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Karl Heideck has been very vocal on matters that relate to the law in the state of Pennsylvania. He frequently writes about issues that are going on in the state, and those who read his blog are always up to date with the current happenings in the field of law. For anyone looking to know which law has benne passed by legislators, then Karl Heideck is the person to go to. One of the recent stories that he had featured in his blog is the law regarding children safety while driving. Laws that seek to protect children have been the talk in the legal circles for some time now. According to AAA, road accidents are one of the prime causes of death for children. Not many children who are involved in car accidents manage to come out unscathed. In an attempt to address the issue of children’s safety in the state of Pennsylvania, legislators in the state have come up and passed a law that will guide how car seats for children will look like.

The law which was passed in August 2016 gives direction on how children in a car should sit so that their safety can be guaranteed. One of the measures addresses little children of below two years. The law states that such children must be protected in special seat for children. The seat should be looking back towards the rear of the car. A rear-facing car will protect the child from fractures to his bones when a car is involved in an accident. The law had a grace period of one year and came to effect in August 2017. Previously, police have been giving drivers who have not complied a warning with no penalty, but now that it is officially a law to be implemented, anyone who does not obey will be charged. Currently, the fine for non-compliance stands at $125. The law also adds that for children younger than eight years they should all sit on booster seats. For non-compliance to the booster seat, the fine is $75.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is one of Pennsylvania top cream of lawyers. He has been practicing law since, April 2015. Karl Heideck holds a degree in arts from Swarthmore College. He later joined Temple University where he graduated with a Juris Doctor in 2009. He then joined professional law practice.

Today Heideck deals with a myriad of legal services that include; product liability, consulting and risk management, employment proceedings, and commercial litigation.

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