk investments such as stocks if you can.


The last tip from Igor Cornelsen is to seek the advice and service of a financial advisor, at least when you start out investing. An advisor can teach you the ins and out of investing and help you come up with a workable plan. Cornelsen also suggests you try and educate yourself about investments by reading financial magazines and keeping up to date with financial markets. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/igorcornelsen

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