Keith Mann on Dynamic Search Partners and Building Success

Keith Mann, an experienced talent search partner for hedge fund compensation companies, recently interviewed with IdeaMensch. He is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, which is a search firm that looks exclusively for talent for alternative investments. Mann works and manages the day to day operations of the firm.

The idea for Dynamic Search Partners came from his previous firm Dynamics Associates. There was a need for services to help find talent in the investing field. As CEO, his day is hectic, busy and non-stop. Exercise helps him to stay focused and energized. As always, they want the best candidate for the job, but a diverse workplace brings in more ideas.

Mann enjoys being his own boss. The job he hated the most was working as a trading assistant for a large bank. He knew from that experience he wanted to be his own boss. Being the boss doesn’t always mean you are right. He understands his first decision is not guaranteed to be the best one. The strategy that has helped his business be successful is to have everything online as much as possible. His favorite tech products are from google. Google docs and spreadsheets allow for his company to collaborate together. Social media is also big in this industry, especially LinkedIn. It helps business professionals connect. His biggest influence is Michael Bloomberg, because he is such a success and led by example.

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