Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy Palettes Inspired By Polly Pocket

When asked about a Polly Pocket, many people will recall having one or more of their own, or knowing someone who did. The colorful compacts housed a fun, fashionable toy that made Polly Pockets all the rage in their day.

The beauty brand Lime Crime is stirring up sweet sentiments with their new line of palettes fashioned after the iconic mini dollhouse toy. From the font used on the outside of the retro-looking palettes down to the shades inside, Lime Crime has resurfaced three Polly Pocket-like gems. The name of these gems: Pocket Candy Palettes.

Whether you like to stick with one particular makeup style, or you apply your makeup according to the day’s vibes, you’ll find something you love. Each of the three palettes offers five unique colors. The palettes are mirrored, have a snap closure, and, of course, are pocket-sized.

There’s Pink Lemonade, with bold hues in a sun-kissed palette. The pink Sugar Plum palette, with its vibrant colors, is also sure to please. The blue palette, Bubblegum, offers soft, delicate shades.

The eye-catching Pocket Candy Palettes can be yours for $34 each, or $90 for all three. Lime Crime announced September 26 as the release date for the palettes. However, the announcement, which was preceded days before by an Pinterest of Polly Pockets, clearly raised excitement among cosmetic connoisseurs. In light of this, and no doubt to the delight of many, LimeCrime responded to the demand and bumped up the release date one week, to September 19.

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