Impact of Securus Technologies to correctional facilities

Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of prison technology solutions that are fundamental in the modernization of the incarceration experience as well as improvement of public safety. A great deal of our corrections agencies, public safety, and law enforcement institutions depend on the service provider for simple, robust, accessible and secure civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Securus Technologies is Sarbanes-Oxley and SAS 70 compliant.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies flaunts a workforce of about 1,000 employees as well as contracts with about 2,200 Correctional facilities in the U.S and Canada. The company has successfully connected over 1.2 million inmates to their friends and families. Its regional offices are located in Atlanta (GA), Allen (TX), and Carrollton (TX). The innovation-minded company has industry leading R&D investments alongside 140 patents.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 as a for-profit company. It was named an international brand leader in Offender Management Systems in June 2007. By 2016, the Securus managed corporation had received approvals from over five Departments of Corrections facilities due to their outstanding services. In July 2016, Securus Technologies formed a partnership with Harris Corporation in creating the “Cell Defender” Technology. The company successfully invented a system called Wireless Containment Solution meant to regulate contraband mobile phones in 2017.

As customers, we have found Securus Technologies to be the forefront service provider in the industry with the consistent innovations. Their services are tools that we can relate to. For instance, the Securus inmate telephone system has allowed us to operationalize data from correctional facilities. The information has been significant in improving the security of jails while providing criminal intelligence that has helped us develop of concrete evidence for several murder investigations.

Securus Technologies also has numerous technological solutions towards solving crimes. For instance, information collected from phone calls has helped us obtain search warrants for corrupt staff members who introduce contraband to the prison facility. Call monitoring has also exposed information on drug abuse in our prisons.

Securus Technologies pride themselves in providing reliable customer service. They have managed to stay ahead in the dynamic industry with constant innovations. The company has significantly impacted the lives of incarcerated individuals, their families, and friends.

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